Thursday, September 30, 2010


So it’s 9:33 p.m. and Lola has been asleep, in bed, for an hour now!  The night before was such a struggle and I found myself dragging out the pack-n-play to let her “cry it out” since rocking was going south fast.  After crying for 15 minutes I got her back out to rock her and 15 minutes later she was asleep.  It kills me to have that time such a struggle because I want her to feel relaxed and enjoy drifting off to sleep… I sure do!  I think she gets it from Clay.   Even when he is exhausted, he still enjoys staying up.  Not me- I could fall asleep standing up if need be.  Ask Clay.  Haha.  Well Monday we will be starting a new routine for Lola’s bedtime.  I am going to work on moving her in her own room and own bed.  Her school teacher suggested I lay down with her in her bed until she falls asleep and hopefully at some point I will no longer need to lay with her.  She naps well at school by laying down on a mat and the teacher said she lays real close to her and Lola falls asleep!  It’s crazy to think, but I have faith she can learn a new routine here too.

So today school went really good for Lola and her sweet teacher really bragged on her today.  She even sent me an e-mail which I was grateful for because I can’t help but wonder what she is like when she is not around me or family.   This teacher is the one Lola responded so well to when we went for a visit before school started and she even sat right down in her lap that day!  It was a confirmation from God that this was right for her and me.  Serious.  I prayed for months over it.  And I can’t tell you what a peace I have about this school and Lola’s time there.

A note to moms (well everyone I guess).  God is not a god of confusion so if you are confused it’s a no go to move forward on whatever it is.  I was confused but a peace came over me and I knew I could move forward.  Having a peace about your decisions is important. 

Okay well I managed to sew something for Stacy’s mom, Brenda, and it turned out good! Yaya!  Pretty excited about that!  I was a bit nervous to say yes because I wasn’t totally confident I could do it, but I did and it feels good.  I just love sewing.  Really love it.  My parents and grandparents agreed to give me money early so I could buy my sewing machine for Christmas before Christmas :)  So I am counting down y’all!  Can’t waitttttttttttttttttttttt!

Okay- still got some stuff to do- so I better go be productive while Lola sleeps soundly. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. :)

P.S.- Journal notes (for Candice too):

Things Lola has down lately that caught me off guard but I oh so loved!


My sewing pins were out and Lola picked them up so carefully as if it was a dying baby bird and brought them slowly to me.  I couldn’t believe it when I looked over and decided to let her bring them all the way to me because she was being so careful.  Now how did she know to be careful with those?  Clay won’t even get near those suckers and Lola is picking them up. 

Lola was shirtless coloring and decided to color her tummy and then came and showed me.  Now you could tell she thought coloring on herself was a good idea until she did it then she was worried and wanted the color marks off her skin- so I licked my finger to rub the marks off and she immediately licked her finger to (just like I did to the tee) and started rubbing too.  Now how funny is that.  So smart.  And quite the copy-cat.

And third- Lola loves “If you are happy and you know it” song.  So she says “clap, CLLLAAAPPPPPPPP” in the car when she wants it on.  Because the song says if you are happy and you know it clap your hands.  So tonight after her bath she is clapping but yelling something.  I couldn’t figure out what she was doing until I realized she was yelling “AMEN!”  Hahahahahaha!  You know that the song says if you are happy and you know it say AMEN!  So she had picked up on that.  Then when I went to rock her tonight she kept saying Amen and looking down.   Well I realized that at school they say prayers before nap so she must be wanting to do the same now that she knows it’s bedtime, so we did and she smiled so big!  She quit saying Amen because we did what she wanted.  Isn’t that sweet Lola wanted to pray??  Clay was literally just saying a day ago how we needed to include bedtime prayers and meal prayers in her routine now- that she seemed old enough.  Turns out he was exactly right.  LOVE.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Table Advice?

