Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay more pictures…

I LOVE Lola in jeans.  They make her look so old!  I can’t even stand it… She seems so long- can you believe she is only 4 1/2 months old in this picture?

100 - Copy

The Keds are finally starting to fit- now that is is rainy and cold… I need to get her some more wintery looking shoes… although Nonna and I got several at Old Navy Outlet since they were 40% off.  Nice little stop and shop after a quick trip to the lake.

095 - Copy

I’m starting to become more like Laura and really love the sleeping pictures.  Aubrey can pull off some really cute sleeping pictures… and I think Lola can too!   


Just playing in comfy clothes…


Having a family date at none other than Chick-fil-A!  How much money has this place saved us?? Tons!  We gave Lola an empty cup to play with and she loved it… and as you can see, she knows what to do with a cup!  This isn’t good! :)

077 - Copy

Lola ALWAYS sleeps like this… spread out with hands by her head… so Clay and I were shocked to find her sleeping like this one night… see below!

008 - Copy (2)

On her side!  We couldn’t believe it and just stared for awhile and giggled… it was so cute and her leg looks broken! Lol

068 - Copy

I always hold Lola and give her a bottle but this day I gave it to her in her highchair and she fell asleep on the last ounce and ended up like this! Haha- she slept for an hour in this chair… maybe I should do this everyday! Lol

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Anonymous said...

We loved ALL the pictures. How precious this little one is. I have a friend who knows a baby that wore the band and now her head is perfect!! It helped a lot.
Natalie thank you for sharing Lola's life with us. I can't say it enough, we enjoy every tidbit of info you write. Wish we were closer so we could see her in real life and hug her!!!
We love you! Meme' and Papa

ronda said...

yay! finally! :)
All the pics are super cute! The one of her sleeping crazy is funny... once she really starts moving around, her sleeping positions will get crazier! (well, if she's anything like Aubrey! haha) Thanks for the link! :) Lola is getting so big, I feel like everytime I see some news pics, or even in person, she looks totally different! I put Aubrey in jeans when we went to see Jenny, she looked massive!! Her whole outfit was 18 months!! Where are are little babies??? :(
Oh, and i love that one face that you said you loved too.. it reminds me of that one you took of aubrey at the pond! silly girls!

Ginni said...

Cute pictures, she is getting so big! I love the one of her with the chick-fil-a cup! We need to hang out soon!

~Laura~ said...

dangit, ronda again! haha..

nonna said...

Oh all these pictures makes me want to KISS her face!!!! LOVE you both!!!!

Nonna said...

Uncle Nick took my picture of Lola yesterday. The one holding the CFA cup! He thought she was so cute!