Thursday, August 6, 2009


okay so i didn't mean to post that- it was a test. but that's so strange it posted. there are these new blog apps and the best one that ginni introduced me to doesn't work on macs. so i was trying some others that just don't measure up and apparently one worked. they are programs that don't connect to the internet until you are ready to upload a post. it's kind of strange and the only really good reason to use them is so you can upload pictures faster! which is great for me... if i can find a blog app that works. they are kind of confusing, okay, really confusing. i'll be posting soon. i had a long post updating you guys and accidentally deleted it! sorry carole... i'll talk to you all real soon though!


Ginni said...

aaahhh the mac! I did not even think about that! I hope you can find a good one!

Anonymous said...

Tell Lola Lou that I am mailing her a new little toy!!
Love, Meme'