So I am coffee table shopping and am hoping to score a good one at a garage sale, but I am tired of having second hand coffee tables (thanks mom for always giving me yours though!) so I have been looking everywhere for a good coffee table, kid friendly, husband friendly, and affordable!  Anyone have suggestions on where to look?? So far I have found one at JC Penney that I think is in the lead and it’s $169.  Looks like this:

Not the best picture and I wasn’t really digging it until I saw almost an identical one at Pottery Barn and remembered a similar one on

JC Penney Newberry Coffee Table:


Pottery Barn’s coffee table that is $299 almost double the price!  I do like the legs better and I know for a fact the top is made of all wood- I don’t know if the same is true for JC Penney. 

Pottery Barn Chloe Coffee Table:

Chloe Coffee Table, Mahogany stain

And why just because something is PB do we love it?  Is that table really any better??  Probably is.  :(  LOL

Now let me say this as a disclaimer- I need a coffee table that doesn’t have sharp edges because of Lola and future babies- and I love having a bottom shelf or storage on them for our Wii Fit and blankets.   

What do y’all think?? Any suggestions?  I have been hitting up antique malls, thrift stores, garage sales hoping to land one- but nothing.  I am trying to be oh so patient… the bad things is normally Clay doesn’t care, but he and I both are ready for a new coffee table! Haha!  It’s funny what husbands do and don’t care about sometimes! 

Oh and no wicker- that’s what I have now- and Lola has spilled milk I don’t know how many times on it which is impossible to completely clean and has really torn it up.  Kid friendly decorating is possible, just takes a little more patience :)  Hehe.

Some expensive, but oh so pretty coffee tables:

Of course, Pottery Barn.  Love the wire baskets- but those will cost you $80 extra bucks.  :(

Toscana Coffee Table, Tuscan Chestnut stain

Love glass, but not with sticky toddler fingers… or sticky husband fingers.  And I am sure those are sharp edges.  You might be surprised how many times Lola has hit her head on our coffee table and luckily they are very round edges, so no major cuts.  Does every mom think about edges on coffee tables before she buys it?  Is that silly or extreme?  My mind thinks that if I buy a pretty, expensive table with sharp edges it will actually be even more expensive thanks to hospital visits with broken noggins every month. 

Tanner Occasional Coffee Table with Glass Top

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What the F?

So I was going through my blog list and it is getting pretty long, so I scanned the titles to decide which ones to read… THEN I thought what makes one title so much better than the others?  Does it really indicate which post are better?  So I thought about my titles and normally I just try and title them accurately so if Lola reads this one day she can easily find things… so disclaimer: This title doesn’t accurately describe my post…

It’s more like: “Great weekend, love my hubby, Happy Birthday Popper”

So let’s get to it…

Friday was a great night and Clay and I felt like we had traveled in a magic time machine and gone back a couple of years… no baby!  We went shopping, ate at Fireside Pies (delicious and a cozy, romantic place), little of this, little of that and had a wonderful night!  And we watched Date Night and I kept looking at the video monitor out of habit and felt silly.  Hehe…  It was well enjoyed Clay and Nat time.  :) 

And to top it off Nonna, Aunt Kebby, and Lola had a girls bunkin’ party since Ba was out of town!  Hahaha!  I laugh because it’s enjoyable to let my mom go through what I go through every night!  Everyone had a great time!  Thanks Nonna and Kebby to giving Lola her first big girl slumber party! 

Me dropping Lola off:

At the garage…

(Ignore the spilt drink of her shirt!)


At the door and Lola was saying “Knock, Knock Nonna” (Literally saying this)


Lola were her backpack with all her spend the night goodies.  She loves her Nonna and I was out the door, first getting kisses from Lola!



No pictures of Clay and I on our date- I forgot… big bummer.  We need some new ones too.

Saturday was a great day.  Got Lola first thing that morning and we had a little date of our own- Waffle House!  Hehe.  It was delicious and Lola seemed to enjoy herself too.  I want to go there more often now that it’s NO SMOKING BABY!!!  You know I love that!  I wanted WH all the time when I was pregnant but I am sure you already know where I am going with that, but with the next baby I can eat there all the time!  Hooray!

