Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Decor Changes

So my dining room went from this:


To this:


(Ignore the traces of pink.  Leftover stuff from the party…)


I got this cabinet for $10 at East Fork.  So excited!  Cut the lip off the back so it would hang flush! Ya for me!

021 022

Love this butcher block with the measurements on it!  It looks old, but can anyone say “walmart???”  From Paula Dean’s collection there!


Salt and Pepper Birdies!


Plain and white, but $5!!  They hung with loops, so I cut the loops off and added two new seams so it would hang like this with a small ruffle!


Kitchen cart was for my birthday and the exciting thing is it actually gives me another place to prep!  It’s really my icing station to make it homemade! Yum!


My hutch is holding some dishes, bake stuff, and practical stuff!  Did I ever mention I have a tiny kitchen?

 019 018

Okay guest room/craft room:

Desk before:


Desk After:


(I could have straightened the lamp shade… I’ll blame it on having a one year old! Haha) I added the skirt which I got that material free since the fabric store didn’t charge me… I could have said something, but considering they are always so rude and unhelpful I passed.  My mother was with me and she agreed I deserved some free fabric!  Haha- I just paid $2 for elastic!  And that was over 6 yards! :)  I bet I can get an Amen from Ginni on that!  We could talk about that place for hours.  Crazy people.  Good thing my dad doesn’t read this or he would make me feel totally guilty about it… mom’s right- he’s going to have the penthouse in Heaven…

I need to make a split in the skirt for the chair and attach it a little better… I think I am going to declutter as well.  Maybe just one of those boards and hanging horizontal??

032 (2) 

I love this closet!


Here’s the bed in that same room.  So cozy.  I need a good mirror for that room.  I should go “junkin.”

034 (2)

Lola’s bathroom:

Well I had to redecorate the counter tops because it just wasn’t practical anymore so while I was at it, I covered the ugly plastic, paint covered stool with some left over fabric!


New countertop decor, but mainly for function!


Here’s Lola’s room!  I am showing you this picture so you can remember how small it is!

058 (2)

New kitchen and chair! She loves it!


That cute green table used to be where the kitchen was but I pushed her crib down and put it there and put the white round table in my room.   That cross stitch is still one of my favorite finds for her room.  It was the perfect colors and I love the hominess of cross-stitch. 061 (2)  Here is my room before- which looks pretty good, but I get tired of keeping something the same… and I wanted to let light in from that window, since it’s the only one.  My house is on the darker side which is opposite from my old house… it was always bright.


Here’s after…. still some tweaking, but I like it.  Clay says I am going grandma- but I just want things to look cozy and comfy.  I am trying to figure out if I want something over my bed.

062 (2)

064 (2)

I should quit looking at my old pictures- I like the way the room was set up, but I like this too.  I think it looks better in person! Haha… that’s not good if I am saying that.

Okay this has always been Kebby’s room and it used to be yellow, so I painted it the other day while Lola and Clay were napping!  Bye-Bye Yellow!  The last room left unpainted, and now painted! Yaya!


This carpet is in there as well!  It is the softest carpet/rug ever!  Homegoods special!



Good thing I decided to blog AGAIN, because our TV service was worked on today and the at&t guy turned our TV off which is a no-no because it takes forever to turn back on… 30 minutes since I pressed power and it’s still clicking trying to come back on.  Hope it does… one of these days it just won’t come back on. I know it. Stupid Samsung.  

Lola’s waking up!  Just in time…

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love everything Natalie!
What a great homemaker you are!!
I especially love the pictures of Lola, they are all beautiful. I haven't been able to sign on here so I hope this post gets through. If not, I will call you.
Love you!! Meme'