Friday, August 7, 2009

My little box head girl...

I'll start with pictures and end with pictures and put all the journaling in the middle...

(My keyboard just broke and I am trying to get Clay's to work on my computer, but it won't. I am getting mine to at least type now but I have no backspace button. Eekkk. Urgh. I broke it. I am sure my genius of a husband can fix it... I didn't realize how much I use that little button!)

Okay pictures...

Lola loves her glow worm and at first she pushed B aside, but now she shows them equal love.

Lola loves her walker!

Lola is starting to really play with her paci. She'll take it from us and try and put it in herself. It's like a little game for her. It's funny.

After her hair was put in curlers. Not so good. lol

Nonna and Lola at the lakehouse on our girl trip!

Me and Lola of course!

I love PJs! These ones look cute on her. They are her rebel PJs!

Lola giving Daddy sugar! She loves her Daddy!

Lola's cute PJs again!

I liked this picture even though it is blurry. This keyboard is driving me nuts!

I have more I need to download onto my computer and share! Another time, another day.
More pictures at bottom...

Head Update: My little box head girl can't get an appointment until the latter part of September which means there are a lot of flat headed babies! By then she will be almost 5 months old! I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. It's probably good that it will be awhile because now she is starting to move her head a lot more it will give it some time to round out... or not. I can cancel the appointment with no fee. The good news is, I believe if she does need a head band (that's it's name and I'll call it that over a helmet) insurance should cover it because our insurance is partners with the clinic that handles flat headed babies. Good.

I am trying to do some things to help her out. I use a sleep positioner Laura let us borrow when she is laying down. She won't sleep in it, but she will play in it on her side. I also try and turn her head when she is sleeping, but it's the time I try to worry about it least because she sleeps so good and like the doctor said she will sleep on the flat spot because it's the path of least resistance. lol. Hopefully she'll start rolling soon enough and will move a little more while she sleeps. I also switched to a different car seat. My dad bought us a car seat for Christmas last year and we are using it now! I love it! It is a Britax and I've been calling it her big girl car seat because it is so big and sits up real high. I think she stays cooler in it because it's more open and she sits up more which puts less pressure on the back of her head. I feel like it's worth it, even though it means I carry her where ever we go because I don't have the car seat carrier now. It's worked out so far and honestly it's saves me money because during the day when I want to run meaningless errands, I don't. She gets too heavy so we only run necessary errands now! :)

Lola and I have just chilled today because we have a busy weekend. Clay and I are going on a little date tonight as a family of 3. Tomorrow we are going to Clay's parents to celebrate Papa's birthday and hang out. Then on Sunday my family is coming over for lunch so we can hear all about their mission trip and so they can see Lola. Should be fun!

My dad gets back in town and I am going to talk to him about the Chick-fil-A job he has been offering me for the last few months. After weighing all my options, it seems foolish not to take it. Hopefully we can make it work for both of us. I am looking forward to working a little (right around 20 hours) and I am sure Lola is looking forward to going to Nonna's two days a week. I think it will work out good for our family right now.

Well I considering selling my Mac desktop. It is actually a Mac mini with a Mac screen and keyboard. If you know anyone who is interested let me know. I don't know what I am asking, but am willing to talk it out. Just an idea-

Oh and Lola starts eating foods in a couple of weeks so we gotta' do some highchair shopping. There are two to three I am leaning towards priced from $100 and to $180. Target carries a couple and so does Babies R Us. They carry the same type (Graco Dinette and Graco Blossom) just different styles. The more expensive of the two has a few more options like turning into a booster... has perfect ratings... so I don't know which one to go with. It's $180 but BRU has the coupons all the time making it a little better of a price. Hopefully Clay and I can purchase one at the beginning of next month so Lola has a place to eat! It will be so much fun. I have her cereal the other day and will put some of those pictures on this! If we have to I can continue to use the Bumbo as a place to feed her. I am posting pictures of the highchairs. Two are the Blossom and one is the Dinette. I know the Dinette is blue, which turns me off but it was either blue or pink and blue is definitely more neutral than pink! The best Blossom high chair is on and seems to feature an orangey color on it! It's in my DNA to care about the way the highchair looks in my house. I feel like her swing goes pretty good too! :) Okay here are the pictures of the highchair. We have too many choices these days! lol

Okay the looks of this one seems to be my favorite. (I just went and zoomed in on the colors and they are better than they look.. tans, browns, and the hint of orange!) It would cost us $179 plus shipping unless we can find it locally from a retailer.

This red one is the same as above just different fabric. It is at BRU and is the same price except I have a %15 off coupon. This is pretty bold in color and I saw this in person and it's just as bold in person.

This is what it does... Is this important or no??
This is the same highchair and obviously another different fabric. This is at Target online which means no coupon. It seems nice too, but if I have to do online I would prefer the first. They all have perfect ratings at every site I go to! They say they are super easy to keep clean which is important. The highchair I originally liked has bad reviews saying it's really hard to clean. Booooo!

Okay and last- this one. It's the Graco Dinette. It's only online and cost $99 at Target + shipping. Not sold on the blue, but love the storage space under it. It has really good reviews. Of course. I trust reviewers that's obvious, huh? (You can laugh but I review things I purchase all the time too! Haha! I wish that was a job. I could work for Graco and write reviews all day on different websites!)

Well if you have an opinion let me hear it. There are some highchairs that are a little less than a $100, but they don't seem as sturdy and don't look like they would last through more than one baby. I need this to last through a few at least! :) Opinions welcomed.

Okay well here are some pictures of Lola eating cereal! It was quite an experience! :)



~Laura~ said...

cute-o pictures! Her hair looks a little reddish in the first one, hmm? :)
Man, I need to go get those pj's from BRU!! it's a weakness.. lol.
I so would have reviewed highchairs too, but luckily my friend is letting me borrow hers, and her kid isn't dead, so I guess its a good one! lol!! I look up everything and compare ratings and prices, its just what you do right? lol. I do like the one that shows the different stages, although, what is the last stage? I tried to make the picture larger, but it didn't. Don't know the purpose of the last stage, but all the others seem pretty handy! I would get it!
Crazy that she is about to start on foods!! Its fun though, and a bit messy.. as you know! haha.
ok, this was way long!

nonna said...

Lola, I can't wait to see you. I got really homesick on our mission trip, because I took your picture with me and looked at it everyday. Nonna will see you tomorrow!!! Love you! Can't wait to see you too nat. I do not like going where I can't talk to you!!!!!