Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little of this, A little of that, and a lot of pictures!

My favorite picture in a while. Lola and her doll "B" swinging. They have gotten to be good friends and now Lola plays with her in her car seat. Thanks to Nonna for the doll. We love her.

Hmmm... several little things.

First, we had a great time over the July 4th weekend. We had our annual July 4th party at the lakehouse. Several friends were there and lots of kids. Mom had cute shirts printed that said "Clark Lakehouse- Party your rockets off!" Haha! Lola did great. The sad news of it all was Lola rolled over in front of several people, really put on a show... but I wasn't there! She rolled from her tummy to her back and I missed it. So sad, but oh well. She hasn't done it again so hopefully she will soon. Clay and I stayed on Sunday and had a real good time relaxing. We played tennis and my dad and me won the tournament! I'm back people! A little sore, but back! A storm came through that evening and it was great. Cooled things off and most of the family randomly jumped in the lake. Pretty funny I heard- Lola and I were napping in the rocking chair! :) Check out the pictures from the 4th! The weekend wore Lola out and on Monday she slept forever! Oh and the cute 4th of July socks Lola has on are from Nonna. She made them and Lola thought they were great. Seriously. She couldn't keep her eyes off of them and constantly kept trying to grab at them! :) Thanks Nonna! Next year I hope we get to watch fireworks as a cute family of 3. This year I saw some here and there from inside. The fireworks were so loud that Clay and I didn't think it was best for her to be outside. She seemed scared the first time she heard one go off! We didn't mind being in. I've given up tan lines, beaches, and now fireworks for her. I must be in love! :)

On the way home. She was pretty tired, but oh so cute in her little sweats Dad picked out!

This is Lola at the lake having a good time. Sorry Lola, back to reality... we gotta' go home.

Tummy time. She's had more tummy time so I can try and see her role over, but nothing.

Lola and Rox. Lola loved Rox and gave her big ol' smiles. They were so cute.

Clay and I gave Lola a good bath so she would sleep extra good Saturday night. It worked and she loves her dad. Can't you tell in this picture? This is a favorite picture too. She looks like she's telling him something sweet! :) Melts my heart.

Now she is smiling a sweet smile to him. I think she looks more like my side here. Maybe dad, nick, or kebby? I always think she looks like Clay until she does this face. I have to admit she looks a lot like Clay's baby pictures, but also Nick's and Kebby's. Of course, not mine though.

Rox and me!

Clay and Cameron are playing cornhole? Apparently there ended up being a huge tournament and Nick and Clay paired up- They referred to themselves as "Brothers- in the court of law." They won. I missed it somehow. It was a big event that day too!

The 4th wore her out... she managed to sneak a nap in somehow.

Ginni and me chilling on the porch. The sun was awkward for pictures making them hard to take. Not the best of me, but oh well.

My Maw-Maw and me. She may kill me for posting this picture. LOL

So this was super cute. Uncle Nick was dancing with Lola on the back porch and she fell asleep like that! It was so funny and he danced her all the way into the house and I was able to put her down for a nap. We wondered if he had this effect on all the girls he danced with? Haha.

At first, it was hard to tell she was asleep. I think it took me a couple of minutes to realize it. She must have been super tired. Poor thing. But it made a great picture.

I love this picture. She looks like she is thinking something specific. If I could just know what it was she was thinking!

I love when Lola stands up. I think she looks like a mini superwoman. She is getting good at it and really enjoys it. And I love her outfit. So spirited!

Lola, why the funny face?

Better Lola.

Her socks. Thanks Nonna.

Oh- there is B again.

I told you guys... she loves those socks!

Okay- next thing- kind of weird. I have been working through the direction I wanted to go with working part-time. I called the Board of Educators today to get some testing stuff worked out and turns out I had to cancel my test on Monday because they couldn't promise me they could change my last name in time. If it didn't get changed then Monday I wouldn't be able to test because my ID says my new last name and they have me down with my maiden name. Interesting? I could still take the test it would just be later. So I am looking into the CFA route. I'll let my dad know by the end of the week. Since that is Clay's vote, I think it's the smartest thing to do.


So you may have noticed the doll in several pictures. This is "B." Lola is really starting to like her more and more and now when we ride in the car, Lola plays with her in her car seat. So cute and I love watching. I don't know what I would do without the mirror hanging, because then I wouldn't be able to see her!! I was looking at her today while I was walking her, and I never thought I would really think an elbow is cute, but hers is. Nothing not cute about that baby, well maybe her box head, but she pulls it off... and Nonna told me to quit saying that! lol.


Every week I think Lola and Aubrey get a play date in. They beg us to hang out, so we give in... haha... one day they will though and it will be so cute. They can have little sleep overs. Haha. Here are some cute pictures! (Laura- let me know if you want any!) Clay is in a few of the pictures. Even he can't resist the two together. They are so much fun and as you can see, Aubrey is getting one great personality. She is so much fun and Clay and I look forward to seeing Lola's personality shine through more and more each day too!

She's so much fun! Ahhh!

I loved this picture of Aubrey.

This picture of Clay and Lola was funny. They made me laugh.

Look at those legs! She looks big here- all two feet of her!

Laura is holding Lola up so she can visit with Aubrey. She is really starting to notice Aubrey.
They kind of look like they are talking here.

Lola is still staring. Say hi Lola.


Now they are really talking. Haha. Lola was laughing with Aubrey!

Aren't they cute? Too many adorable pictures- I had to post lots!

I bought these boot things for Lola and I love when she has them on. They look so cute. I need to find an outfit that matches them! :)

Friends don't let friends have boogers.
Aubrey is picking Lola's nose. Haha!

Haha- their faces look like we are torturing them. Smile girls!

Lola still hasn't warmed up all the way.
(These were taken before the ones I've already shown!)

I didn't mean to take this picture, but then I liked it!

Lots of personality showing through!!

Oh and Lola (and me!) have been having formula issues. The doctor switched us due to her spitting up and the new formula sucks. That's what Lola said and I agreed. Actually though, it has made her a fussy baby and her digestive system is whacked. So after several discussions with the doctor via a nurse, I have switched back to the one she was on, but Wal-mart's version of it. She instantly seems happier and seems to like the taste much better. Hopefully her system will work out it's kinks and she can get back on a "pooping schedule." If this formula does good over the next week, I will be so excited because it's half the price. :) Here are some pictures of Lola warn out from her tummy ache and some of her playing.

She is getting better at pulling this handle, which then plays music!

Big smiles! She made the music come on!

Oh B again! They were sleeping!

After a long spell of crying and screaming thanks to baby constipation, which seems to be seriously uncomfortable, a good nap naked. Gotta' love that.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. :)


Joi said...

Isn't it amazing what walking through an open door will do and the things that come from it...hmm!

Jen Smith said...

Cute pics! Loved Lola's 4th of July outfit!!! I think CFA is a GREAT option - isn't it awesome how God opens and closes doors to get us right where he wants us! I know working for family can be tricky - but you have to admit, CFA is a great place to work!

~Laura~ said...

Aww, LOVE the pictures!! (I just posted some from our play dates too- I think you got some better shots!!) :) They are really starting to interact- so sweet! We've got some cute-o baby girls!
All your pics were great- good post!! :)
(and I probably will want some of those pictures :))

roxrae5679 said...

This 4th was definitely one of the best! Okay, okay I love the pic of us, only because I love YOU! And clearly Lola Lou and I are very photogenic together! HAHAHA!

nonna said...

Loved all the pics. So fun to read Lola's comments. I can't wait till next year when she is lighting fire works on the dock late at night times!