Saturday, August 8, 2009


I love looking at Lola. So I'll share the beauty of her with y'all.
P.S. There are some shots where you get a better glimpse of her head and I actually think it does look a little better. Hmmm? At least the appointment isn't for another five weeks so I can see if it continues to improve.

I just posted a lot of pictures I love and took over the last few days. Love this one.

I love her hair in this picture and her chubby cheek sticking out. I can't believe how much her hair is growing. It isn't getting fuller, but definitely longer. I love it even though it doesn't style very good right now. :)

She's such a big girl. I can't even stand it. What happened to my little (big) 8 lb baby? I guess 6 more pounds happened. Haha.

I thought her lips were funny here. She has the upper lip pulled in a little on each side.

A big girl once again- feeding herself. She can only do it with her juice. Kind of odd, but luckily she isn't great at it, so I can still feed her! :)

Lola and me having fun blogging.

I don't know why I choose this picture... I just liked it. Her face expression is cute.

This one didn't rotate, but oh well. I like the picture again.

Aubrey and Lola had a play date. Thank goodness Aubrey's mom is up for anything, anytime. Good qualities to have in friends!

Laura tickled Aubrey and she died laughing, which scared Lola to death (okay no babies really died) but Lola did cry and pucker for a few minutes. This was right before she freaked out.

I liked how Lola watched Aubrey play with her toys. Hopefully she will share good, but she might be like her momma' and not be a great sharer. Is sharer a word? Hopefully she will have better grammar than me! :)

Lola is much more aware of Aubrey now.
It's cute to see the beginning stages of their friendship.

Lola decided she needed to show off, so she took better posture and sat up straighter. I love this picture. Oh and Aubrey is still digging the walker. Not really into Lola. Haha

Look at my baby. I created her with a little help from Clay. :) She is gorgeous!

Lola: "Oh hello blog readers."

:) Nat


~Laura~ said...

Wow girl! I'm so impressed- several posts!! And tons of pics- yay! I feel pretty behind now.. I should get on that today! haha.
Ok, the one that you talk about her gaining 6 lbs (I think).. she looks alot different in that one. Maybe like Nick??
Those ones of the girls are cute! I may need to steal them so I can print em! :) that was just too funny when lola started crying at aubrey laughing! silly girls!

Carole said...

I always look at the pictures and think ohh that's my favorite and then I scroll down and think no that's my favorite. She takes great pics but why wouldn't she look at her Nona?? HA Thanks for all the updates, you know MG and I are always looking!! :)