Then that evening we celebrated Popper’s birthday!  Lola loves riding in their car because Elmo plays on the DVD… and she had a little surprise in her car seat…



Why these looks in the camera Lola?  I think it’s the flash.  She loved her Elmo!  I think we might  have been better off eating fast food in the car!  Haha- I think DVD player may be on our must-have list if we ever get a different car.  It’s a miracle husher-upper.  Sorry Lola- I can only say that because we are just alike.


We tried to choose a nice place that wouldn’t take terribly long, but Lola just did her job fabulously by being a 17 month old… hehe.  She normally has a 20 minute max, won’t last a second longer, but her max that night was about one minute.  Er.  Bye-Bye nice restaurants for awhile- Chick-fil-A will continue to be our friend.  I really need to work on my cooking skills.  :(  But a big happy birthday to Popper!  I tried teaching Lola to say “Happy Birthday” but weren’t quite there.  :)    

And Sunday was a good day too!  Got to play outside in the beautiful weather, hang out with Kebby and Mom, had family time with Clay and Lola, went to antique stores, had sibling night, just was a great day.

So Lola is officially 17 months and just keeps getting more and more lively.

She is in to hats:


Has too many teeth to count now:


Really learning fast:

This is from when I checked her for fever those couple of weeks- one day she started to check me and now it’s turned into a little loving game.

Okay while Nonna has Lola for just a bit gotta finish getting the house in order before Clay gets home!

Hope everyone has a great week!

(Poor Clay was stuck on 635 till almost 1 p.m. today due to the gas spill- I think it might have ruined his whole week.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Post Overload

So I do realize that this might be my 50th million post today- but oh well…

I just got Lola asleep (well that was 1.5 hours ago) but just put her in my bed and was just thinking how much I so enjoy her… partly thanks to mom letting me have a recoup day on Tuesday, but even without it she still melts my heart again and again, day after day.  As she is getting older I can’t tell you how much I thrive off of her… she is really learning to communicate what she wants through words, expressions, body language and not only what she wants but she really expresses genuine love.  I truly will love her unconditionally all of her life- and I feel unconditional love back from her (of course this is while she is young and so I will hold on to this feeling as long as possible because one day she will be 15 and the aliens will have her) but it saddens me to think there are so many children and babies out there that despite terrible, selfish, and angry parents they still love their mommas or daddies unconditionally- for awhile anyways.  I really like the show Teen Mom on MTV which is the only MTV show I watch, but the teen couple who gave their daughter to a couple they felt were better suited to raise their little girl- they should be really proud of themselves because I can’t imagine how hard of a decision that would be but they recognized that their life wasn’t best suited for the way they wanted their daughter to be raised… BUT then there is another couple (on and off again) who the mom is actually no mom at all.  She completely neglects the child, yells at  her constantly (same age as Lola), curses, constantly kicks the dad out of the apartment and he has more sense of how to care for this baby then she does- but you know what- that baby seems to love her.  Isn’t it weird how it works?  But there is a big difference in that baby’s love for her momma and Lola’s love for me (or babies and mommas like me)- our love and relationship is a solid foundation for the rest of our lives while their relationship is built on nothing- that baby will wise up- and the sad thing is she will realize that she just got gypped in life on a mom.  She may always love her but I would imagine there would be an emptiness in her heart.   I know not all moms, including myself, are perfect moms- but that doesn’t take away the fast that we are darn good moms.

