Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 5 Months Lola!


Lola is almost half a year old!  I can’t believe 5 months has flown by like it has.  I saw a newborn at BRU today and barely can remember those first few weeks.  Was Lola ever that small?  Everyday I can see her growing in size and brains!  She is so inquisitive, just like her daddy and me!  The child was bound to be a curious baby and independent.  Some fun things about Lola right now are:

1. Her passion for walking- she loves being on her feet and we walk her everywhere around the house.  She even has a walking toy which is suppose to be for a 9 month old, but she loves it.  I guess I have to realize there may be a chance she won’t crawl, although tummy time is going better.

2. I love her way of communicating.  She definitely knows she can tell me something by reacting and loves when her Daddy or I come to her rescue.  And we always do.

3. Her kisses are the best.  She grabs your face and puts her mouth as tight as she can on your cheek and squeezes a way!  It’s awfully slobbery, but it warms your heart.  And I love that she does it after she hasn’t see you for awhile, like when I pick her up from the church nursery, or get her after a nap.   It really is a sweet way for her to say I love you too.

4. I am certainly proud of her for wearing her DOC Band so well right now.  She’s such a good girl.  We are enjoying seeing the improvements!

5. I love that she has things in her mind that are funny and she laughs.  I have this face I make that brings out giggles every time I do it.  It’s hilarious and makes me glad she has such a happy heart as this was my prayer for her while I was pregnant!

6. And I love that she is talking more and more.  I love hearing her talk herself to sleep.  It’s priceless.  I need to get a video of this.

I’ll let everyone know how the dr. appt goes tomorrow.  We get the Band adjusted and I can’t wait to see if her change is really good, normal, or if they were hoping for more. 

:) Nat


nonna said...

Nonna loves the way she drinks from a straw...and I love that she loves the swimming pool! I love the way she makes me walk all over the house and gets excited over hard wood floors. I really love the way she watched Finding Nemo with me on Saturday...well I could go on and on what I love that she does but that is what Nonna is for...

Debbie said... sweet Nonna! I love the way she can already turn the pages of a book and how she studies everything she looks at so intently. I love the way she reaches out for me and makes me feel special. I love her great facial expressions especially right before she cries or laughs. You're right Nonna, it's hard not to go on and on. I just love all that is Lola!

Debbie said...
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Debbie said...
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