Friday, August 21, 2009

Star Cranial Center Here We Come…

So my fears of Lola looking like a football player are put aside.  Clay and I decided to definitely move forward.  We feel it is important to take this one opportunity to correct Lola’s head shape while we can.  It looks promising insurance will pick up 80% of it AND since she was born this year we have already paid her deductible which will save us $1,000!  Yaya!  If the helmet cost $3,000 then we should owe around $600.  I think that is a small price to pay to give her a round head.  BUT I’ll remind her when she was older that we paid big bucks to give her a pretty head and couldn’t buy groceries for months to come! :)  I’ll pray for gallons of Skim Milk to show up on my door step… Mom, didn’t this happen to you?  Literally. 

LOL… I find it so funny to think what we do for her and really she has no idea and probably doesn’t care.  I’ll spend so much time debating over a $10 Marshalls purchase, but not hesitate to get her a highly recommended high chair by dozens of strangers online!  By the way, she LOVES her high chair.  I rolled it in the den the other day and gave her a juice bottle and let her play with it (She’s learning how to feed herself!) and watch TV.  Hahaha.  I took pictures of course!  Lola, when you read this someday, just know that your Momma (me!) could have gotten EIGHT pedicures for the price of that dang high chair- and I could have gotten TEN, but I had a good coupon and our Maw-Maw gave us $20 towards it! :) Gotta’ love GREAT grandparents…lol. Thanks Maw-Maw!  And it’s a good thing your grandmothers by you outfits, because fancy high chairs don’t leave money for those either! Nonna is a sucker when we go to Target and I always walk out with at least 3-5 outfits for you!  She thinks everything looks gorgeous on you- which it does!

Okay back to Lola’s head.  We have moved forward with Star Cranial Center.  I liked Cranial Tech as well, but it isn’t in our network.  I think both come highly recommended.  I am not for sure how soon she will have one, but hopefully not too long.  I am hoping she will be out of it by Christmas.  This is our goal.  Lola is about to hit a huge growth spurt and it is perfect timing for a helmet.  This new word for helmet starting now is STARband.  This is what Star Cranial calls them.  They are called DOC Bands if we would have used Cranial Tech.  If insurance doesn’t cover this, I would see Clay and I pursuing it anyways.  I think it is important.  And now when I see anyone and everyone, I can’t even focus because I stare at their head shape!  So if I run into you- just know- I will judge your head.  :)

There are a handful of plagio blogs and I find them encouraging, so with that I may make my blog public again.  I am not for sure it’s a great idea, but there would be a lot of positives to doing so.  And I would love for my story with Lola to encourage someone, like other blogs have done for me.  You all know I will journal this whole experience.  From the start- she has been my little box head girl… and now she won’t any more.  Kind of sad.  She’ll probably still have a big ol’ head… “I get it from my Daddy…”  LOL.

I think this will all be a positive experience.  There may be some tears from me getting use to seeing Lola wearing her STARband and there may not be.  It’s for a season and for the rest of the seasons in her life… her head will be rounder.  Hopefully she will adjust quickly to wearing the band. 

Please pray that insurance will be swift and accepting and this process will be helpful and easy on us.  Okay on me.  :)  I pray Lola won’t mind wearing it and continues to be a good sleeper. 

Thanks for support.  A thanks to Joi for hooking me up with a great resource.  I look forward to talking with her. 

I’ll keep you all updated of course!



My Maw-Maw had surgery today on her shoulder.  The repair went well and the pain from her shoulder was due to a tear and separation but also growth that shouldn’t be there… I can’t remember the name, but the doctor burned and scraped it out.  He acted like this may be causing her the most pain out of the 3 issues.  Hopefully it doesn’t come back.  I have pictures of the inside of her shoulder.  Pretty cool. 

Lola and I were there with the family for the entire day and then around 8 p.m. we had to leave because I ran out of bottles.  It’s midnight and the last I heard the recovery nurse still wasn’t sure if she would be discharged late tonight or have to stay.  Hopefully either way, she is comfortable.  They have a pain pump in her shoulder and I bet she is still sleepy from being put under today.  I love being put to sleep :)  My Maw-Maw does not though.  This weekend Lola and I will be checking on her frequently.  We don’t have many plans and Clay is out of town being a fabulous freelance writer.  We love when his writings earn us money and even more so when they are featuring cool stories and travel.  I can’t wait to hear how his time with Andrew Zimmern went.  I’ll share any exciting stories!

Keep Maw-Maw (Linda) in your prayers. 

I got a cute picture of Maw-Maw and Lola right before they kicked us to the waiting room.  I’ll post pictures soon but I am not on my main computer right now.


Pretty long blog and with no pictures.  Hopefully this didn’t bore you!  I’ll be glad I documented this one day- right??


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~Laura~ said...

Hey, you didn't tell me ya'll decided to go with it! I think its a good choice, although, I think either way would be a good choice :) Hope everything goes smoothly!