Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoot Me

It's after one a.m. and I am wide awake. I have been doing this over and over and it's wearing me out during the days. I don't feel comfortable taking a Tylenol PM to help me sleep because I know I could sleep through Lola crying. I could probably sleep through an earthquake. I can't seem to shut off my mind long enough to fall asleep. I find myself tired by ten p.m. but I just can't sleep. So many things on my mind, some worthy to think about and other things are just absurd and come from left field.

Tonight I have been reading all about flat head syndrome. From what I am reading Lola has a very specific kind. It's making me loose sleep now. I am calling the doctor first thing in the morning. She could need a helmet or not- it's a hard call because the best time to correct her head shape is within the next month or so with a head band or helmet. But here's the deal... in most cases the problem corrects itself by one year of age, but it's a gamble, because if it does not then it's too late to use a head band or helmet to correct the shape. Her head is pretty flat in the back which actually causes the sides of her head to look much more square and to stick out more than normal. I am sure you have noticed her big ol' head in all her adorable pictures! The helmets can be very expensive and some insurances cover it and some don't. Something we will definitely have to look into before we make a decision. I am already thinking about it, when the doctor has not even said she needs a helmet yet. I just would be surprised if he said she didn't. It seems pretty bad. And that's her mom saying that. Kind of funny because I really didn't notice her jaundice until we were under bright doctor office lights but now when I look back at pictures I think- OMG! She's such a funny color! So if I already notice her head and recognize the severity of it- it must be pretty bad. The doctor said at 2 months when I pointed it out (which I pointed it out- he didn't address it) that we would look at it at 4 months and talk about it then and see if we need to do anything about it. He said as she learns to turn and roll more she should correct the problem, but I don't see that happening. She lays on the flat spot to sleep and doesn't like to turn her head. It makes sense to me to because why would she if it is squared. Doesn't seem comfortable for her. Tomorrow I am going to get her a sleep position so I can try and put her on her side. It just makes me a little nervous, those things. I am also going to get a front carrier, probably a Bjorn. Clay has wanted one from the get go and they are a lot easier to use on the go rather than my wrap. If we have one then that can be a lot less time she spends in her car seat. I guess I will call the doctor and tell him my concerns. I'll let him decide if he wants me to bring her in before 4 months. If he wants me to wait and try repositioning techniques like I talked about then I'll definitely try my hardest to correct the problem without expensive treatments. Clay and I talked about having her sleep with us again for a month or so which would allow me to keep repositioning her, but I think we can accomplish this with a sleep positioner. I don't want her to get use to sleeping with me again. I worked hard to break that habit, even though once Clay leaves in the morning she does get in bed with me :)

So I guess I just rambled on about Lola's box head. I just worry. I really don't understand how it's so big and flat. She's held so much. Our next baby will have more tummy time and probably nap on his or her tummy. Sorry Lola, moms live and learn. At least one day when you read my online journal, you will see that your crazy little shaped head kept me up at night. It's two a.m. and you'll probably be up in four hours. Ugh. I'll go back and check on you now so I can try and turn your head again. :) How is it possible to love you so much? Even with a head like glow worm's head? It's all so irresistible.

I'll have to let you know what the Dr. says. I guess it's obvious that I will call first thing in the morning- crap- I am tempted to call now. Just so I can get some sleep. And speaking of sleep- I need some propofol... then I could get some nice sleep. awe.

Momma's coming Lola- to rotate that head of yours. Your my one and only box head baby.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A cozy life.

