Sunday, July 19, 2009

Videos! Yayayaya!

OK- I have to add a side note: while I have been waiting on these videos to download (it takes a longggg time) I have been doing other things around the house. I gave Lola a warm bath, then got her ready for bed. I put her in her crib so I could put up all her clothes. I turned on her mobile and started hanging up all her pretty dresses. By the time I was done, she still seemed fascinated by her mobile, so I turned down the lights, gave the mobile another good wind up, and tip-toed out. She was still awake a little bit later, but still real happy laying there, so one more wind up, and the next time I peeked in, she was snoozing away! Yayayaya! I can't believe it. She didn't even use her pacifier! Wow! I think it's true what they say... if you wait till they really tell you they are tired then it's probably going to be impossible to have that happen. But since I laid her down happy and still content, I think she fell asleep on her own easier. I am really amazed. Even for naps I have to rock her. I am going to try this again tomorrow night! Helloooo babbyyy!!

Some of the videos needed to be edited down, but oh well! Enjoy!

Lola rolling over- you may fast forward to almost the end! It's so long!

Lola chit chatting on the way to Arkansas.

Lola was so excited to see Aunt Kebby and it was one of the first times Clay and I heard her scream like this. It's so funny in person.

Lola and Nonna Chit Chatting. They are big bugs. That was suppose to say buds, but bugs is funnier so I will leave it. LOL.

This video is great. Look closely- Lola is sleeping. Uncle Nick danced her to sleep. So cute.


Carole said...

Love Love Love the videos...especially the Nona one....but who is saying Carole to her??? HA Kiss that sweet baby for me. :)

nonna said...

Love these videos, Don't worry Carole we will tell her about her honey in Arkansas. That might make the name even worse. You and marygrace were sweet to spend the night with us and love on this pretty baby. Thank you!!!!

~Laura~ said...

cute video's! I think my favorite is of her and Kebby- pretty funny! Keep on going with the "mamamamama".. it'll pay off.. one day.. I'm still waiting.. :)

Jen Smith said...

Cute Videos!!! She is absolutely precious!