So back to Lola- she has gotten where she takes a chair and pulls it up to the counter and climbs on it and stands so she can reach anything on our tiny little counter and she talks to me while I am in the kitchen… heart melting.  She checks me for fever (I guess I did this a lot this past month) and smiles real big after gently putting her hands on my cheeks and says “Noo.”   She naps in her toddler bed and comes pitter pattering down the hall to find me when she wakes up before it’s time to get up so I can rock her and her da-de (baby)  back to sleep.  She puts the groceries in the buggy for me and knows that it’s her job when we go to the grocery store.   She cuddles into me for safety when she is scared of the doctor because she knows what went down the week before.  Everyday she doesn’t something more brilliant than the day before and she amazes me.  She is so smart and beautiful and I just couldn’t be more proud of the toddler she is becoming. 

And I try not to speak for Clay, but I feel lately we both have been so taken back by her creative, innovative mind and how fast she learns and how well she communicates… it’s amazing being a parent…

Ugh.  I hate when I stay up and have weird thought processes.  Did anyone actually read through that whole thing and follow me?  I guess this was one of those real journal entries I should save for an actual hardcopy journal tucked away in my nightstand.  Oh well. 

Mommas, what are your kids teaching you this week?  Lola always teaches me patience, but this week she is teaching me about family as a whole and how good it is. 

Good night.

Thanks Candice!

My friend Candice is living in Cali and she keeps running across all these Lola signs and every time she sees one she sends me a pic!  I just love it!



So some  guy made total of fun (actually rude) of the way I carried on a conversation with Lola the other day in the doctor waiting room, but she seems to love it and we do manage to effectively communicate so he can shove it.  My guess is he doesn’t have children or a woman for that matter…  Er… guess I needed to vent over that little experience… hehe.

Lola is learning so many words and this is just a fraction of them- she still is learning Gram which I know Gram loves that she saved her name for last… sorry Deb- but she is getting close and she makes great attempts at all her words in the video!  She even says little bitty two word sentences like “Sit Nonna!”  

Clay and I love the way she says “no” and the look she gives him is great!  We ask her questions that we think she will respond no to all the time just to hear her say it… but it’s even funny when we aren’t expecting her to say no and she bust out with a definite “NO!”  She kinds of says it more like “know” if that makes any sense :)

Added this one last minute- Lola was waiting for her Daddy to come home and she was being so sweet, I grabbed the camera so I could video it and just our luck he drove up right as she was really looking for him!  So sweet!


I feel I am getting better at taking videos and worse at taking pictures… I like doing videos with my camera or Flip because really videos any longer than this wouldn’t keep anyone’s attention- and who even knows if these keep y’alls attention- but she and I will love them one day (yet we already love them!!)  Lola loves watching videos of herself! 

So hooray for my video-taking self!

And Pictures!

So Clay actually snapped a picture when he walked home to find this!  Lola wasn’t feeling good so I laid down with her to help her fall asleep better and we both crashed!  Lol- can you believe I sleep like this every night now for 17 months?? No kidding- just like this. 


Lola up against the fridge pootin’ away…


So my kicthen was quickly filling with black smoke and I was trying to figure out what and the heck was on fire while Lola played in her room watching Elmo, Laura is on the phone witnessing the panic start to build and turns out it’s my dishwasher!  Luckily it wasn’t the actual dishwater- but a cup at the bottom of it… shew… close call.


Who do you guys think she looks like in this picture???


Lola laying in her bed!


Lola at Maw-Maw’s refusing to eat and only wanting to play- thank goodness for eating in!


Sisterly love… soaking in Kebby time while she is home!


While Lola soaks in Nonna time!


Lola trying to take her heavy, battery operated Elmo to school!  What happened to babies and soft toys??  That thing weighs as much as she does!  Haha- it’s so funny watching her carry it around!


Friday night sibling night out! (Plus Lola!)


My high-powered little girl is back (minus annoying hives!)


Hives Schmives

So Lola has been having terrible, itchy hives, which we believe may be from the medicines she was allergic to or from the strep.  Unfortunately we had to make a trip back to the doctor this morning, who Lola is now terrified of and clung on to me for dear life.  So sad- last week must have just been terrible for her… so I refused to the do more blood work to test for the amoxicillin allergy (which we both seem pretty confident she has) because we are seeing an allergist who can do that when he does other testing.  I promised Lola no needles today and I stuck to my promise. 