Happy 3 months Lola.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be taking lots of photos when Lola wakes up tomorrow morning to celebrate her being 3 months old! We can also celebrate by cleaning the house! :) 3 months old probably doesn't seem very old to all of you with older kids, but when I think about how 3 months ago I was pregnant and pushing and how a year ago I was peeing on a stick, it is pretty amazing that I am now a mother of a 3 month old little girl! She seems so old when I look at her and I just want it all to slow down. WAIT? Did I say I want life to slow down? I have never said that- it was always me saying I am ready to be married, with kids... blah, blah, blah. My dad constantly told me to enjoy the stages I was in because one day I would wish them back, but dad... for once you were WRONG! I couldn't wait for this stage, and it's even more rewarding and fulfilling than I could have dreamed of. I always want to be in this stage. I think that's one of the reasons I want so many kids. I just love doing what I am doing right now. I love my relationship with Clay and love being a mother. Life just feels cozy.

Well this week was wonderful because we took a girls trip down to the lake from Wednesday till Saturday. Nonna, Kebby, me, and Lola. It was nice to do nothing. Kebby and I had a great time dipping our hands and feet in hot wax and being pampered by Nonna all week and I had a fun time decorating with Nonna. I might have purposely said a few things didn't look good, so I could get her in decorating mode, which isn't hard to do and it worked- we redid all the mantles and they now look amazing. I talked her into some art to go in the den and I love it! I was interested in seeing what Ba thought. (Ba is my dad's current grandpa name?) They turned around Saturday night and went back up there. It was a great time and I will post some pictures soon. We put curlers (not hot ones, the foam ones) in Lola's hair one night and it was disastrous... made for cute pictures though! I'll have to perfect that. I feel like her hair needs a style, yet it may be awhile.

Over the week Lola made a new friend. Her glow worm which we name Glo' Rider. She loves Glo' Rider. I think it is partly because their heads are shaped alike- big and round, except flat in the back. It's sad... We were all in Target and Nonna and I told her to smile if she wanted the glow worm and the girl just starts to crack up, so Nonna got her the glow worm... I hope this works on things over $10 one day. Haha... "Lola, smile at Nonna if you want a car for your 16th birthday..." Maybe she'll loose some of her charm by then... nahhhhhh! :)

A few days back, I listed some things I love about Lola right now, but there is always more to add! I'll try to add more in the next few days with pictures to go with each. Time for more pictures!

Okay and something on a different note- is anyone watching Design Star? I like it and I got Clay to watch it with me tonight. I totally thought the black girl should have been kicked off tonight! I can't wait to see next week's though! This is the first year I have gotten in to it, so hopefully it will be good! We can see if the black girl is all talk or not next week because they have individual challenges! :)

Good night! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear Diary...

Tonight was a great night, proceeding a great day!

I stayed motivated all day long and knocked out some cleaning, rearranging, and a little decorating. I have changed a few things and it always make me feel so good to move around picture frames, vases, and pillows. I wonder why? It's in my DNA thanks to Nonna. I managed to do all the laundry, not one dirty piece of clothing anywhere, and put it all in it's place.

For a couple of hours Lola and I where waiting on Clay to arrive home, but he ended up having to work late, so he didn't walk in till around 7 p.m. But he graciously kept Lola so I could get out for a couple of hours doing this and that.

I went to Pier 1... found lots of goodies, but walked out empty handed, Ross... and walked out with a cute little bowl on clearance for less than $2 and a huge frame with tiny picture cut outs in it- you know- you or your mother probably has one somewhere. I have been really wanting one, I guess because I want to showcase of our new little family of 3... I already put it all together and it is up on the wall... I hope to get several other little knick knacks (sp?) so I can have a cute little grouping hanging up! Next I went to Marshalls. I use to love Marshalls, but ours keeps going downhill, which isn't good because it started off down hill. I haven't found anything there in a while now. I had to take back some things, so that trip ended up paying me instead of costing me! After that, I went to mommy land... you know- Babies R Us and took back a couple of things. Pregnant women everywhere and I have to just keep walking and keep my mouth shut, because I always want to comment on what they are trying to decide between buying... you know me... I always have an opinion. And you need a few there because they have the worst return policies. I had to exchange what I brought back, because a refund or store credit they wouldn't do... I got Lola a couple of really cute PJ's. That's what I buy her now. Nonna and Gram like to buy outfits, so I tend to stick with cute pajamas. She's in them from 9 p.m. until about noon- so they outta' be cute, right? After mommy land, I went out to Rockwall, once again to return stuff. I got a nice little store credit, but didn't find a thing there either. I wish Tyler had a TJ Max, because I am headed there tomorrow. So after all that I went back home, after much debate. JK.

