Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures- and Results with Band


This is a picture taken in Sept.

Lola 146


4 Days in Band…

is i just me or can I see a HUGE difference already? Wowzers.



Taking in September

Lola 122

DURING: 4 Days in Band (Not great angle, but I think it shows progress!)


DURING: 4 Days in band- this picture is as good to show profile but I tried to change the contrast so you could see- but I really feel like I can very easily see a difference.


Okay- more pictures for fun!

218251  253 225 243 204 198

She looks like a five year old in a tiny body the way she is laying.  Haha.


She loves this Baby Einstein thing and helps her sit up and look up versus down!

007 008

After bath time!  Love these photos!

059 070

Play Date at Watermark~ Didn’t go so great :( BUT we let the girls have a good time before we left!

086 091  089 114 132 107 108

They always see something we don’t! lol


Worn out from the play date!



~Laura~ said...

I'm very surprised to see a post so early in the day! lol. Great pics! I can definitely see more of a difference in the profile pictures of her.. I doubt it will take 12 weeks!! I really like the picture of her on the swing kinda looking over her should, cute-o! :)

Carole said...

Nat....I can see the difference!!!! I have never seen a little girl that can look so cute in anything. I don't even seen the band for her sweet face...Sorry I have been busy but caught up a little tonight on Lola. Please kiss her for me and tell her I love her and can't wait to see her again. I hope soon!!!

Ginni said...

Cute pictures! I definitely see the difference, that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Precious!!! I see the difference!
I love her so much. Please show her a pic of me so she will know she has a faraway greatgrandma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,

She is making progress, there is no doubt. I am so glad this band fits her better and is doing the job. Can't wait to see more progress down the road.