Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Summer has been great so far. We have managed to stay pretty busy and I feel busy all the time, even if we aren't up to anything too exciting. Having a newborn keeps my mind and body constantly active. I am getting use to that. And I'll add love it. I really just love being a mom. I hate it for moms who don't feel that away. I just don't understand. The family I nannied for were very different from how I want my family to be and in away I pity them. The two girls and the mom are really missing out and I think it's something most parent-child relationships don't recover from. I think there is something to be said for parents that make sure they are available to their children. Even when my mom is working a lot, she manages to make it where she is still available to us. Always has and I am sure always will. Thanks mom. I feel like it has really benefited our entire family.

So last weekend, we all had the pleasure of going to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We had a big Clark Reunion and it was so nice to see everyone. It's been a while since we all were able to get together with no one missing! My dad has five siblings and needless to say I have a lot of cousins! And of course Lola came, which she's the latest addition and the first great grandchild! The youngest cousin is 2, so it was time for another baby!

My Meme and Papa live on a beautiful lake and their house is so warm and homey. We planned on staying there, but Lola was a cranky butt on the way down there, so we ended up staying at my Uncle Lew's and Aunt Jan's place which was less of a drive. It was really a doll house. That was the first time I had seen their home. I appreciate them letting us crash there. We were all exhausted. After a good night's rest Lola seemed much better.

The next morning we all headed down to Meme's and all day just had a great time visiting and catching up! I was exicted to show Clay their place. It's really perfect! It was funny to see all my cousins grown up. Some I didn't even recognize, like Clark. He is 15 now and a cutie. And very tall. Haha.

Clay, myself, Kebby and Lola ended up driving back that night around 7 p.m. Since Lola was so fussy on the way down, we thought leaving at this time would be better. AND it worked! We fed her right before we got in the car and she slept the entire way. Never woke up once, not even a whimper. I had a couple of bottles ready but she slept the entire 6 hours home. We arrived home around 1 a.m. which Kebby stayed with us and Lola took a bottle then went right back down. All the activities Saturday must have worn her out. I guess I was so into making sure Lola was okay with all the people around I forgot to take pictures! ugh!!! I am so mad. Didn't get but a couple. :(

During the week, my mom's (and mine) crazy friends came in town. Carole and Mary Grace. They are so funny. First time I have been around Mary Grace in awhile and she might be funnier than Carole. I think I could have lots of fun hanging with them. And once again, I didn't pull out my camera. I guess I got lazy this week. Ugh. I definitely wanted pictures with them and Lola! My mom and I plan on visiting Carole once she moves to NLR so I'll get pictures then! Oh and I am waiting on you (CAROLE!) to start your blog! lol

I had a good weekend this weekend too. I have lots of pictures again! Here they are...

I shot these in B/W on my camera while she was sleeping. Clay and I were about to watch Mad Men Season 2, and while I was waiting on him I decided to take a bunch of photos of her sleeping! I love these kind of pictures! That pacifier never gets too far.

Such sweet little hands. She tends to hold my hand or shirt when she falls asleep and it is priceless the love I feel from it!

I liked that the pacifier brand shows in this picture!

This picture made me laugh. She's just chilling. She really loves to stand up. You'll probably see that in several pictures!

Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw came to visit. They always have something sweet for Lola and me too. Thanks to Maw-Maw for cutting coupons for me. I LOVE coupons!

Big Smiles! Maw-Maw got to see Lola talk and talk!
I was so glad she finally got to hear her babble.

She's getting so big! Slow down Lola! Almost 3 months old!

Lola wasn't very into her playdate that day.
But she and Aubrey looked so cute, so I had to get a couple of photos!

So cute! I got the pleasure of babysitting Aubrey! We had lots of fun!

In Arkansas- my sis, brother, and daughter. lol!
Oh and Lola is waving "hi" in this picture!

This is Aunt Jan and we stayed at her house Friday night. Lola and her bonded!! lol

Nonna and Lola are at it again! Those two! I got to keep an eye on them! Nonna didn't know what was headed her way when we took this picture. A few minutes later, Lola sprayed mom in poop. Looked like Lola tossed a mud pie at her... you would have never known it came from her butt! Hahaha!

On our way to Arkansas. We couldn't forget B!

I feel like she is about to start break dancing in this picture!!

She doesn't look real happy to be standing, but she really does love it!
I promise I don't torture her! LOL

Little feet.

I thought this was a cool picture!

More pictures of her little feet. Oh she went with me to get a pedicure Thursday night! We had lots of fun and she was really good until they started painting my toes. :(

A picture of Lola talking! She is just like me! :)

A natural beauty from the get go! Her eyes were super blue today, but they still come up green too! So we will have to wait and see... but I bet she is blue eyed... maybe both though?

I love, love this picture.

Lola and B.

(U think I could have gotten the booger out of her nose before I took the pictures!)

Loved these angles!

I feel like any day she'll start walking... I wonder if she will walk by 9 months? I'm betting yes.

She tells B secrets.

Her and Daddy being crazy. Clay keeps telling me she loves this and I think she does! He has been doing this since she was like two weeks old! Oh mannn....

Her and dad playing. She loves her daddy.

She is rolling over and has been since July 4th. This is the after picture.

This is in between! Sometimes she stays on her side awhile before going all the way over. It's so fun to watch. She normally is real talkative through all this!

Hopefully more soon. I'll probably be out of town for the rest of the week though once Wednesday hits! Much love! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures... it takes awhile to load all of those. I need to post more often so I don't have as many to do! Oh well- I can't wait till Lola is grown and looks back at my blog one day. Haha...

And since she might be reading this blog one day, I can't do too much updating on post pregnancy sex so I will just leave it at this



~Laura~ said...

GREAT pictures!! I really like the one that you "love, love".. on the little leopard pillow- super cute! You got really creative with this bunch of pictures- good job! :)
Oh, I think I will need a copy of both of those of the girls, Lola face is great! haha! And that is a really good one of Aubrey- thanks! :)

nonna said...

love these great pictures! Thank you for sharing!!! We love this baby soooo much!