Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Play Date at the Pond

So Laura and I met at the pond this morning with our girls and cameras in hand. Lola isn't a morning baby so she was quite confused why she wasn't still in her pajamas in bed! She lasted a solid hour though and on our way home crashed. It was cute. Not many smiles from either one, yet still some very charming pictures of the two. Enjoy...

Aubrey and Lola doing their own things. Lola is really trying to tackle the paci. She can pull it out but she has a hard time getting it back in. (A side note- this mainly goes to Carole and MG- we don't do "He said/She said" with baby talk! It's totally inappropriate despite me saying so many "he said/she said" phrases a day thanks to her!)

I think Aubrey digs Lola's pacis. That one eventually ended up in Aubrey's mouth. I guess they'll be the kind of friends that even share their pacis. Oh my.
"Friends let friends share pacis!"

Lola was sharing B, but was not happy about it. I think it really did confuse her. Study her look here. I don't think she was as cool about B as she was her paci.

I liked this angle!

Still no smiles, but still so cute!

Poor Lola. One day she'll have payback. Laura and I better prepare ourselves. I think they may act more like sisters, than friends, which could be scary! :)

I better prepare myself. Laura is probably gonna kill me for this picture. I thought it was so funny. It's what moms do to get that one irresistible photo of their child.

I thought Aubrey's face expression was pretty funny in this picture.

The duck popping out in the background seems random.

Lola can't explore the ducks and stumps yet so she is on a quilt just chilling. She is probably wondering why in the world she is here. A couple of more months and hopefully she'll enjoy all the nature around her more.

My little girl. Sometimes her hair looks red. It's not. Normally.

She looks so big standing up. I love all the pictures where she is standing!

Love this one. Don't really know why.

I tried to keep the ducks away from Lola. I was scared they would think she was a big loaf of bread. Those ducks weren't scared of anything. Brave little suckers.

(See.) Aubrey is studying the weed more than the duck. LOL

I liked this angle and her little sandals.

Another angle I liked. (Poor Lola alone on her quilt!)

Oh wait- she had B to play with! She loves B! What a sweet little girl I have!

She's playing with her sunglasses.

Aunt Kebby gave her these and I just had to get a picture. I felt bad because I swore I wouldn't dress her up like a Barbie doll and here is one picture to show I did. Dang.

That's it.

Okay I am selling my Mac Mini computer with the Mac Cinema Display and wireless keyboard. It's all in excellent condition. If you or you know someone interested- let me know! Photos:

Always Nat

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~Laura~ said...

Man, we are crazy with our picture taking! It will be SO cute when they can really interact with each other when their older.. they are going to be best friends! haha. Had fun- glad y'all came!! :)