Monday, September 14, 2009

Answered Prayers

A big thank you to those who prayed and thought of us with the DOC Band situation.

Clay and I took Lola today to try and get a new band made for her since we felt like the current one would always create blisters. 

Must have been a God thing, but get this: Jeanne Pomatto-Hertz, the founder and CEO of Cranial Technologies, Inc and the inventor of the DOC Band was at the Dallas location today visiting.  We ended up meeting with her today and we are moving forward with getting a new band for her.  She had another DSi scan today so we should have the new band in one week.  Yayaya! 

The new prayer is that the new one fits nicely, we have an easy and short transition period, and she has great growth spurts so she can be in and out of it!  Because we have lost a few weeks now, she could be in this band anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks, of course that’s an estimation.  It could be even longer, yet she is growing so much right now, so hopefully in a couple of months we will be a DOC Band graduated!

During the appointment today, Jeanne right off the bat recognized a tilt to the right Lola does.  Clay or myself has never noticed, but certainly did once she pointed it out.  So we will be doing neck exercises and trying to correct that.  We are suppose to work hard on it this week while the band is off and continue to do the exercises while she is in the band. 

I feel much better and feel God is always faithful to our family, in so many ways.  We have been praying specifically for several different things, and God seems to answer them so direct.  It’s been amazing and I feel it makes me a better mom. 

Now that this is behind us, hopefully next week will be much easier with a new DOC Band. 

A big thank you to CT for making things right.  Of course we all expected them to, but you never know how companies will respond. 

Thank you for all your support and a big thank you to Leila from Maysa’s Blog as well as our friends and family.

Always, Natalie

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Anonymous said...

Happy and relieved and happy and relieved again.

I am so jealous that you got to meet THE "Jeanne". Seriously, I owe her so much.

Looking forward to your upcoming posts on Lola and her band.