Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear Diary...

Tonight was a great night, proceeding a great day!

I stayed motivated all day long and knocked out some cleaning, rearranging, and a little decorating. I have changed a few things and it always make me feel so good to move around picture frames, vases, and pillows. I wonder why? It's in my DNA thanks to Nonna. I managed to do all the laundry, not one dirty piece of clothing anywhere, and put it all in it's place.

For a couple of hours Lola and I where waiting on Clay to arrive home, but he ended up having to work late, so he didn't walk in till around 7 p.m. But he graciously kept Lola so I could get out for a couple of hours doing this and that.

I went to Pier 1... found lots of goodies, but walked out empty handed, Ross... and walked out with a cute little bowl on clearance for less than $2 and a huge frame with tiny picture cut outs in it- you know- you or your mother probably has one somewhere. I have been really wanting one, I guess because I want to showcase of our new little family of 3... I already put it all together and it is up on the wall... I hope to get several other little knick knacks (sp?) so I can have a cute little grouping hanging up! Next I went to Marshalls. I use to love Marshalls, but ours keeps going downhill, which isn't good because it started off down hill. I haven't found anything there in a while now. I had to take back some things, so that trip ended up paying me instead of costing me! After that, I went to mommy land... you know- Babies R Us and took back a couple of things. Pregnant women everywhere and I have to just keep walking and keep my mouth shut, because I always want to comment on what they are trying to decide between buying... you know me... I always have an opinion. And you need a few there because they have the worst return policies. I had to exchange what I brought back, because a refund or store credit they wouldn't do... I got Lola a couple of really cute PJ's. That's what I buy her now. Nonna and Gram like to buy outfits, so I tend to stick with cute pajamas. She's in them from 9 p.m. until about noon- so they outta' be cute, right? After mommy land, I went out to Rockwall, once again to return stuff. I got a nice little store credit, but didn't find a thing there either. I wish Tyler had a TJ Max, because I am headed there tomorrow. So after all that I went back home, after much debate. JK.

When I arrived home, I noticed new trash was in the garage, so I was impressed Clay took out the trash while he was watching Lola. Then I open the door to hear the washing machine running! What? Clay knows how to work it??? He shouldn't have spilled the beans on that one... after getting over the initial shock that my husband can do laundry... I then wondered what he was washing, because like I said earlier- there was nothing to wash! Hmmm... so I slowly walk around the corner to see Lola two feet from the TV in her swing watching the bloody, cursing video game Clay was playing. Hey! They were both happy- what more could I ask for? Oh there is more! She was bathed and had her pajamas on ready for bed... eh huh... At nine? Hidden agenda Mr. Clay? Turns out he didn't have a choice- she pooped all over her and him... explains the washing machine and they bath and pj's. Haha. They were super cute and she was in a great, fabulous, goofy mood. He took video of her dancing in her walker. I am so glad they love each other. Clay just confessed, with a promise I wouldn't get mad before the confession, that he is just now starting to really miss her. He thinks about her more at work and is excited to spend actual time with her. He must have thought he was fooling me before? Duh, he didn't miss her. Probably neither of us. Haha. Boys are different from girls. Most of us girls are born ready to be moms. I have a picture, in the collage I bought, of me changing Kebby's diaper when I was 7 and she was just a few months old, if that. I love that picture.

I walked into the bathroom with Lola on my hip yesterday and got a quick glimpse of the two of us... I looked really young and she looked really old... and I couldn't believe I was standing there with my daughter, I created, on my hip. I walked right back out with a silly grin and probably a tear in my eye, and said "Clay, can you believe it? I am a MOM. Me! A mom! This is MY daughter! Wowowowwwww." He must have realized I was having a moment of some sort and seemed amazed too. A good kind of amazement, not the kind where he looks like "What have I done?" Haha... that was more when I said- "We're Pregnant!" LOL.

It's 1 a.m. and I should be sleeping, but I wanted to write even more so like it was a journal. Nonna, me, and Kebby read mom's journal from when she had Nick, Me, and even Kebby. (Normally by the 3rd you don't have journals any more, but she did!) It was so fun to read and so much more emotional now that I know exactly how she felt. I was pretty sick and I couldn't imagine having a sick baby. Lola had a few problems and lots of test run, which those bills are coming in now- YUCK!, but she was fine. She just needed her momma, because when they gave her to me, her respiration count went way down to the levels they needed to be at! :) Haha! I just want to be able to look back at this and see my thoughts and heart a little clearer. My thoughts throughout the day seem so genuine and raw. I wish I could translate those onto here, but I can't. Yet. If I sit and write when I think them, it would make for such sweet little memories.

Lola will be three months in less than a week now. She is an amazing little person.

Some crazy little things she does now:

1. She loves, loves her hands. She has loved them from day one, but now she looks at one hand, especially her thumb, and with the other hand pinches her thumb. She tries to grab it along with her pointer finger using just her pointer finger and thumb on her right hand. It is so cute, because she looks like a little scientist trying to figure out global warming or something.

2. She is starting to B-Bop to music. She has a little rhythm. Clay caught a little bit of her dancing on video, but I need to try again, because it's hilarious. Her big ol' box head- she really looks like a baby bobble head. Haha.

3. She can roll over from her tummy to her back and seems to be trying to roll over from her back to her tummy. She also can put her butt in the air when she is on her tummy. The best though, is when she scoots across the floor on her back and runs into things with her giant ol' head. The other day she was playing on her back with her jungle gym and she started to cry so I ran out of the laundry room to see what happened, and she scooted all the way off the mat and ran the top of her head into the coffee table. How does she do this?

4. A new thing is- well actually she did this a lot early on, but lost it, but it's back now... she can go to sleep on her own. Sometimes I rock her and sometimes I don't. Something that seems to go hand in hand with this is she loves playing in her crib. Today she played in her crib for 30 minutes or so. She talks to her mobile, sheets, and walls. I love watching her.

5. I am lucky to hear them because they are still rare, but she giggles. Tonight I went to make sure she was asleep in her crib, because I WAS going to bed, and I peaked over her crib... was she sleeping? I couldn't tell, so I leaned in closer and she turned and looked at me... and laughed. Twice. It was so funny and Clay heard it on the monitor from the bedroom. She was so excited to see me... that's what I tell myself anyway.

Today was a sad little day because I packed up the pack-n-play. She never sleeps in it anymore and we just used it to change her on, so I packed it up. It was kind of sad, because that means she is getting big. She sleeps in her room every night. Although it was kind of sad, it is nice to have our bedroom look like an adult bedroom again! Yayaya!

Well, this was probably dumb for me to write this late. I should have gone to bed. But oh well. I want to remember all of this one day. I wonder how many moms would have been excited to be pregnant again with a 3 month old? No worries, I am not. No plans for a baby any time soon... but I sure wouldn't be sad if I were. I just love babies... my babies! Clay would have a heart attack. Haha.

Well I will probably be out of town the rest of the week, so I'll write next week. Hopefully I will have lots of cute pictures too! I'll play around with my camera while I am at the lake! I need to learn more about that stinkin' camera!

Good night. :)

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~Laura~ said...

wow!! another post!!! I liked this one, I get that way too- amazed that I"M a mom!! I have a daughter! WE have daughters!! crazy.. :)

yay! can't wait to get my pics from you- thanks!!
yes, we will definitely need to hang soon! Start saving some money- we need to get a massage! :) heehee..