When I arrived home, I noticed new trash was in the garage, so I was impressed Clay took out the trash while he was watching Lola. Then I open the door to hear the washing machine running! What? Clay knows how to work it??? He shouldn't have spilled the beans on that one... after getting over the initial shock that my husband can do laundry... I then wondered what he was washing, because like I said earlier- there was nothing to wash! Hmmm... so I slowly walk around the corner to see Lola two feet from the TV in her swing watching the bloody, cursing video game Clay was playing. Hey! They were both happy- what more could I ask for? Oh there is more! She was bathed and had her pajamas on ready for bed... eh huh... At nine? Hidden agenda Mr. Clay? Turns out he didn't have a choice- she pooped all over her and him... explains the washing machine and they bath and pj's. Haha. They were super cute and she was in a great, fabulous, goofy mood. He took video of her dancing in her walker. I am so glad they love each other. Clay just confessed, with a promise I wouldn't get mad before the confession, that he is just now starting to really miss her. He thinks about her more at work and is excited to spend actual time with her. He must have thought he was fooling me before? Duh, he didn't miss her. Probably neither of us. Haha. Boys are different from girls. Most of us girls are born ready to be moms. I have a picture, in the collage I bought, of me changing Kebby's diaper when I was 7 and she was just a few months old, if that. I love that picture.

I walked into the bathroom with Lola on my hip yesterday and got a quick glimpse of the two of us... I looked really young and she looked really old... and I couldn't believe I was standing there with my daughter, I created, on my hip. I walked right back out with a silly grin and probably a tear in my eye, and said "Clay, can you believe it? I am a MOM. Me! A mom! This is MY daughter! Wowowowwwww." He must have realized I was having a moment of some sort and seemed amazed too. A good kind of amazement, not the kind where he looks like "What have I done?" Haha... that was more when I said- "We're Pregnant!" LOL.

It's 1 a.m. and I should be sleeping, but I wanted to write even more so like it was a journal. Nonna, me, and Kebby read mom's journal from when she had Nick, Me, and even Kebby. (Normally by the 3rd you don't have journals any more, but she did!) It was so fun to read and so much more emotional now that I know exactly how she felt. I was pretty sick and I couldn't imagine having a sick baby. Lola had a few problems and lots of test run, which those bills are coming in now- YUCK!, but she was fine. She just needed her momma, because when they gave her to me, her respiration count went way down to the levels they needed to be at! :) Haha! I just want to be able to look back at this and see my thoughts and heart a little clearer. My thoughts throughout the day seem so genuine and raw. I wish I could translate those onto here, but I can't. Yet. If I sit and write when I think them, it would make for such sweet little memories.

Lola will be three months in less than a week now. She is an amazing little person.

Some crazy little things she does now:

1. She loves, loves her hands. She has loved them from day one, but now she looks at one hand, especially her thumb, and with the other hand pinches her thumb. She tries to grab it along with her pointer finger using just her pointer finger and thumb on her right hand. It is so cute, because she looks like a little scientist trying to figure out global warming or something.

2. She is starting to B-Bop to music. She has a little rhythm. Clay caught a little bit of her dancing on video, but I need to try again, because it's hilarious. Her big ol' box head- she really looks like a baby bobble head. Haha.

3. She can roll over from her tummy to her back and seems to be trying to roll over from her back to her tummy. She also can put her butt in the air when she is on her tummy. The best though, is when she scoots across the floor on her back and runs into things with her giant ol' head. The other day she was playing on her back with her jungle gym and she started to cry so I ran out of the laundry room to see what happened, and she scooted all the way off the mat and ran the top of her head into the coffee table. How does she do this?

