Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Pictures, Less Talk...

Well, I am about to eat with Clay, yet I wanted to share some pictures real quick. I'll put as many as I can download before we go! You've heard enough from me lately...

But one thing before picture time... I know... blah, blah, blah.

Clay and I challenged ourselves to not eat out for an entire month unless someone else was treating us. This wasn't a health challenge, but rather a money challenge. We normally spend around $225 on fast food and restaurants. But in the month challenge- we only spent $20! Pretty neat- huh? And it wasn't even that hard... although we asked my parents to go to Tino's with us a few times... and they were very kind to treat us every time! And the twenty was spent on Starbucks while we were on vacation and Chan's. :)

Okay pictures!

Doctor Appointment: 2 Month Shots- I gave Lola fair warning and sugar water!

I thought she looked so cute on the table and so long... 2 feet to be exact!
She was being such a good girl! She loved laying on the noisy paper!

I put a blanket on her because it was a little chilly and she looked like she was in a hospital bed, so I snapped a shot!

Shots are over and back in the car. She did pretty good. And so did I.
She is looking at me like "why the crap did you take me to that doctor appointment again?"

One minute after the look. Dead asleep. Those stinkin' shots wore her out.

Bless her little thighs.
Three pricks and she had to take one vaccination orally.
Is that how you spell that? It looks strange.
And why didn't they have cuter band aids? Next time I'll bring her cute ones!

At home, back in pajamas and in for the rest of the day. She was a tad fussy and feverish so Tylenol was her best friend over the next day. All night she moaned in her sleep. It was so sad and I didn't get any sleep because I felt bad for her. Bless her heart.

LOLA ALREADY ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS- Check it out for yourselves!

Lola: Ohhh, what is this? I think it's the most fascinating thing on this walker!

Lola: Mommmm, can I reach the pink button in the back? It makes cool sounds and lights the keys up! Help mom!

Lola: Hey Mom, what you doing up there with that thing that keeps flashing?
Mom: I'm taking pictures of you because you are so stinking cute!

Lola: In that case, I'll make a goofy face! Haha! How's that mom?

Lola: Okay, now I'll smile! Are you getting these mom?

Lola: MOM NOT FROM THIS ANGLE- I look sooo fat!

Lola: Thanks mom- back to the better angle!

Lola: Hey Mom, Can I press this bright blue button?

Lola was being camera shy! Haha!

Aunt Keb and Lola

Lola: Do you know what I'm doing? It's my new thing...

Lola: I'm watching TV people, and I love it! This is how my mom is able to cook dinner... well, when she actually cooks.

Lola: I watch this cartoon called Charlie and Lola and it's so cute! I can finally see this far and it's amazing! So many more things to look at now!

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~Laura~ said...

Holy Moly!! Did she gain like 10 lbs over the weekend?!? Seriously, she looks so much bigger- crazy! And her hair looks a little reddish.. interesting :)
Cute pics for sure!