Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roses are red, Violets are blue, and my eyes are PINK!

Well I have pink eyes… yep, plural.  In both.  (Picture above for Laura! LOL) If someone says pink eye, I get it.  And for those who haven’t had it, don’t seem to afraid to be around me, but they’ll probably find out just how contagious it is.  And for those who have had it, they won’t come near me.  I have apparently had pink eye since Friday.  It has just gotten increasingly worse and the drops  I have been using haven’t helped.  I went to Primacare tonight to see if I could get some different drops since I have Lola’s appointment tomorrow afternoon.  He gave me some, but he said since what I had wasn’t working that it was probably viral and to expect Lola to have it.  So I need to watch closely so I can get her to the pediatrician ASAP if I notice any symptoms.  So far, so good…. please pray that God keeps angels around Lola’s eyes.

Lola’s supporting Daddy’s work…

and vowing to be a future Girl Scout.  She’ll be the cutest Girl Scout I have ever seen and I will buy tons of cookies from her! 
Lola 004 Lola 002


No, not insurance.  I am doing an appeal so please pray for leniency from the insurance company. 


Lola has two teeth.  Yep.  That quick.  Can’t see them real good unless she opens her mouth  just right, but they are there.  Pretty sharp little bottom teeth.  They have made her a bit fussy, especially as they broke through.  I bet we haven’t seen the end of teeth fussin’ though.
Lola 008
Lola is learning how to use teethers.  She isn’t a fan of the cold, but she loves chewing on anything right now.
 006Lola 215
After Gram and Popper babysat Friday night, we got to take home the toy they had gotten her.  Lola loves it, but I guess teething trumps toys in this picture.  (And Lola got a toy, but Clay and I hit the jackpot… diapers, formula, and wipes.  Praise Jesus people!)


She rolled over from her back to her tummy.  It was crazy cool.  I liked this milestone for some reason.  Lol… no pictures or videos yet of this.


She can sit up for short periods of time by her self.  I have pictures!
Lola 379 Lola 395

Happy…                        Mad…

I never take mad pictures, but these cries had to be caught of camera.  Isn’t that face pitiful.  Didn’t last long.   :)



She’s eating more baby food and cereal and seems to be enjoying this quite a bit. 
Lola 006
The food coming out of her mouth is gross, but I love her little face and hands in this picture.
 Lola 081
She loves cereal and she likes big bites.  I can’t short change her.
Lola 102
Sippy cup?  She likes it a lot.  And it keeps her busy without her drinking that much.    Lola 100She is pretty talented little 4 month old!
Lola 079
Love this picture too…


Lola 353
Lola 361 Lola 357
Lola 351 Lola 334022
Lola in her--- hmmm… what’s this called?  Just bounces and hangs from the doorway.  Didn’t realize she couldn’t see over the activity bar.  Lol… Funny picture.
Lola 022 Lola 023
Lola 025
Lola loves her car seat and B rides with her. Lola 051
I think it’s funny how Lola is looking at Paw-Paw.  She loves checking up on Maw-Maw and her shoulder. 
Lola 118
Lola and Clay slept in Saturday morning. 
Aren’t they cute snoozing?
Lola 201

She can READ! (Waiting to see the doctor)

Lola 195Lola 196Lola 189
Lola playing with Q while at Nonna’s.  She is sitting up pretty good. I liked this angle.
Lola 262
In her PJ’s.  So cute…
Lola 323
Lola’s bath hair… crazy… I love how clean she looks and smells after a bath. 
Lola 290


She LOVES her Daddy.

Lola 277Lola 165
Love these two pictures.  :)
Lola 110Lola 182
I thought this was a funny picture because the round ball shows how un-round her head is… Not for long!
Lola 228

Please pray for our appointment tomorrow.  I’ll let everyone know how the band goes over with Lola. 

Lola 221
Good night. 


~Laura~ said...

Wow- LOTS of pictures- yay!! Ok, didn't realize your eyes looked like THAT! totally sucks!! :( Lola is a busy girl! Apparently it has been too long since I have seen her, bc she looks totaally different in these pictures!! Especially the last one and the b&w one! The one in the car is really cute :)
Can't wait to check out Lola with her new accessory!!
Call me when the pink eye is gone.. hee hee :) jk..

~Laura~ said...

oh yeah.. Aubrey has the same sippy cup (different color) she doesn't love it though.. lol