Monday, September 21, 2009

New Band

We just got back from CT and we have a new band!  Yayaya! 

For those who know what all this means…because she had such a mild plagio they didn’t know last time which band she would get, the plagio band or brachy band… but she got the plagio band.  This time, Jeanne, choose the brachy band and thought her asymmetry looked better.  They said she really worked on making this band a better fit for Lola and she also told CT Dallas not to hesitate to make a 3rd band if we are still having problems!  So there is some relief in knowing that.  

With that said and now that we are home, I feel this band is definitely the better band for her.  Julie, from CT, thought we would see GREAT results in this particular band and was glad she is wearing the brachy band.  It does fit so differently, which is good, but it also slides a lot more than the plagio band.  They said this is very normal especially while her head is still so flat.  They said 6 weeks at the very least (not likely) or as much as 12 weeks, but probably somewhere in the middle.  They definitely didn’t promise that one band would completely correct it, which we can not afford a second, so they are going to really work hard to get the most out of this band.  The fact I live so close and can come in as little or as much as I need to helps.

She has been in the band for 3 hours now and had it off an hour (a little over because she fell asleep and I don’t want to wake her to put it back on) and it seems to irritate her head considerably less.  She does have some red spots but they are fading nicely.  And she doesn’t seem to mind the band near as much!  The other band felt too small and this one seems so much bigger.  I like the change and feel optimistic.  We go back in tomorrow for a check up and to receive a green light to sleep in the band. 


Growth Spurt!

She is hitting a growth spurt just in time!  Lately she is eating more and sleeping more… I felt this coming on and yesterday I started seeing real signs of a growth spurt and today she has followed the same pattern, which is great because it means more naps!  She eats more often, but not tons more… smaller bottles every couple of hours it seems.  The reason this is sooooo fabulous is because she is wearing the band now!  So this should help us see progress fast.  They told me not to let her sleep in it tonight, but I was sord of tempted to as long as today went perfectly smooth in it because I know what to look for, being this is a second band.  Also, I want to make sure there are no sleeping problems in it since we have another appointment tomorrow. (Advice Leila?) I feel like CT is becoming like relatives… lol.  We have been there a lot and that won’t change anytime soon.   


Well Lola has always spit up a lot, but lately it has definitely worsened, so I am reluctantly taking her to her pediatrician (not a huge fan at this point) to see about options.  Early I didn’t want to do anything because she IS such a happy spitter-upper…lol.  It doesn’t bother her at all, but she spit up at least half of what she ate yesterday and that’s just too much.  The crazy thing is, she isn’t over eating (5-6 ounces and 5 bottles) and she is gaining weigh great despite the spit up.  So I still don’t know if she should be on medicine for reflux, but I’ll get some info from the doctor and then decide.  Switching formulas doesn’t help, because she spits up thicker foods or liquids too. 

No pictures, but I gotta’ go work. 

Thanks for all the support. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,

It does make sense that she is getting a brachy band and it is also very normal that it slides down a lot more than the plagio band. It used to drive me a little crazy but it worked!

I know what you mean about wanting her in her helmet tonight, but while I don't know what the real reason is, there must be one behind their protocol of NOT wanting them to sleep in it the first night. If I were you, I would very reluctantly have her NOT sleep in it tonight.

I love the latest pictures you posted of her and cannot wait to see some of her in her new band.


~Laura~ said...

yay! super glad to hear this band is bette!! :)
I will say this, maybe it will bring you some comfort?, but, Aubrey spit up ALL the time, she never lost weight, never bothered her (only me!) still ate great (obviously! lol).. I did question the dr. but since she was still doing good weight wise they didn't really suggest anything other than maybe switching formule (thats why shes on sensitive, dont know if it really made a diff though?) anyway, my point, as SOON as she turned 6 months- bye bye spit up!! It was pretty crazy! But oh so wonderful! so... maybe you will find hope in that :)

Um, are we ever going to have another play date or what?! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your good news!! I am so happy Lola is doing well with this band and it sounds like they are doing all they can to fit her perfectly.
This has been a busy day for us.
Much love, Meme'