Friday, September 4, 2009

How is it possible to love a baby this much?

I love Lola.  Has anyone noticed?

My Meme sent me this from a woman’s blog.  I really liked what she had to say, the main point being in the last paragraph…

“Today I was thinking about the fact that newborn babies seem to get their nights and days confused... They "sleep like a baby" all during the day, but then seem so anxious to wake up the household in the middle of the night!

We went on an overnight trip to St. Louis to have our lone vacation (well, aside from our time in Little Rock, but I don't consider that much of a vacation!) at the end of July. Tom had the idea of catching a Cardinal game and take in the zoo, or something like that. It was a lot of fun... I grew up going to Cards games and I think I would hit every game if we lived closer. The night after the game, Adalynn stayed up quite a bit. She was so bright-eyed--not fussy--but certainly not sleepy. We stayed up awhile with her and then Tom told me to go to sleep, he would try to feed her and see if he could get her settled. All the while, we were keeping the room dark and trying to be quiet so we didn't bother the boys. He ended up taking her over near the bathroom, flipped on the light and began to give her a bottle. She immediately relaxed and went limp...falling fast asleep. Tom came to the conclusion that she's much more comfortable, and sleeps better, when it's light! The hotel room was probably the darkest room she'd ever been in since she was born...

It all suddenly made sense! She spent the first days of her life in the bright hospital, then under the billy lights because of the jaundice and we keep a lamp on in her room through the night... of course she'd be more comfortable in the light! And I personally believe she came from being in the presence of the Lord where it (I would imagine) is SUPER DUPER bright and beautiful. She's our miracle of God--He hand delivered her to us!

And on that note, I have a friend that told me once that she feels that babies come to earth just filled with secrets of heaven. But they can't speak and tell us these treasures... and by the time they are able to talk their mind, they've forgotten. We spend the rest of our lives just searching to know all the mysteries of God... if only we could read the minds of babies! So to me, it gives more meaning to the little giggles, dimpled smiles, and whimpers Adalynn makes while she's sleeping. I think she's dreaming about God Himself... I think she's remembering Him in all His splendor and I just know that He's whispering loving things to her. Oh... if only we could have those ears to hear... No wonder Jesus said, "let the little children come to me." It's a reunion for them!
So back to my original thought--babies get their nights and days confused because they are more comfortable and relaxed when it's daytime. We were born to be in the light! All the more reason to pray for Adalynn to continue to be a light in this dark world!

Karen Olsen of NW AR”

Now every time Lola gives those cute, mysterious smiles while she sleeps, I feel closer to God, because I feel Him radiating from her soul.  My baby girl knows Jesus.



Kind of on the same note, I have been praying that God will put angels around Lola’s eyes to protect her from pink eye.  That’s literally how I have been wording it for some reason and since she hasn’t gotten it yet I think my prayers are being answered.  When I look at her sweet little face I picture tiny angels (kind of like Tinkerbelles) hovering around her eyes, just chatting about Heaven, and making sure pink eye germs don’t get past them.  My eyes are getting better, just slowly.  I quit using the prescription drops, because they were making them worse for some reason.  Maybe the sulfur? My pink eye is viral, so really drops don’t help heal it anyways.  So hopefully in one more week it will be completely gone… until then, I hope the angels keep hanging out by Lola’s big blue eyes.


Lola is moving so much now and sitting up at times, that it’s time to put some padding down under the carpet.  Our carpet, used as a rug, sits on top of tile, so there is no cushion.  Not good for a baby.  Lola’s Popper was checking it out for me, but I gotta’ figure it out because she is progressing rapidly everyday.  Before I know it my little baby girl will be walking around.  :)



Lola loves her bath time.  I wish I could get more bath pictures but I don’t feel comfortable not having my hands free.   She flips and flops like a fish out of water, but all out of joy.  She is learning that throwing her hands down creates a splash which she finds funny, until she splashes her face!

Today she spit up after waking up from her nap and it landed in her eyes.  How?  I do not know.  They were real pink which made me scared, but it seemed to be from the spit up in the eyes… it faded after awhile.  Crazy girl. 


Last but not least I Skype now.  Kebby Skyped me and then Clay signed up and we all Skyped.  It was crazy cool.  Technology is weird.  Wonder what Technology will be like by the time Lola is a mom… that seems too far away to think about… stay a baby Lola!


Okay this is last but not least- Mary Grace left a comment on my blog!  And a very sweet one!  Yayaya!  Her and Lola’s Aunt Carole are too funny!  We wish we could see them all the time!  Hi Mary Grace… holla’!

It’s late- good night.

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roxrae5679 said...

Oh mah goodness!!! These bath pics are adorable!!! I am praying for yall daily!!!