Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Update Delay

It’s 1 a.m. and I am dying to get my beauty sleep, but I am waiting on my Mac to install it’s original settings because it looks like it’s sold! And my Cinema Display is sold too.  Crazy enough- the price I got for my 5 year old Mac bought me a brand new laptop (Dell) with antivirus, wireless photo printer, and external hard drive with some change left over.  I love being thrify.  And I am going to sale my old laptop too, which should bring in a little more, which can go to Lola’s DOC Band bill.  Lol.  I am having a garage sale in September to help pay for the bill, so I’ll let everyone know when so you can come see if I have something of interest! Also, if you have ANYTHING you want to donate to my garage sale I will come to your house and pick it up.  My grandparents find me stuff all the time to add to my garage sale stack in the garage and my mom has some more stuff for me to add.  I really don’t mind having garage sales.  I LOVE that I make money and clean out my garage and house all at the same time.  There is really no negative to it, except you have to wake up early one, maybe two mornings in a row.  :(  LOL. 

Well I want to write more, but I am sooo tired.

Maybe tomorrow.

Love Nat   

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have pink eyes!! That's not fun!
Lola's pictures are wonderful!! She is growing fast.
Love you all.