Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gift Idea

So as always Prudent Baby never disappoints me- seriously- if you don’t read it, you should!  You are missing out.  Majorly!

Anyways I needed a cool idea for gifts for people I love that wouldn’t set me back a fortune and Prudent Baby had just the thing at just the time.  They often have really good timing by the way.  

Homemade Body Scrub- so I decided this would be perfect!  (Sorry… ruining a few surprises for some of my friends!)  I love the idea of homemade remedies for your body! 

This can be done as thrify as one would like costing next to nothing or as expensive as one would like depending on the oil, scents, jars, sugar, etc…  And… of course for my friends this was on the super expensive side using imported rare oils and crystal jars Winking smile 

But on a great thrifty note, the fabric I used was a lifesaver and from a garage sale where I got over 50 different yards of fabric for $7.  And I had to pay with a check due to no cash, and the sweet old lady brought me the rest of the pretty fabrics after the garage sale was over because she had my address and she said she would rather give it to a young enthusiast sewer rather than the trash!  Wasn’t that sweet!  Well this ticking was in shreds leftover from a project she must have used it for and I really never thought it would do many any good, but I washed it and stored it anyway because I just loved it and ta-da!



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roxrae5679 said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY BODY SCRUB!!!! IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN! The yogurtland spoon is my faorite touch!!! LOL!