Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reporting In...

The big answer to that is... NO! LOL. The doctor appointment went great, but another two weeks of waiting so this treatment he did today can hopefully heal it 100%. Everything was a lot better than two weeks ago and so no surgery. A huge thanks to the stranger who suggested this route on an online forum. It's the main reason I got a second opinion because she thought it was granulated tissue that could be healed through silver nitrate applications and she was correct! Yay! Thanks to those who prayed for me too! Power of prayer works even when it's someone's cookie jar being prayed for. On a side note: Please pray that God clearly opens and shuts doors for us right now. (Thanks to Joi- I have a lot of respect and admiration for you.) I take the math certification test on Monday, but am weary of teaching now. I feel like the best option may be to work for my dad as the Unit Training Coordinator over the 3 stores. I know that working for family can be tricky, but in my situation I always felt like I was honoring God and my father through working at CFA. And honestly that's the one door that has been wide open for awhile. Maybe God is given me other doors so He can intentionally shut them so I see that there's still only one way to go and it's the right way for us right now. I didn't want to do CFA because it was my only option, so now I may choose it knowing that I did, indeed, choose to work there. Does that make sense?

Well little Lola has been so constipated today. She's 10 weeks now and on a new formula (Enfamil AR) which is thicker to help her not spit up as much. Unfortunately it's making it extremely hard to poop. She woke up at 8:15 a.m. screaming and I worked with her for at least half an hour to try and help her. After that she slept for 4 more hours. :( Then when I went to the doctor I dropped her off at Nonna's... she cried for 45 minutes. Bless her hurt... it looked like it hurt bad. So the doctor has me giving her Gerber Apple Prune Juice to help her out some. I hope it helps. Poor thing. I hate to see those painful little faces she makes.

Well I am ready to get comfy now and need to do a load of laundry.

That's all I got. I'll post pictures of the 4th soon. We all had a good time. :)

Well the doctor visit was a good one. No surgery! He did another treatment of the silver nitrate. He said it seemed a lot better but there was still one area that needed more treatment. If in two weeks I am still hurting some, then I have to go back, but he had high hopes that in two weeks I would feel good as new. He said wait two more weeks to work out and do other things that married people do... but I don't think I'll be reporting in on that in two weeks. :) Or maybe I will! Haha.

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Joi said...

Hey Nat,

One of mine had the constipation thing going on too and my dr told me to move their legs like they are riding a bicycle to help move things around inside. Hope this helps!