Sunday, November 21, 2010

Felt Hell

So my mom makes tons of sugar cookies every holiday season and some in between and we always called it “cookie hell”… well now I am in “felt hell” for Lola and partly me since I am obsessed with the pretend felt foods… I thought it would make super girly-cute and cheap Christmas gifts for Lola- but maybe I am making them for my inner 5 year old girl self….  and it is certainly cheap unless you go felt overboard.  Smile 

Thanks to Gulf Coast Cottage on Etsy I found cheap patterns to start with… they really, really help and give you a good place to start and then with some creativity you can tweak them a little or a lot and even learn to make new things!

I originally was going to put these in her stocking, but now most may be actual gifts!

First up- Pies: Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Pie, Cherry and Blueberry Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Apple Pie  (I bought the cake pan at Dollar Tree and it was just about perfect!)



I tweaked the Strawberry Pattern and like it way better! 





I have also made breakfast foods and the start of fruits and veggies… it’s pretty addicting and pretty portable… when Clay and I were out the other night I took the cut pieces of felt and needle and thread so I could use driving time to stitch it all up which worked out great!


So this little diva apparently has me forgetting that Christmas presents really aren’t that big of a deal to 20 month old.  (Clay and I took her to the Dollar Tree the other day and she fell in love with two ugly babies there and had to have them and then I wondered why I got such a cute, pricey one for Christmas when $1 babies made her really happy?)  Got to love that simplicity thing they have going for them.

038  039 


 051 052


P.S.  November has been a wonderful month for us and I am full of thankfulness… more to come.

Gift Idea

So as always Prudent Baby never disappoints me- seriously- if you don’t read it, you should!  You are missing out.  Majorly!

Anyways I needed a cool idea for gifts for people I love that wouldn’t set me back a fortune and Prudent Baby had just the thing at just the time.  They often have really good timing by the way.  

Homemade Body Scrub- so I decided this would be perfect!  (Sorry… ruining a few surprises for some of my friends!)  I love the idea of homemade remedies for your body! 

This can be done as thrify as one would like costing next to nothing or as expensive as one would like depending on the oil, scents, jars, sugar, etc…  And… of course for my friends this was on the super expensive side using imported rare oils and crystal jars Winking smile 

But on a great thrifty note, the fabric I used was a lifesaver and from a garage sale where I got over 50 different yards of fabric for $7.  And I had to pay with a check due to no cash, and the sweet old lady brought me the rest of the pretty fabrics after the garage sale was over because she had my address and she said she would rather give it to a young enthusiast sewer rather than the trash!  Wasn’t that sweet!  Well this ticking was in shreds leftover from a project she must have used it for and I really never thought it would do many any good, but I washed it and stored it anyway because I just loved it and ta-da!



Lola’s Agenda



So Lola has been busier than ever lately and seems to always have an agenda and me blogging isn’t on it!  Laughing.   She is honestly more fun than ever, which is hard to believe that could be true, but with all the fun- I find 9:00 p.m. a great new bedtime!  She is my little 24/7 work out right now.  Lola is almost 19 months and so a quick run down…

  • Her sleeping is still the same ol’… always best with me… she gets rocked (I know, I know!) and takes naps in her bed and starts off in her bed at night but always around 11:30ish she makes her way to find me… if I had the energy I could lay down with her in her bed and get her back asleep again, but I know she would come find me in once she woke up a little later…  Okay- um- naps are 1 hour and 30 minutes almost to the second… and bedtime is back and forth but working on 8 p.m. asleep and she is up early these days…
  • Her appetite is starting to become quite picky, although she is a good eater.  Chick-fil-A still ranks high on her list.  I am working hard to not let her be so picky, but it’s hard when I am Queen Picky Eater.
  • Officially hates going to the doctor thanks to all the drama awhile back ago with x-rays and blood… now she is the baby screaming in the room and it’s quite odd since she isn’t ever like that… and a little embarrassing.
  • In the last few weeks her words have turned into long, mambo-jambo sentences that are pretty hard to decode.  But we love it and think it’s really cute.  We are trying to teach her the quiet game- but not successful.  Oh one day, maybe??
  • Ever since we made hot chocolate mix together in the kitchen she always pulls over a chair to the kitchen counter, stands on it, and happily says “help!” which means we have been making a lot more together!  She burned her hand on the stove when we made grilled cheeses and soup, but it definitely taught her fast that she can’t touch things that I say are hot!  Makes me less nervous now when she helps because I know she isn’t going to touch the flat stove top.
  • And now that my girl is so busy, she likes to be busy outside of the house.  If we have been home for like 30 minutes, she is already ready to go “bye-bye” and even wants her shoes and jacket on.  So we have been adventuring out more lately, which makes the whole “shopping isn’t a form of entertainment” a little harder to live by. 
  • Weighs a little less than 30 pounds, I believe she is 34 inches tall, and is wearing 24 to 2T pants and 3T tops, size 5 diapers, size 6-7 shoe
  • Says too much to write and is great at attempting most words you tell her unless you get her around a group of people
  • Still a momma’s girl, but definitely clinging to dad more- and I LOVE it!  Speaking of dad- God has blessed us with better work schedules!

Okay well I gotta’ get some more things posted so here are some pics…



001      012

Our attempt at a ponytail…  Sad smile




She occasionally with just chill out- rare so I snapped a picture!


Before Church!


 036  049 







Friday, November 12, 2010


I love how “ish” becomes a common term in mom world. 

What time do you want to do lunch?  1:30-ish

Code for: depending on what time the baby wakes up

What time should I come over?  Maybe 10-ish

Code for: If I have actually showered by the point

What time is girls night out?  Um 6-ish

Code for: If I can actually escape the house without anyone noticing

Honey, sex tonight?  Yes, well maybe-ish

Code for: Only if the Babies’s Benadryl kicks in by 8 p.m.


Being a mom really is a lot of fun…ish.  Laughing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lola's new hair cut!

I finally gave in to myself wanting to cut Lola's hair thanks to Kebby agreeing I should! So with the help of Aunt Kebby we cut at least 2 maybe 3 inches off the back and we love it!!! Now her front will have an easier time catching up to the back! Lovvveeee!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A morning with Lola


Lola loves sitting or even laying on this coffee table and watching TV while she eats breakfast.  She was sitting at the table with me eating for awhile, but once I finished my breakfast she moved.  How cute is she? She sits there so confidently like that table was made just for her bottom.  (laughing)  Silly girl.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Little Elmo

Lola actually had two costumes this year.  At Trunk-or-Treat she was the classic pumpkin and on Halloween she was Elmo!  We didn’t do anything special on Halloween- but Aubrey did get to come over for pictures and Nonna and Ba hung out with us and got to see Lola as Elmo.  P.S.- Mom, Lola loves catching those bugs in the bath tub!  Haha- cracks me up!

Elmo has escaped from the house:

023  077

017 020

Aubrey is here- or should I say the cutest little cowgirl!


Lola sure loves to hug on Aubrey- poor Aubrey…

Pumpkin sharing was great…


For awhile anyways…


Aubrey loved the “puppets.”



 055 058 056

To the backyard to play:




So this is a lucky picture we get every once in awhile, which it is too cute of them…


But this is the truth:

107 104

108 111 113 115 116 118 119


Next Ba and Nonna came over!


Kisses to Nonna!


And the hug is for the package of M&M’s Lou Lou is holding already.  Haha….

125 128 

Still excited about those M&M’s!130


Well it was a fun Halloween weekend for sure!  But poor Rangers.