Saturday, August 22, 2009

Might as well read at the end of the week…

When I had a baby, I lost all decision making skills.  I used to be a prompt decision maker.  Not so much any more.  I think I blame it on this: baby reviews.  I started reading so many reviews on baby products that now before I buy or do anything I want to read a review, which makes life much more frustrating.  So after exhausting all options and insurance, I have finally made a decision with Lola’s brachy.  And it’s final.

I am using Cranial Technologies (CT) located in Dallas.  I was able to talk with Leila from Maysa’s blog and a mother of Quads from Dallas who actually used the Dallas CT location.  They both had wonderful experiences and in Suz’s case, 4 wonderful experiences! :)  Also, it does seem several doctors recommend this company over all others.  I do hear good things about Star Cranial, but not from anyone who has personally dealt with them.  So now I can focus on getting the DOCband and moving forward.  We have an appointment next week and looks like Clay can finally get in on this.  CT should know within a day or so if insurance is on board.  So after next week, hopefully we can get in ASAP for an appointment to get the mold of her head and the band normally comes in about a week later.  So she should have this band by the time she is 5 months old. I think that is a great thing.  Then hopefully she can be out of it by Christmas, but if not no big deal. (Right, Laura??)  

I can’t wait till next weeks appointment.  Everyone at CT has been so nice via phone and e-mail so far.

Lola also has her well child visit next week and she will have to get some more s-h-o-t-s.  Poor thing.  Such a tough life.  It does make me think how hard it must be for little ones who really do see doctors and hospitals too much for their tiny little age.  It was hard having Lola at the hospital last week.  It makes you grateful for box-headed little babies. 

I adore Lola.  Nonna babysat tonight so I could hang out with my substitute husband, Laura.  Clay has named her this.  And when I picked Lola up she was already in baby land dreaming away.  So when I got home, she went straight to her crib and now I miss her.  I just want to go and wake her up… BUT I am smarter than this!  Glad to know, ay?  I can still peek in on her.  She looks so baby-ish tonight.  Sweetie pie.

Big thanks to my little sis for sleeping over with me over the weekend.  Yes, I am too scared to stay by myself.  Clay will be back Sunday.  We do miss him.  But it’s fun having Kebby here too.  Feels like I am in high school again and I look over thinking she should be 10 years old.  Hard to believe it’s her last year of high school.  

Clay seems to be having a blast.  He said Andrew Zimmern is a very nice guy.  This will be a great story for American Way.  I can’t wait to see which direction he does with it.  I am definitely jealous.  A traveling freelance writer.  What a stud!  He sent pictures today of his room and it’s screaming my name, particularly the bath tub.  It opens to the bedroom and is huge!  I love big bath tubs!  Wish I was there with him!

Well I am going to try and be asleep before 1 a.m. tonight.  Hmmm…

Good night. 

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Anonymous said...


I am so glad for your decision. Lola will be in great hands at CT (not that the STARband would have been a bad choice necessarily, just that CT's reputation is the best).

They will do a photostudy of her head, which I love. Have they also scheduled you for the DSi on that same day? That will speed things up even more. It will be a long appointment, but all worth it!

I look forward to seeing her head round out very soon!