Monday, May 24, 2010

My Birthday Boy


Happy Birthday to my hubby!  Big 2-6!  I can’t believe you are 26 and we just keeping getting older together!  You have done such a wonderful job of working so hard to take care of us and we couldn’t love you more right now!  Clay and I were talking and 26 just seems so much older than 24 or even 25.  It’s that much closer to 30!  We were laughing because we think 30 isn’t old, but it’s certainly an age were a lot  more will be going on, seems more in smack in the middle of life (Lola will be in Kindergarten then!)… just seems crazy! 023We will have been married for almost a decade!  We had a wonderful weekend, despite Clay not being big on birthdays!  I made the home a tad festive :) and baked a pie with 26’s on it! The big catch was Lost Series Finale was on Sunday night so for his birthday he got some cool Lost shirts and Sunday night we had a romantic date night and then snuggled up to watch the last 2.5 hours.  It was so wonderful and I even cried a bit and it’s possible Clay did too! I’m sure we will be re-watching it soon!  Our weekends seem to just keep getting busier and busier now.  With Clay working more and me looking so forward to the weekend as a fam, it just seems we aren’t able to fit everything in during those couple days!  But we try and we so enjoy it!  

Love you Clayton!

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