4. A new thing is- well actually she did this a lot early on, but lost it, but it's back now... she can go to sleep on her own. Sometimes I rock her and sometimes I don't. Something that seems to go hand in hand with this is she loves playing in her crib. Today she played in her crib for 30 minutes or so. She talks to her mobile, sheets, and walls. I love watching her.

5. I am lucky to hear them because they are still rare, but she giggles. Tonight I went to make sure she was asleep in her crib, because I WAS going to bed, and I peaked over her crib... was she sleeping? I couldn't tell, so I leaned in closer and she turned and looked at me... and laughed. Twice. It was so funny and Clay heard it on the monitor from the bedroom. She was so excited to see me... that's what I tell myself anyway.

Today was a sad little day because I packed up the pack-n-play. She never sleeps in it anymore and we just used it to change her on, so I packed it up. It was kind of sad, because that means she is getting big. She sleeps in her room every night. Although it was kind of sad, it is nice to have our bedroom look like an adult bedroom again! Yayaya!

Well, this was probably dumb for me to write this late. I should have gone to bed. But oh well. I want to remember all of this one day. I wonder how many moms would have been excited to be pregnant again with a 3 month old? No worries, I am not. No plans for a baby any time soon... but I sure wouldn't be sad if I were. I just love babies... my babies! Clay would have a heart attack. Haha.

Well I will probably be out of town the rest of the week, so I'll write next week. Hopefully I will have lots of cute pictures too! I'll play around with my camera while I am at the lake! I need to learn more about that stinkin' camera!

Good night. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Videos! Yayayaya!

OK- I have to add a side note: while I have been waiting on these videos to download (it takes a longggg time) I have been doing other things around the house. I gave Lola a warm bath, then got her ready for bed. I put her in her crib so I could put up all her clothes. I turned on her mobile and started hanging up all her pretty dresses. By the time I was done, she still seemed fascinated by her mobile, so I turned down the lights, gave the mobile another good wind up, and tip-toed out. She was still awake a little bit later, but still real happy laying there, so one more wind up, and the next time I peeked in, she was snoozing away! Yayayaya! I can't believe it. She didn't even use her pacifier! Wow! I think it's true what they say... if you wait till they really tell you they are tired then it's probably going to be impossible to have that happen. But since I laid her down happy and still content, I think she fell asleep on her own easier. I am really amazed. Even for naps I have to rock her. I am going to try this again tomorrow night! Helloooo babbyyy!!

Some of the videos needed to be edited down, but oh well! Enjoy!

Lola rolling over- you may fast forward to almost the end! It's so long!

Lola chit chatting on the way to Arkansas.

Lola was so excited to see Aunt Kebby and it was one of the first times Clay and I heard her scream like this. It's so funny in person.

Lola and Nonna Chit Chatting. They are big bugs. That was suppose to say buds, but bugs is funnier so I will leave it. LOL.

This video is great. Look closely- Lola is sleeping. Uncle Nick danced her to sleep. So cute.

Busy, Busy!

Summer has been great so far. We have managed to stay pretty busy and I feel busy all the time, even if we aren't up to anything too exciting. Having a newborn keeps my mind and body constantly active. I am getting use to that. And I'll add love it. I really just love being a mom. I hate it for moms who don't feel that away. I just don't understand. The family I nannied for were very different from how I want my family to be and in away I pity them. The two girls and the mom are really missing out and I think it's something most parent-child relationships don't recover from. I think there is something to be said for parents that make sure they are available to their children. Even when my mom is working a lot, she manages to make it where she is still available to us. Always has and I am sure always will. Thanks mom. I feel like it has really benefited our entire family.

