Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Little Elmo

Lola actually had two costumes this year.  At Trunk-or-Treat she was the classic pumpkin and on Halloween she was Elmo!  We didn’t do anything special on Halloween- but Aubrey did get to come over for pictures and Nonna and Ba hung out with us and got to see Lola as Elmo.  P.S.- Mom, Lola loves catching those bugs in the bath tub!  Haha- cracks me up!

Elmo has escaped from the house:

023  077

017 020

Aubrey is here- or should I say the cutest little cowgirl!


Lola sure loves to hug on Aubrey- poor Aubrey…

Pumpkin sharing was great…


For awhile anyways…


Aubrey loved the “puppets.”



 055 058 056

To the backyard to play:




So this is a lucky picture we get every once in awhile, which it is too cute of them…


But this is the truth:

107 104

108 111 113 115 116 118 119


Next Ba and Nonna came over!


Kisses to Nonna!


And the hug is for the package of M&M’s Lou Lou is holding already.  Haha….

125 128 

Still excited about those M&M’s!130


Well it was a fun Halloween weekend for sure!  But poor Rangers.


Nonna said...

I love the pictures of the girls! The one of them fighting is priceless! She wears Elmo well! Such a fun time!!!!!

~Laura~ said...

Lola is looking more and more like Kebby everytime I see a pic now!!
Aubrey looks way too big in these pics, seriously loosing her "babyness" :(
And, Lola is one cute-o Elmo! Love it :)