Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giggles and Second Round of Cereal!

I started doing this to Lola after I took her formula infested shirt off and out came the giggles. The first giggle was the cutest so Clay ran to grab the camera and here are some more giggles caught on tape! Yayaya!

This was us on our way to our play date this morning. Didn't make it out of the PJ's until we got there. Oh well. I took a picture while stopped because I love how she plays with these buckles. She really uses good motor skills here.

Here goes the second round of cereal! This time we used cereal that was whole grain oatmeal with banana. She seemed to like it. This time around she started to figure out the concept of opening your mouth to get the food in it. Hopefully she'll remember that concept when we attempt the 3rd time! :) In a couple of weeks we should be starting baby foods!

So Messy...

So gross...

So fat...

But still so cute!

At Tino's! Of course. Kebby's pick today.

She was crying and we heard "Momma." My mom looked at me like "Did you hear that?" I did. She's been saying that a little while she is crying. I think it's just the sound she makes when crying???

A tad fussy because she wanted her Momma! :)


~Laura~ said...

Silly giggly girl!
Hey, you can say she said "mama" if you want to!! :)
That girl sure can get messy! haha!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed these pictures and video so much!!! Thanks Natalie!
Love you ~