Monday, June 11, 2012

Oliver's life lesson to me...

So I was folding laundry (so much laundry) and realized Oliver is teaching me a life lesson early that Lola isn't able to teach me.  Lola was an easy baby- we all know this.  Happy and content.  I could always make her feel better and get her smiling' before no time.  She snuggled, oohed and awed, and excelled in her "milestones."  Oliver is quite the stinkpot but even worse I feel like he needs help, fixing of some sort.  Why is he crying so much?  Why can't I fix it?  I do all the loving things multiplied by 100 that I did with Lola.  I can make him stop crying of awhile, I can get him down to sleep after hours of bouncing, but I can't seem to fix this stage he is in.

Is this what raising children is all about?  

Trying your hardest to do all the right things, but sometimes time is what they (or us parents) need, or extra determination to figure out what's wrong, better communication, being an advocate for your children, or letting them figure it out... I can't snap my fingers or wiggle my nose like I so desperately want to do and make Oliver a happy, little content baby all the time- but I sure in the hell will always fight for him... for my children.  I want them to be healthy and happy and confident in who they are.  I may not always be doing things perfectly and some things I may flat out do wrong, but for the most part- everything I do won't be half bad.  It all comes from a deep, deep unexplainable mountain of love that is created at birth.  I hope Oliver (now and forever) as well as Lola and any other children we are lucky to have, always feel that mountain of love beneath their feet. Because it will always be there. 

Love you kiddos... even through the non-stop talking and cranky-butt times.  :) Muah!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ollie and Lo

I just posted a post, but really that was written awhile back ago and just changed a few things to make it a tad more up-to-date!

I hate to post today because Oliver has been so great, in fact the best he has been since he was born.  And so if I brag and brag and say he is finally doing much better- I could be leading myself on if tonight or tomorrow goes to hell.  Haha- really hoping the formula has helped tremendously and this improvement is here to stay.  Also, according to his pediatrician, we have been through the worst of it and should start seeing improvement now- sounds like he is right.  Funny, because he is two months old, but I haven't gotten his well child visit in or shots and with Lola I am pretty sure I went the day she turned two months.  I hated to load him up with the vaccinations if he seems to be doing better.  He weighs over 12 pounds now and is 23.5 inches long last we measured.  He baby talks some (not like Lola did) and does give lots of smiles.  He looks at me from a longer distant now too. He loves his mobile, the bath, and his bouncy seat now that Nonna and I "fixed" it.  We added an extra vibrating device to it and a sound machine... works great for his cranky self and just to let him nap better in. Funny story about that later.

On a non-Ollie note, and moving on to Lola... she is capturing my heart all over again.  She is so darn funny, kind-hearted and independent. Her personality is better than ever and I am enjoying her a lot.  At home she is learning to play better by herself and I am learning how to break up the day some where it isn't so much all the time. And something she is totally into right now is watching videos of herself I have loaded to YouTube.  I need to load all of them so she can watch them.  It entertains her for a long time and even I get caught up in watching them over and over again.  I forgot what that 1 year old stage looked like.  Adorable.  Looking forward to watching Oliver go from baby to toddler.  I keep thinking he will be a late bloomer so we will see.  Maybe not though since his sister will be his teacher. :)

Going to post pictures and videos as soon as they load....

Blaming Oliver

So I have been a terrible blogger and I will just go ahead and throw the blame on Ollie.  He is a terrible baby.  Those are Clay's words not mine.  I tell Clay "He's just in pain.  We have to love on him."  Regardless, the cries are a lot to handle, but the love isn't any less.  That's what mommas do after all.  Love through it all.  We try anyways.

He is really a boy baby though.  He looks like a boy and even acts like a boy.  I have finally gotten use to opening up a diaper and seeing a little boy penis.  And diaper changes might actually be easier than changing girl diapers.  But I have been drilled by pee way more than Lola every did in the last 3 years of her life.  He even sprayed poop all over me.  Thanks Oliver.

Update: (This post has been written on a 3 week span)

He is a big eater and I am not able to keep up.  He is getting 1 to 2 bottles of formula in a 24 hour period.  I am not pumping during those times because it's okay with me that I can't keep up.  The break has been nice.  He will be 8 weeks old in 2 days and his outfit today is a 6-12 months BabyGap outfit.  It's only a little big but some of the others just won't snap.  He is too tall.  23 1/2 inches tall.  Is that tall at his age?  Lola was always 100 percentile in height.  Me too until 5th grade- then I never grew again.

So the update is we have switched him to Nutramigen formula and it has been a huge help.  Over the last week and a half- maybe longer now- we have seen a continued improvement every day.  And today has been the first day that he has been WONDERFUL all day long.  It's only 3 p.m. but the difference today is night and day.  I have managed to pick up the whole house, do laundry, make beds, get Lola and I ready, enjoy a two hour lunch with Laura and Aubrey at CFA and now back home blogging while he sleeps! First time since he has been born having a day like today.  Oh and we were on time to CFA! I hope this is the normal and Oliver is destined to be happy after all. :)

I am beginning to think Oliver might be a funny little comedian.  I can't wait to start seeing his personality sprout. He is pretty laid back when he is happy. Lola is awesome with him and she has more patience than Clay and I do sometimes.  She loves him and it's obvious in the way she loves on him.

He isn't cooing and smiling as much as his sis was at this point but boy when he does, it is so darn cute.  I could sit and stare at him forever.  And I pretty much do when I can!  My house is messier than ever, Lola and I have way more germs on us, and we never have groceries.  I believe I have scared a few people about having two children, but it is GREAT when Oliver is happy.  It's just the colic that makes it the real challenge- so for those who are about to have your second or even third or fourth- just pray for happy babies! Lola spoiled us with her happy demeanor from day one!  Way to go Lola.  :)  Speaking of Lola- she cracks me up.  She is so funny with him.  Man- I bet she aggravates the snot out of him as he gets older.  She is very smart- and that may not always be a great thing.  (Laughing) Since I do have such an active 3 year old who thrives on quality time I have been trying hard to take moments in the day and do something with just us and no Oliver like bake, play games, color, ride her bike, chalk, backyard pool- but then again, I also want to try and do fun things with her outside of the house and bring Ollie too.  I have to become a pro at the two kid thing.  You know what would make it easier?  If it weren't so darn hot already.  I could really live somewhere that didn't get above 90 degrees.  Parks would be easier if Oliver could catch a bit of breeze and Lola wasn't burned by the hot slides... kids don't seem to care though.  Just me.

Okay picture time. I am taking way more from my phone these days.  And in one month I took 650 on my phone.  Here are the latest: