Monday, May 31, 2010


Anyone watching the Bachelorette????? It’s hilarious!!! Those guys may be worse than girls.  I didn’t plan to watch it all- but it’s pretty entertaining!  Is the weatherman gay?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Thrifty Inspiration

I am now officially inspired to make my home beautiful with paint, old furnishings, and cheap but beautiful (or has beautiful potential) finds!  I am falling in love with  my home more and more lately!  (This is all thanks to Thrifty Decor Chick and bc I am my mother’s daughter!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calling all Quilters…or if you know one! :)

So in the last week I have discovered a new passion! (Not sure it technically counts as a passion since I haven’t actually started doing it or even know if I can…) Well for now it’s a passion and let’s hope it becomes a hobby too…


I have always loved them!  I have a few and a couple are really special given to me by my Maw-Maw which was her moms who died when Maw-Maw was a young girl.  So, they are quite special!  And beautiful!!!  I’m lucky to have them! 

One of my favorite items in Lola’s room is a bear I bought of etsy made from an old quilt in light purple and pink!  I thought that was  a great way to use old quilts.  Last time I went to Canton I saw a booth that sold lots of old quilts really cheap… and as cool as some of them are, not sure I want to buy old, used quilts.  My “I am a freak about stranger’s germs” side. 

The other day Clay and I went to Yogurtland (quite good and great deals!) and we stopped at a bookstore as well… the last few weekends I haven’t found anything at our usual Borders stops, so I made up for that!  I bought 3 Quilting/Sewing Magazines and have actually made the time to really read them! I am fascinated by quilts and making them.  I can only imagine the proud feeling of accomplishing one!  Which is exactly what I want to do!

So if anyone knows anyone who quilts, I would love to pair up with someone for a couple of brief times to learn as much as I can! 


Considering I can sew some, I feel confident that I can quilt too! Sewing is such good therapy and I like how you can always stop and come back to a project!  (Unlike Baking) And of course the feeling of making something is really inspiring! I think that’s why I love Lola’s room so much and it just makes me want to keep decorating nurseries!  So much sewing to do for a nursery, especially little girl rooms!

And from here on out- I think I just want gift cards to Joanns and Cutting Corners or any other great sewing places!  I may start on a quilt…

This is the magazine I bought and it’s really good!  I loved this quilt!  Doesn’t look as bright on the cover, but still I can pick any fabric I want!  And there’s pretty detailed instructions…


I like some other quilts as well, but I think this one may be a good start one… lol… I’ll have to keep you updated!  I may need to start figuring out where and how I can sew while Lola naps!! Sometimes it wakes her up!  ;)

On a side note- today is day 2 of exercising!  I have just  been taking Lola with me and it’s been great!  Hot, but great!  Today Lola and I were headed to grab a bite to eat afterwards and I pulled into CFA and turned around to get her and she was sound asleep!  I guess all the walking and jogging wore her out!!  :)  Although seems like she may be getting ear infections again or it’s her back tooth- we were up from 3-6 a.m. last night… :( 

Almost Friday!  Hooray!  Kebby graduates this weekend!  YAYAYAYAYAYA!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Day

So Laura and I took the girls swimming today and I don’t have all the pictures from her yet, but I stole this one off her blog.  It was so cute.  Lola kind of looks like a boy since she’s missing her cute swim suit, but her straps kept falling off so I just took it off!  I’ll take in the straps some!  :)  But glad it’s finally pool weather! 


P.S.  Not fun when your baby falls in the pool.  Lesson learned.  Lola you walked right in the water today thinking you were Jesus child.  Even though it felt like I froze, I didn’t- and you were fine despite going under and going under fast. Super scary! (Sighing of relief still.)

My Birthday Boy


Happy Birthday to my hubby!  Big 2-6!  I can’t believe you are 26 and we just keeping getting older together!  You have done such a wonderful job of working so hard to take care of us and we couldn’t love you more right now!  Clay and I were talking and 26 just seems so much older than 24 or even 25.  It’s that much closer to 30!  We were laughing because we think 30 isn’t old, but it’s certainly an age were a lot  more will be going on, seems more in smack in the middle of life (Lola will be in Kindergarten then!)… just seems crazy! 023We will have been married for almost a decade!  We had a wonderful weekend, despite Clay not being big on birthdays!  I made the home a tad festive :) and baked a pie with 26’s on it! The big catch was Lost Series Finale was on Sunday night so for his birthday he got some cool Lost shirts and Sunday night we had a romantic date night and then snuggled up to watch the last 2.5 hours.  It was so wonderful and I even cried a bit and it’s possible Clay did too! I’m sure we will be re-watching it soon!  Our weekends seem to just keep getting busier and busier now.  With Clay working more and me looking so forward to the weekend as a fam, it just seems we aren’t able to fit everything in during those couple days!  But we try and we so enjoy it!  

Love you Clayton!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh how I love you Pepsi. And oh how I hate you Allergies.

It’s a sad past few days.  I have given up Pepsi.  I love Pepsi too.  I just need to be drinking more water or any water and the only way to do that is to give up the sodas!  So Laura and I both agreed to no sodas.  I also want to loose about 5 pounds and this may just do it, along with a little fitness Wii action… although the last couple of days my Pepsi fix has been replaced with chocolate milk (skim milk).  I would still think Pepsi is worse.


So apparently the allergy war is going to last forever!  Seems like I can only get rid of them for a day then boom! I hate allergies!  And Lola seconds that!  She’s been on Benadryl and Dimetapp and I am taking a Claritin a day which is expensive people… so… hopefully this won’t be us in the fall…


I was able to work for a couple of hours today again thanks to Lola’s long nap- but I paid the price through the night to get her napping this long now!  She was up throughout the night!  Ugh… It was a beat down and then at 9 a.m. she went down for a short 30 minutes!  So finally baby sleeping which means: I mopped, cleaned, did dishes, showered, laundry, and worked!  And now blogged!  If only this could happen everyday! :)  P.S. Does anyone else love the smell of purple Fabulouso as much as I do?  Go ahead Lola, eat off the tile floor- it’s been “Fabulousoed!”   Haha..


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye-Bye Formula :)

Just wanted to note that we are officially off formula!  Hooray!  She’s doing great with 2% milk.  Not sure how big of a deal it is she isn’t drinking whole milk, but she just doesn’t like it! I am putting the milk in bottles warm and she’s taking one in the morning with breakfast and maybe a small one in the afternoon (3 ounces) and a 5-6 ounce bottle of milk at night.  I think that’s pretty good… hopefully we can knock out the first two bottles and then eventually cut out the night bottle.  :)  She didn’t have a night bottle tonight, so that’s good- although reversed!  Haha…

Well looks like Lola and I are going estate selling tomorrow with Nonna so hopefully will find some cool things for some great prices!

Night, Night

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank you Jesus!

My hard work, tears, and prayers proved faithful!  I have big news… you guys just don’t understand what this means to me…

We won our last attempt at an appeal for Lola’s DOC Band!

I am crying again thinking about it.  Over 100 pages in appeal letters and documents trying to make this happen and with our last legal attempt, it did!  Thank you Jesus.  I begged Clay for the DOC Band telling him I would be determined to get the insurance to accept the claim… and I might have even gave Clay my word that I would get us reimbursed since we knew what a financial stretch it would be for us… and I did it!  I felt like I did my part and God did his and we meet in the middle today.  I really felt like God just patted me on the back.  It’s been an emotional thing.  Just can’t explain it. 

So a big hooray for the 80% we get back!  What an answer to prayer!

So for old times sake, here’s to my DOC Band baby!


142 Lola 126 DSC_0002


Ms. Julie is holding Lola and she was great through the whole process! Amazingly the stocking never bothered Lola.


Mom and Dad just being Mom and Dad ;)

Lola 170

Lola 169

My gangsta’ baby!


Trying the  new band out, yet unfortunately this plagio band never fit right and didn’t last long.  They replaced it with a brachy band!

031 (2)



DSC02366 036 (2)

100 - Copy (2)

This was one of the only ways we could get her to sleep in the band at first.  She would take a bottle, watch Charlie and Lola and fall asleep this away.

001 - Copy (3)

She seemed to be naked a lot during this process, especially at first as her body temp adjusted.

 002 - Copy (4)007 - Copy (3) 233 018 - Copy 027 - Copy

Huge relief when she started sleeping on her tummy and quite odd considering she only slept one way since the day she was born.



003 - Copy (2)  DSC03613 090 (2) 345  138 - Copy (2) 054 - Copy 126

Aunt Kebby even would go to weekly CT appointments with us!  What a great Aunt! 068 019124   049 038 (4)

3 Weeks in DOC Band

Lola 3 weeks in DOC band[1]


004 (2)014 (2) 

Before on left.  After on right.

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image


I love it when I snap a shot and go back through and look at them and catch angles like these accidentally. 

I just smile a secret smile.

012 (4) 455   049 043 013 - Copy  196 097

We are just so happy with the decision we made to get the band and the results.  Thank you to all of those who went through this journey with us, provided us with much encouragement and support in many ways, and celebrating this good news with us.  We are so thrilled.  And I can feel like it’s officially over now. :)

So I’ve busted out the chocolate milk to celebrate!