Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 5 Months Lola!


Lola is almost half a year old!  I can’t believe 5 months has flown by like it has.  I saw a newborn at BRU today and barely can remember those first few weeks.  Was Lola ever that small?  Everyday I can see her growing in size and brains!  She is so inquisitive, just like her daddy and me!  The child was bound to be a curious baby and independent.  Some fun things about Lola right now are:

1. Her passion for walking- she loves being on her feet and we walk her everywhere around the house.  She even has a walking toy which is suppose to be for a 9 month old, but she loves it.  I guess I have to realize there may be a chance she won’t crawl, although tummy time is going better.

2. I love her way of communicating.  She definitely knows she can tell me something by reacting and loves when her Daddy or I come to her rescue.  And we always do.

3. Her kisses are the best.  She grabs your face and puts her mouth as tight as she can on your cheek and squeezes a way!  It’s awfully slobbery, but it warms your heart.  And I love that she does it after she hasn’t see you for awhile, like when I pick her up from the church nursery, or get her after a nap.   It really is a sweet way for her to say I love you too.

4. I am certainly proud of her for wearing her DOC Band so well right now.  She’s such a good girl.  We are enjoying seeing the improvements!

5. I love that she has things in her mind that are funny and she laughs.  I have this face I make that brings out giggles every time I do it.  It’s hilarious and makes me glad she has such a happy heart as this was my prayer for her while I was pregnant!

6. And I love that she is talking more and more.  I love hearing her talk herself to sleep.  It’s priceless.  I need to get a video of this.

I’ll let everyone know how the dr. appt goes tomorrow.  We get the Band adjusted and I can’t wait to see if her change is really good, normal, or if they were hoping for more. 

:) Nat

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures- and Results with Band


This is a picture taken in Sept.

Lola 146


4 Days in Band…

is i just me or can I see a HUGE difference already? Wowzers.



Taking in September

Lola 122

DURING: 4 Days in Band (Not great angle, but I think it shows progress!)


DURING: 4 Days in band- this picture is as good to show profile but I tried to change the contrast so you could see- but I really feel like I can very easily see a difference.


Okay- more pictures for fun!

218251  253 225 243 204 198

She looks like a five year old in a tiny body the way she is laying.  Haha.


She loves this Baby Einstein thing and helps her sit up and look up versus down!

007 008

After bath time!  Love these photos!

059 070

Play Date at Watermark~ Didn’t go so great :( BUT we let the girls have a good time before we left!

086 091  089 114 132 107 108

They always see something we don’t! lol


Worn out from the play date!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Band Update

Well it’s now Thursday and we got the new band on Monday and everything seems to be smooth sailing now. She deals with this band much, MUCH better than the last one. Jeanne, the founder and inventor of DOC Bands and CT, really had a hand in making this new band and it shows. They made the band wider and accommodated her big cheeks, without trying to jeopardize her head growing wider. They also put the latch on the other side, which seems to help, and like I said earlier- they went with a brachy style band instead of a band for plagio. She starting sleeping in the band Tuesday night and she is doing fabulous. I am really so proud of her. She is such a sweaty baby and obviously the band makes it worse, so we have to take the band off and dry her hair and the band out several times a day. We definitely are keeping the house cooler, so this rain and cooler weather has been a relief. She has been wearing the band full-time and I just finally feel so much better about it all. It won’t be a huge deal having her wear it, but I still hope it takes as little time as possible. And it seems a lot of people decorate their bands, but I think I’ll leave it plain jane. That may surprise some of you, but I like things to look neat and crisp, so I am scared I won’t like stickers or something on it.

Now on to pictures!

Lola: Hey Everyone! Guess where I am?


Lola: I am in the laundry hamper! My mom couldn’t carry me and all the laundry so she just plopped me in the hamper!


Lola: I think I like the hamper.


Lola in her new band!


We had the eyes cut down, but as you can see they need to be trimmed quite a bit more. The helmet slides down a lot, which they said it would especially while her head is so flat, so Tuesday I’ll get it trimmed. It doesn’t bother me or her enough to go back before the next adjustment.


I love the car napping pictures! She looks so peaceful.



Aubrey is patiently waiting on her momma to get off the phone. LOL~ I love this picture.


Like Mom like Daughter-

Already addicted to the greatness of CFA Sweet Tea!

071 082 068

Payback is a…. comical event…

Lola is finally getting revenge now that she can do more than just lay helplessly. Aubrey did not like the tables changed.. hmm... or turned? Whatev! Check out video in the post below! Lola would scream at Aubrey and try and talk to her, which didn’t go over well. Apparently Lola was forcing Aubrey to hold her hand… no wonder Aubrey starting bawling! “Oh girls- work it out amongst yourselves…” We will be saying that before we know it!



Messy girl. Lola got to eat lunch- but I did not. Laura took Lola so I could eat, but then I just starting taking pictures!


They see something interesting?


I must get videos of Lola walking. She loves it and I am scared we are going to make her miss the crawling stage. She just loves walking and now Clay and I have to walk her all around the house to make her happy thanks to Nonna and Aunt Kebby teaching her to walk.

040 036

Lola and I are waiting in the car for her Daddy to finish up record shopping at HPB. So what else do we do when we are waiting- Photo Shoot!


Yayaya! Lola can sit up on our carpet now and I don’t have to worry as much thanks to Popper getting us carpet padding for under our rug/carpet. It so much softer now. Lola loves playing with her toys on the floor!


