Friday, August 7, 2009


Well Lola's Aunt Carole e-mailed me wanting updates so I know I am due for a real post.

Okay with the head issue. I ended up seeing her Ped the next day and he recommended us visit a specialist simply because I was concerned about it. He didn't recommend trying to reshape her head or not to. He explained it was a cosmetic correction so being so meant I needed to decide if I think it’s worth correcting. He just said some parents have children with flat heads and they don't care and don't do anything and some of those kids round out and a few don't. But he said if it bothered me enough to make an appointment with him he would advise me to go to the specialist and see what they said then make a decision. He said she definitely had a flat spot (which we all know) and it wasn't a bad case, mild to moderate. He knew it would take a head band... which is a form of a helmet to correct it if I went down the specialist route. He didn't think it would need to be on any longer than 6 weeks and possibly only 4. My mom thinks we should just let it be and she thinks it will round out since Lola is just now becoming so active and should be rolling soon. Clay is very open-minded and I just don't want to miss an opportunity to fix it if that's what we decide. So I will go to the specialist and see what they say. The chances of it rounding out by 15 months are pretty good, but you know the problem is if it does not we have missed our window of opportunity to fix it.

Big deal this week… We have a huge praise in our family. Probably one reason I haven't written is because I have been stressed! Here's what happened: Lola was denied Cobra (insurance). Big deal. We had thousands worth of bills at our house waiting on an appeal to go through or not about getting her on the insurance. If Cobra would pick her up they would pick her up from the day she lost insurance, but if we had to start her on Clay's work insurance they wouldn't go back and cover the gap of uninsured time, which would have meant we would have owed a lot of money. We just found out that we won the appeal and so we just wrote a fat check to Cobra and are waiting for it all to go through. Then I'll have to get each bill we have and have them resubmit the claim to the insurance company. NO complaints though because we are real excited it all worked out. Clay and I prayed together about it so it was so rewarding to give a prayer of thanks! The point in telling you this is because I am happy and it means I can move forward with seeing the specialist. When I made the first dr app we didn’t know if we were going to have insurance so even that was a little risky, but I had to know what the dr. thought of her head. In the next couple of weeks hopefully I will see a specialist about her head. Some days it looks better than others! :)

On to more exciting things! Lola and I got to see Ginni's house finally!! Ginni and Charlie are doing a lot of it themselves and it is mighty impressive. I can't wait to see everything Ginni picked come together to make a beautiful home! Lola loved it too and played awhile in their temporary bedroom on their bed! She had fun! I must keep going over there to see all the stages! (It was much easier to get to than I thought! I'm so silly.) I loved the floor plan of the house too! I am glad I have a friend who loves doing this kind of stuff! It's so much fun!

We have had a busy week this week. Lots of stuff going on. Clay has been working endless hours which Lola and I are not use to so we have missed him this week. (BUT we are SOOO proud of him) AND my parents and sis are on a mission trip. I haven’t gone this long without talking to my mother in a very, very long time. I will be excited to see them. I am having the family over for lunch Sunday so we can all catch up! Lola has been able to hang out with her Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw a lot this week. It’s been exciting for them and Lola of course! Today I spent the day with Stacy helping her with her Ko Jo Kai stuff. I hope that is spelled right, but social clubs aren’t my specialty. Although making the stuff for them just might be. Stacy is so cute. She has all these big ideas but just needs a little help implementing them. We had fun and I was glad to spend some time with her. It is much different hanging out though with a 3 month old around. Especially when your friend doesn’t have a baby too. She is great with Lola and really does well with her. Thank goodness! After all, she is her godmother! :)

Yesterday I got to see an old friend, Lori. She is due any week now and it was fun to see her pregnant. She was excited to meet Lola too. Her little girl will be 4 months apart from Lola and Lola is 4 months apart from Aubrey… so Laura and I will have to add her to the play dates. Before Lori came over, my grandparents stopped by and after Lori left, Laura and Aubrey came over. It was great seeing them both. I felt like it had been a while since I have seen Aubrey and it’s crazy how much she is doing now. She was moving all around my house. I need to start baby proofing! And I never heard her say Momma so I keep calling Laura a liar. :) I am only kidding, but I did hear Aubrey make her “m” sounds. She’s so cute. I need to post pictures of them, but I am on the laptop so I can’t. Aubrey was laughing and standing in front of Lola while Lola was in her walker and apparently it scared Lola and she gave this pitiful face and cried. It was funny. To us anyway. Lola would beg to differ.

Speaking of this… Lola seems to have definite dislikes now. Sometimes when some people hold her she just starts crying hard. I have to take her back and love on her some. Then she seems to warm up a little. I think it’s when she’s not in her surroundings and when someone isn’t real familiar to her. She’s getting much more aware. :)

Okay well hopefully this is a good update for now. Sorry no pictures, but I am already addicting to Windows Live Writer. It’s amazing. (I am on it now, remember?) It’s almost one and I need to get some sleep. I have been drowsy lately!

Love Natalie

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Ginni said...

Very good update! I am so glad that you are Lola came to see the house! I can't wait to have yall back!