Monday, June 11, 2012

Oliver's life lesson to me...

So I was folding laundry (so much laundry) and realized Oliver is teaching me a life lesson early that Lola isn't able to teach me.  Lola was an easy baby- we all know this.  Happy and content.  I could always make her feel better and get her smiling' before no time.  She snuggled, oohed and awed, and excelled in her "milestones."  Oliver is quite the stinkpot but even worse I feel like he needs help, fixing of some sort.  Why is he crying so much?  Why can't I fix it?  I do all the loving things multiplied by 100 that I did with Lola.  I can make him stop crying of awhile, I can get him down to sleep after hours of bouncing, but I can't seem to fix this stage he is in.

Is this what raising children is all about?  

Trying your hardest to do all the right things, but sometimes time is what they (or us parents) need, or extra determination to figure out what's wrong, better communication, being an advocate for your children, or letting them figure it out... I can't snap my fingers or wiggle my nose like I so desperately want to do and make Oliver a happy, little content baby all the time- but I sure in the hell will always fight for him... for my children.  I want them to be healthy and happy and confident in who they are.  I may not always be doing things perfectly and some things I may flat out do wrong, but for the most part- everything I do won't be half bad.  It all comes from a deep, deep unexplainable mountain of love that is created at birth.  I hope Oliver (now and forever) as well as Lola and any other children we are lucky to have, always feel that mountain of love beneath their feet. Because it will always be there. 

Love you kiddos... even through the non-stop talking and cranky-butt times.  :) Muah!

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