Friday, September 4, 2009

Momma’s Girl

This morning didn’t start off as planned. Nonna ended up taking Lola because I woke up sick.  Bummer.  I had to switch BC and it hasn’t been pleasant. Then we all met back up because I had an appointment for Lola and her band.  It needed to be shaved some and cut down.  Looks much better and seems to cause less irritation above her ear now.  Also her forehead shows more!  She is asleep now in it, so I hope tonight goes good.  It’s only when she is on her back and wanting to sleep that the band really seems to bother her.  I hope this doesn’t take long to get use to.  Nonna and Kebby went with me to the appointment which probably looked silly, but I sold my computer and was meeting the man to make the transaction right before the appointment.  Normally Clay would do it, but he couldn’t so I brought my posse with me! LOL I talked mom into going then Kebby joined in- we had fun!

While Nonna had Lola today, she apparently cried really hard.  My mom said she almost called me because she wouldn’t settle down.  It’s because she has become such a momma’s girl.  I know this isn’t a great thing.  Clay and I are working on it at home, by him having her more.  And Nonna had a hard time with her not responding better to her, so she said she is getting her more now.  And for my own good I need to let her.  The worse Lola gets, the harder it will be for me to leave her with anyone, because I know that she will be really hard to settle down and she is still young enough that you don’t want her crying hard for too long.  I was glad that my mom wouldn’t have been afraid to call me! But when I got there Lola was sound asleep and looked like she had worn herself out.  Bless her heart.  I’ll have to work on this!

Kebby is staying with us this weekend because she opt out of going to the lakehouse with mom and dad.  Excited to have her and Sunday I get to spend the day with bub.  I am helping him with his Condo and his room!  He needs a super duper organizer and that’s me! Clay is going to watch Lola, so she can get some good Daddy time without me.  Hopefully this will go over well.  She does respond to him well, but they both get frustrated if things get messy.  :)

Here are some more cute pictures!  Have you noticed I blog more with my new laptop?  I love Windows Live Writer- it makes it more convenient to blog.   I still can’t believe the sale of my computer and display paid for a NEW computer and accessories.  I am still pretty proud of myself for pulling that off! :) And now I have the cash from both sales as they are final! Yayaya! 


I love looking at her feet when she is in her highchair so I took a picture.  I can’t tell who’s feet she has for sure yet.



Dad has been giving Lola more baths lately.  They are so cute! DSC02339


Silver shoes!  Still a little big, but she wears them sometimes! Soon they will fit perfect!   DSC02341


Nonna and Lola at CT! DSC02348


Doesn’t she look like she is skipping or something!  Is this girl really just 4 months old?? She’s amazing. DSC02353


I always think Lola looks HUGE when Kebby has her… SEE! DSC02359


I LOVE this picture!  Maybe Lola can be a CT Calendar Girl! LOL  Uncle Nick said I could tell her little boyfriends that she was a Calendar Girl and pull out her DOC Band Calendar from 2010 and show them  her in her DOC Band at 4 months old.  He said he could picture me being that embarrassing mom type!  DSC02366


Can you spot her two teeth?  Clay was feeding her and I was trying to get a picture of her teeth… this was the first one I took, so I went with it!  Wow- Teeth! Really?  DSC02360


Okay good night everyone… hope you enjoy all the pictures! 


Carole said...

Hey girl been busy packing but ya'll are never out of my thoughts and prayers. I think, well really I know Lola is the cutest baby ever in her little band. Makes her even more precious. I love looking at her sweet face even more. Give her AC kisses (aunt Carole)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear all of this. Hope you are feeling better. We need a Lola calendar, she takes such darling pictures - expressive!
So happy to see she doesn't have Papa's 'crazy toes', as we call them. Now we find out that is a sign of AS which he suffers. So his problems started as a child.
Love you!!