So last weekend, we all had the pleasure of going to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We had a big Clark Reunion and it was so nice to see everyone. It's been a while since we all were able to get together with no one missing! My dad has five siblings and needless to say I have a lot of cousins! And of course Lola came, which she's the latest addition and the first great grandchild! The youngest cousin is 2, so it was time for another baby!

My Meme and Papa live on a beautiful lake and their house is so warm and homey. We planned on staying there, but Lola was a cranky butt on the way down there, so we ended up staying at my Uncle Lew's and Aunt Jan's place which was less of a drive. It was really a doll house. That was the first time I had seen their home. I appreciate them letting us crash there. We were all exhausted. After a good night's rest Lola seemed much better.

The next morning we all headed down to Meme's and all day just had a great time visiting and catching up! I was exicted to show Clay their place. It's really perfect! It was funny to see all my cousins grown up. Some I didn't even recognize, like Clark. He is 15 now and a cutie. And very tall. Haha.

Clay, myself, Kebby and Lola ended up driving back that night around 7 p.m. Since Lola was so fussy on the way down, we thought leaving at this time would be better. AND it worked! We fed her right before we got in the car and she slept the entire way. Never woke up once, not even a whimper. I had a couple of bottles ready but she slept the entire 6 hours home. We arrived home around 1 a.m. which Kebby stayed with us and Lola took a bottle then went right back down. All the activities Saturday must have worn her out. I guess I was so into making sure Lola was okay with all the people around I forgot to take pictures! ugh!!! I am so mad. Didn't get but a couple. :(

During the week, my mom's (and mine) crazy friends came in town. Carole and Mary Grace. They are so funny. First time I have been around Mary Grace in awhile and she might be funnier than Carole. I think I could have lots of fun hanging with them. And once again, I didn't pull out my camera. I guess I got lazy this week. Ugh. I definitely wanted pictures with them and Lola! My mom and I plan on visiting Carole once she moves to NLR so I'll get pictures then! Oh and I am waiting on you (CAROLE!) to start your blog! lol

I had a good weekend this weekend too. I have lots of pictures again! Here they are...

I shot these in B/W on my camera while she was sleeping. Clay and I were about to watch Mad Men Season 2, and while I was waiting on him I decided to take a bunch of photos of her sleeping! I love these kind of pictures! That pacifier never gets too far.

Such sweet little hands. She tends to hold my hand or shirt when she falls asleep and it is priceless the love I feel from it!

I liked that the pacifier brand shows in this picture!

This picture made me laugh. She's just chilling. She really loves to stand up. You'll probably see that in several pictures!

Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw came to visit. They always have something sweet for Lola and me too. Thanks to Maw-Maw for cutting coupons for me. I LOVE coupons!

Big Smiles! Maw-Maw got to see Lola talk and talk!
I was so glad she finally got to hear her babble.

She's getting so big! Slow down Lola! Almost 3 months old!

Lola wasn't very into her playdate that day.
But she and Aubrey looked so cute, so I had to get a couple of photos!

So cute! I got the pleasure of babysitting Aubrey! We had lots of fun!

In Arkansas- my sis, brother, and daughter. lol!
Oh and Lola is waving "hi" in this picture!

This is Aunt Jan and we stayed at her house Friday night. Lola and her bonded!! lol

Nonna and Lola are at it again! Those two! I got to keep an eye on them! Nonna didn't know what was headed her way when we took this picture. A few minutes later, Lola sprayed mom in poop. Looked like Lola tossed a mud pie at her... you would have never known it came from her butt! Hahaha!

On our way to Arkansas. We couldn't forget B!

I feel like she is about to start break dancing in this picture!!

She doesn't look real happy to be standing, but she really does love it!
I promise I don't torture her! LOL

Little feet.

I thought this was a cool picture!

More pictures of her little feet. Oh she went with me to get a pedicure Thursday night! We had lots of fun and she was really good until they started painting my toes. :(

A picture of Lola talking! She is just like me! :)

A natural beauty from the get go! Her eyes were super blue today, but they still come up green too! So we will have to wait and see... but I bet she is blue eyed... maybe both though?

