Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just a quickie…

UPDATE… holla’.

Well, I don’t have pictures of Lola in her DOC Band, but she is the cutest DOC Band baby I have ever seen… of course I am her momma’!

The appointment went great.  Clay and I were anxious and a tad quiet.  Now that we are home, we are feeling good and relieved.  The next few nights (hopefully only few) will probably be rough.  She is fussier than normal right now, but I think most of it’s due to her teeth.  She is definitely aware that she is wearing something on her head and at times pulls and pushes on it.  I think she’ll get use to it quick.  The next 24-48 hours she wears in off and on, so we can make sure it isn’t rubbing her raw anywhere.  She is getting some pretty dark red spots, but so far they have always faded in about 45 minutes after having it off, which they said is good. 

Getting her to sleep tonight was a challenge.  I am really hoping she sleeps for awhile.  I am about to go to bed so I can get some sleep in too.  I think she would sleep through the night in it, except she sweats so bad in it.  I am sure it will wake her up repeatedly through the night.  They told me to dress her in less so she isn’t too hot.  Sooo… off to Babies R Us to get some clearance summer clothes.  It was buy one clearance item, get the second for a $1.00.  We got four little spaghetti strap outfits for a total of 12 bucks.  Impressed?  I felt good about that.  And a couple of pj’s that are shorts and T-shirts.  So hopefully that will help her sleep through the night.  At every diaper change I have to take her band off and dry it and her hair, because of the sweat. 

Pray for an easy transition and go ahead and add my eyes in that prayer.   :)  I haven’t used my pink eye drops since this afternoon, because they seem to make them worse.  They actually feel a little better now that I have only used drops that are similar to Visine. 

Crap- Lola is crying.


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