Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post Crazy (See Videos in Post Below)

So I am going post crazy, I guess since I didn’t get to post much in April!

So soon I will post about what Nick did, but I want to wait till I get some pictures! :)

Lola’s Actual Birthday


Cinnamon toast spelled out in her name!  She loves cinnamon toast!

020 030

Gifts from mom and dad now!  Although she got so many great things at her party- I could have taken everything back!  But I was glad she was getting something on her actual birthday!  I made that day special for her!

Pool shoes, life jacket, swim suits!! :)

114 (2)

Had to sneak some Elmo stuff in!

118 (2)

132 (2)

Early morning shot!

142 (2) 

I submitted Lola’s name in to Spout PBS and they played it on her birthday!  See!!!!  I was so excited!  Next year I may make a card and send it in to see if it gets on the air too!

145 (2)  111 (2)

Her birthday was fun!  I left her banner up so she still knew it was her birthday!  I just love my 1 year old!


More Pictures!

Not the best pic of Lola but check out her shoes!


Nonna got these!  Lola has some Nikes!


No biggie, Lola just vacuuming before she goes to bed!


Lola’s old school outfit!  Haha!  She looks so cute! Not sure who got this but it was a gift for her birthday!  Claim your cute outfit, whoever bought this! Haha


Such a funny little look!  Why so serious Lola?


Okay- that’s it for now! Haha

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