I love, love this picture.

Lola and B.

(U think I could have gotten the booger out of her nose before I took the pictures!)

Loved these angles!

I feel like any day she'll start walking... I wonder if she will walk by 9 months? I'm betting yes.

She tells B secrets.

Her and Daddy being crazy. Clay keeps telling me she loves this and I think she does! He has been doing this since she was like two weeks old! Oh mannn....

Her and dad playing. She loves her daddy.

She is rolling over and has been since July 4th. This is the after picture.

This is in between! Sometimes she stays on her side awhile before going all the way over. It's so fun to watch. She normally is real talkative through all this!

Hopefully more soon. I'll probably be out of town for the rest of the week though once Wednesday hits! Much love! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures... it takes awhile to load all of those. I need to post more often so I don't have as many to do! Oh well- I can't wait till Lola is grown and looks back at my blog one day. Haha...

And since she might be reading this blog one day, I can't do too much updating on post pregnancy sex so I will just leave it at this


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little of this, A little of that, and a lot of pictures!

My favorite picture in a while. Lola and her doll "B" swinging. They have gotten to be good friends and now Lola plays with her in her car seat. Thanks to Nonna for the doll. We love her.

Hmmm... several little things.

First, we had a great time over the July 4th weekend. We had our annual July 4th party at the lakehouse. Several friends were there and lots of kids. Mom had cute shirts printed that said "Clark Lakehouse- Party your rockets off!" Haha! Lola did great. The sad news of it all was Lola rolled over in front of several people, really put on a show... but I wasn't there! She rolled from her tummy to her back and I missed it. So sad, but oh well. She hasn't done it again so hopefully she will soon. Clay and I stayed on Sunday and had a real good time relaxing. We played tennis and my dad and me won the tournament! I'm back people! A little sore, but back! A storm came through that evening and it was great. Cooled things off and most of the family randomly jumped in the lake. Pretty funny I heard- Lola and I were napping in the rocking chair! :) Check out the pictures from the 4th! The weekend wore Lola out and on Monday she slept forever! Oh and the cute 4th of July socks Lola has on are from Nonna. She made them and Lola thought they were great. Seriously. She couldn't keep her eyes off of them and constantly kept trying to grab at them! :) Thanks Nonna! Next year I hope we get to watch fireworks as a cute family of 3. This year I saw some here and there from inside. The fireworks were so loud that Clay and I didn't think it was best for her to be outside. She seemed scared the first time she heard one go off! We didn't mind being in. I've given up tan lines, beaches, and now fireworks for her. I must be in love! :)

On the way home. She was pretty tired, but oh so cute in her little sweats Dad picked out!

This is Lola at the lake having a good time. Sorry Lola, back to reality... we gotta' go home.

Tummy time. She's had more tummy time so I can try and see her role over, but nothing.

Lola and Rox. Lola loved Rox and gave her big ol' smiles. They were so cute.

Clay and I gave Lola a good bath so she would sleep extra good Saturday night. It worked and she loves her dad. Can't you tell in this picture? This is a favorite picture too. She looks like she's telling him something sweet! :) Melts my heart.

Now she is smiling a sweet smile to him. I think she looks more like my side here. Maybe dad, nick, or kebby? I always think she looks like Clay until she does this face. I have to admit she looks a lot like Clay's baby pictures, but also Nick's and Kebby's. Of course, not mine though.

Rox and me!

Clay and Cameron are playing cornhole? Apparently there ended up being a huge tournament and Nick and Clay paired up- They referred to themselves as "Brothers- in the court of law." They won. I missed it somehow. It was a big event that day too!

The 4th wore her out... she managed to sneak a nap in somehow.

Ginni and me chilling on the porch. The sun was awkward for pictures making them hard to take. Not the best of me, but oh well.

