Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Seriously, how lucky am I?  I am greeted with these big ol’ kissy cheeks and loving arms everyday, all day. 

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And seriously, these pictures almost didn’t make it on the blog because I thought I had posted them, then my dear friend pointed out that I had not!  So here are some cute pictures of Lola and Aubrey at the park.  They are finally getting to an age that they are starting to actually play, play together!  It’s so cute and very entertaining!

We tried to get them to go down the slide at the same time… ha!

Lola had some major static from the slides!

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Lola kept trying to go after the bike…

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Snack time! I brought the girls juice and sugar cookies!  They were very happy!

054 - Copy

Aubrey is reaching her hand out to me, because she wants some more of those delicious sugar cookies!


Am I just biased or do I think these girls would make a darn cute Minute Maid ad?

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I think it’s funny how Lola holds the juice box so perfectly that the label always shows! Haha… and apparently that’s a magic juice box that never runs dry! Haha…


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I don’t know what Lola is looking at, but I love the picture!



Just some more pictures while I am at it!


New toddler bed went from this:

067 (2)


094 (2)

It looks white, but it’s more cream… but I like it so much better! I bought it knowing there was a 99% chance I would be painting it.  I always expect to paint anything I buy if it’s old, but painting it with it being new was a bit of a bummer, but well worth it! And those spindles are a little tricky to paint!  Her bumper pad fit at the headboard to help protect her head still, which worked out great and the pillows under her table go beside her bed when she’s sleeping to help cushion a fall… hopefully no falls!  She is napping in the bed and now she is cutting two back teeth again, so her sleeping is great again, but I do actually think this bed helps a lot.  Bye-Bye crib… that went fast.

099 (2)

A few pictures outside before a little spaghetti time!

010 (2) 013 (3)

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