Sunday, July 26, 2009

A cozy life.

Happy 3 months Lola.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be taking lots of photos when Lola wakes up tomorrow morning to celebrate her being 3 months old! We can also celebrate by cleaning the house! :) 3 months old probably doesn't seem very old to all of you with older kids, but when I think about how 3 months ago I was pregnant and pushing and how a year ago I was peeing on a stick, it is pretty amazing that I am now a mother of a 3 month old little girl! She seems so old when I look at her and I just want it all to slow down. WAIT? Did I say I want life to slow down? I have never said that- it was always me saying I am ready to be married, with kids... blah, blah, blah. My dad constantly told me to enjoy the stages I was in because one day I would wish them back, but dad... for once you were WRONG! I couldn't wait for this stage, and it's even more rewarding and fulfilling than I could have dreamed of. I always want to be in this stage. I think that's one of the reasons I want so many kids. I just love doing what I am doing right now. I love my relationship with Clay and love being a mother. Life just feels cozy.

Well this week was wonderful because we took a girls trip down to the lake from Wednesday till Saturday. Nonna, Kebby, me, and Lola. It was nice to do nothing. Kebby and I had a great time dipping our hands and feet in hot wax and being pampered by Nonna all week and I had a fun time decorating with Nonna. I might have purposely said a few things didn't look good, so I could get her in decorating mode, which isn't hard to do and it worked- we redid all the mantles and they now look amazing. I talked her into some art to go in the den and I love it! I was interested in seeing what Ba thought. (Ba is my dad's current grandpa name?) They turned around Saturday night and went back up there. It was a great time and I will post some pictures soon. We put curlers (not hot ones, the foam ones) in Lola's hair one night and it was disastrous... made for cute pictures though! I'll have to perfect that. I feel like her hair needs a style, yet it may be awhile.

Over the week Lola made a new friend. Her glow worm which we name Glo' Rider. She loves Glo' Rider. I think it is partly because their heads are shaped alike- big and round, except flat in the back. It's sad... We were all in Target and Nonna and I told her to smile if she wanted the glow worm and the girl just starts to crack up, so Nonna got her the glow worm... I hope this works on things over $10 one day. Haha... "Lola, smile at Nonna if you want a car for your 16th birthday..." Maybe she'll loose some of her charm by then... nahhhhhh! :)

A few days back, I listed some things I love about Lola right now, but there is always more to add! I'll try to add more in the next few days with pictures to go with each. Time for more pictures!

Okay and something on a different note- is anyone watching Design Star? I like it and I got Clay to watch it with me tonight. I totally thought the black girl should have been kicked off tonight! I can't wait to see next week's though! This is the first year I have gotten in to it, so hopefully it will be good! We can see if the black girl is all talk or not next week because they have individual challenges! :)

Good night! :)


~Laura~ said...

aww, yippee! three months!! its just craziness how fast it goes!! Which btw, i think its been like month since i've seen her! can't wait till wed!!
Oh, Aubrey has a glow worm too! how funny! she loves it! (and, jenny bought aubrey a blonde doll like B- they are going to have everything matching! lol)

nonna said...

What a great time we had!!! I am still concerned that Lola loves Glo Rider better than B. LOL! I have to admit if she keeps smiling at me no telling what she will get out of me....Oh well being nonna is so much fun!!!!