My Maw-Maw and me. She may kill me for posting this picture. LOL

So this was super cute. Uncle Nick was dancing with Lola on the back porch and she fell asleep like that! It was so funny and he danced her all the way into the house and I was able to put her down for a nap. We wondered if he had this effect on all the girls he danced with? Haha.

At first, it was hard to tell she was asleep. I think it took me a couple of minutes to realize it. She must have been super tired. Poor thing. But it made a great picture.

I love this picture. She looks like she is thinking something specific. If I could just know what it was she was thinking!

I love when Lola stands up. I think she looks like a mini superwoman. She is getting good at it and really enjoys it. And I love her outfit. So spirited!

Lola, why the funny face?

Better Lola.

Her socks. Thanks Nonna.

Oh- there is B again.

I told you guys... she loves those socks!

Okay- next thing- kind of weird. I have been working through the direction I wanted to go with working part-time. I called the Board of Educators today to get some testing stuff worked out and turns out I had to cancel my test on Monday because they couldn't promise me they could change my last name in time. If it didn't get changed then Monday I wouldn't be able to test because my ID says my new last name and they have me down with my maiden name. Interesting? I could still take the test it would just be later. So I am looking into the CFA route. I'll let my dad know by the end of the week. Since that is Clay's vote, I think it's the smartest thing to do.


So you may have noticed the doll in several pictures. This is "B." Lola is really starting to like her more and more and now when we ride in the car, Lola plays with her in her car seat. So cute and I love watching. I don't know what I would do without the mirror hanging, because then I wouldn't be able to see her!! I was looking at her today while I was walking her, and I never thought I would really think an elbow is cute, but hers is. Nothing not cute about that baby, well maybe her box head, but she pulls it off... and Nonna told me to quit saying that! lol.


Every week I think Lola and Aubrey get a play date in. They beg us to hang out, so we give in... haha... one day they will though and it will be so cute. They can have little sleep overs. Haha. Here are some cute pictures! (Laura- let me know if you want any!) Clay is in a few of the pictures. Even he can't resist the two together. They are so much fun and as you can see, Aubrey is getting one great personality. She is so much fun and Clay and I look forward to seeing Lola's personality shine through more and more each day too!

She's so much fun! Ahhh!

I loved this picture of Aubrey.

This picture of Clay and Lola was funny. They made me laugh.

Look at those legs! She looks big here- all two feet of her!

Laura is holding Lola up so she can visit with Aubrey. She is really starting to notice Aubrey.
They kind of look like they are talking here.

Lola is still staring. Say hi Lola.


Now they are really talking. Haha. Lola was laughing with Aubrey!

Aren't they cute? Too many adorable pictures- I had to post lots!

I bought these boot things for Lola and I love when she has them on. They look so cute. I need to find an outfit that matches them! :)

Friends don't let friends have boogers.
Aubrey is picking Lola's nose. Haha!

Haha- their faces look like we are torturing them. Smile girls!

Lola still hasn't warmed up all the way.
(These were taken before the ones I've already shown!)

I didn't mean to take this picture, but then I liked it!

Lots of personality showing through!!

Oh and Lola (and me!) have been having formula issues. The doctor switched us due to her spitting up and the new formula sucks. That's what Lola said and I agreed. Actually though, it has made her a fussy baby and her digestive system is whacked. So after several discussions with the doctor via a nurse, I have switched back to the one she was on, but Wal-mart's version of it. She instantly seems happier and seems to like the taste much better. Hopefully her system will work out it's kinks and she can get back on a "pooping schedule." If this formula does good over the next week, I will be so excited because it's half the price. :) Here are some pictures of Lola warn out from her tummy ache and some of her playing.

She is getting better at pulling this handle, which then plays music!

Big smiles! She made the music come on!

Oh B again! They were sleeping!

After a long spell of crying and screaming thanks to baby constipation, which seems to be seriously uncomfortable, a good nap naked. Gotta' love that.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. :)