Sunday we got the pleasure of running into Uncle Nick at church. It was a lot of fun and Lola was super excited to see him! They are so cute…


Lola fell asleep and so I didn’t get photos but over the weekend we had a great time with Gram and Popper celebrating Popper’s birthday. We ate at none other than, Maggiano’s and then went shopping at Northpark. Lola got some fun pants and bows from Gram, but missed it all due to her long nap! Church must have worn her out! lol

And I never put a picture up, but Lola and I got the pleasure of being treated by Rox for a brunch two weekends ago! Rox threatened our friendship again over which pictures I could post and this one was the only one that made the cut… poor Lola.


I think that’s all for now. I feel like I am missing some stuff!

I have been in the mood to redecorate, so for $20 I totally redid most things- by making new pillows and rearranging. I’ll have to take photos and post them. I wanted my den to look more comfy and old school but still with a touch of new. So I’ll post pictures… I made plaid pillows with ruffles and peace signs. Clay and I like them!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work Day

Today is a work day and Nonna is babysitting.  BUT I have been wanting some ME time, so it’s not always easy dedicating all the alone time to work! LOL!  But I have been pretty good so far.

My job is all about training material, so my training quote/question is:

“Is it easier to train a talented person to be nice or train a nice person to be talented?”

This is asked because I wonder do jobs look for nice people to hire, or talented people?  I think the best idea is to look for both, but talent is key. 

When I get done with work hopefully I can post new pictures of Lola and pictures of Lola and Aubrey together.  We had a lunch date at CFA yesterday.  I have a real cute picture and video! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Band

We just got back from CT and we have a new band!  Yayaya! 

For those who know what all this means…because she had such a mild plagio they didn’t know last time which band she would get, the plagio band or brachy band… but she got the plagio band.  This time, Jeanne, choose the brachy band and thought her asymmetry looked better.  They said she really worked on making this band a better fit for Lola and she also told CT Dallas not to hesitate to make a 3rd band if we are still having problems!  So there is some relief in knowing that.  

With that said and now that we are home, I feel this band is definitely the better band for her.  Julie, from CT, thought we would see GREAT results in this particular band and was glad she is wearing the brachy band.  It does fit so differently, which is good, but it also slides a lot more than the plagio band.  They said this is very normal especially while her head is still so flat.  They said 6 weeks at the very least (not likely) or as much as 12 weeks, but probably somewhere in the middle.  They definitely didn’t promise that one band would completely correct it, which we can not afford a second, so they are going to really work hard to get the most out of this band.  The fact I live so close and can come in as little or as much as I need to helps.

She has been in the band for 3 hours now and had it off an hour (a little over because she fell asleep and I don’t want to wake her to put it back on) and it seems to irritate her head considerably less.  She does have some red spots but they are fading nicely.  And she doesn’t seem to mind the band near as much!  The other band felt too small and this one seems so much bigger.  I like the change and feel optimistic.  We go back in tomorrow for a check up and to receive a green light to sleep in the band. 


Growth Spurt!

She is hitting a growth spurt just in time!  Lately she is eating more and sleeping more… I felt this coming on and yesterday I started seeing real signs of a growth spurt and today she has followed the same pattern, which is great because it means more naps!  She eats more often, but not tons more… smaller bottles every couple of hours it seems.  The reason this is sooooo fabulous is because she is wearing the band now!  So this should help us see progress fast.  They told me not to let her sleep in it tonight, but I was sord of tempted to as long as today went perfectly smooth in it because I know what to look for, being this is a second band.  Also, I want to make sure there are no sleeping problems in it since we have another appointment tomorrow. (Advice Leila?) I feel like CT is becoming like relatives… lol.  We have been there a lot and that won’t change anytime soon.   


Well Lola has always spit up a lot, but lately it has definitely worsened, so I am reluctantly taking her to her pediatrician (not a huge fan at this point) to see about options.  Early I didn’t want to do anything because she IS such a happy spitter-upper…lol.  It doesn’t bother her at all, but she spit up at least half of what she ate yesterday and that’s just too much.  The crazy thing is, she isn’t over eating (5-6 ounces and 5 bottles) and she is gaining weigh great despite the spit up.  So I still don’t know if she should be on medicine for reflux, but I’ll get some info from the doctor and then decide.  Switching formulas doesn’t help, because she spits up thicker foods or liquids too. 

No pictures, but I gotta’ go work. 

Thanks for all the support. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay more pictures…

I LOVE Lola in jeans.  They make her look so old!  I can’t even stand it… She seems so long- can you believe she is only 4 1/2 months old in this picture?

100 - Copy

The Keds are finally starting to fit- now that is is rainy and cold… I need to get her some more wintery looking shoes… although Nonna and I got several at Old Navy Outlet since they were 40% off.  Nice little stop and shop after a quick trip to the lake.

095 - Copy

I’m starting to become more like Laura and really love the sleeping pictures.  Aubrey can pull off some really cute sleeping pictures… and I think Lola can too!   


Just playing in comfy clothes…


Having a family date at none other than Chick-fil-A!  How much money has this place saved us?? Tons!  We gave Lola an empty cup to play with and she loved it… and as you can see, she knows what to do with a cup!  This isn’t good! :)

077 - Copy

Lola ALWAYS sleeps like this… spread out with hands by her head… so Clay and I were shocked to find her sleeping like this one night… see below!

008 - Copy (2)

On her side!  We couldn’t believe it and just stared for awhile and giggled… it was so cute and her leg looks broken! Lol

068 - Copy

I always hold Lola and give her a bottle but this day I gave it to her in her highchair and she fell asleep on the last ounce and ended up like this! Haha- she slept for an hour in this chair… maybe I should do this everyday! Lol

027 - Copy 030 - Copy

028 - Copy