We did get a cream for her hives, so when the itchy raised ones come up we have something stronger to put on them, we got a bottle of Zyrtec to help fight off the hives as well as Benadryl Allergy to take at night (praise the Lord for that being prescribed since it makes her oh so sleepy!) and steroids but that is only if the hives can’t be controlled the other way first.  So pray they go away and stay away because that wasn’t a preferred medicine for her to be on!

I guess I should upload some pics and videos since it’s been all boring sick stuff. 

But we didn’t let the doctor visit ruin our day by any means!  Afterwards, we did some artwork for Papa and Gran and put it in the mail, had a great lunch at Chick-fil-A and Lola got to play on the playground, managed a couple of errands, took a long nap, and now she is busy playing and begging for more food all at the same time!  Which by the way she has gained the two pounds she lost over the couple week span right back!  Today the doctor was shocked!  :)     

Okay I gotta’ feed Lola then I’ll post some cute videos and pics.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I think I am going to bed before my grandparents tonight…

Catching my breath…

It seems like it has been one long, drawn out crazy week.  From running back and forth to the doctor, x-rays, needles, worried sick about Lola, to preschool, getting ready for a multi-family garage sale, Lola making a 180 recovery late Wednesday night, Lola eating everything in site, shopping our own garage sale, oh ya- having a garage sale, er… throw in a little working on the side, and missing Clay- it all makes for a long week.

But some huge praises-

1. Lola is begging for everything edible in sight- back to my normal 98th percentile weight girl!  Ya!  I have a feeling she has even gained back part of the weight.  

2. Found out the easy way Lola is allergic to peanuts.  Blood work- well is that the easy way?  Haha…. maybe not.

3. Successful garage sale, it’s over, and my garage is spacious and clean and I vow to never have one again… I think.  Although with mom’s help it sure made it better and more enjoyable.  Thanks Nonna.

5.  I just realized I skipped 4, but I’ll just leave it because the next praise is I am in bed early!  Ya I may be a loser since it’s 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night- but we are all so tired.  Lola is already snoring away… 

We want to get well rested because Aunt Kebby is back in town and drum roll, so is Gran and Papa!  Lola will be so excited to have them over tomorrow and show them all the new stuff she is in to! 

So signing off- good night! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the up and up….

Starting last night Lola seemed to get a little appetite back and it’s proven to be true.  She has eaten much more in the last 24 hours than all week, so that is a huge praise.  She went to school today and had a blast!  She actually laid down on her mat, fell right to sleep, and slept for a long time!  I could really tell she got her nap in this time, unlike most Thursday afternoons where she is pretty groggy.  She snacked while she was there too!  Way to go Lola! 

Waiting on one more round of blood work to come back and so far everything looks good except we found out Lola is allergic to peanuts!  That’s kind of funny considering Chick-fil-A and everything is cooked in peanut oil!  But I explained to her she seems to love the nuggets and never noticed anything funny happening so as long as her allergy isn’t super severe Chick-fil-A should still be okay.  I’ll keep a close eye on it all now.  Peanut allergy isn’t surprising because the last time I fixed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich  I immediately noticed hives everywhere especially on her tummy- so I had a hunch.   

Well as long as she is improving I feel good.  Maybe the strep on her bottom just made her sick enough she didn’t want to eat, but since she is the happiest girl I know it didn’t slow her down from playing.  Hopefully she will be back to her normal self from here on out.  Maybe this calls for pizza tonight!!!!!  Yum!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smoking habit…

I was looking at something on Craigslist and it was actually located in town which was super fab, but then my last question (which is normally my first) was “is it from a smoke free home?”

The response: “It was in a smoke free home till it came over here about 2 months ago. But I don't think it picked up the habit.”

Made me laugh, but I wanted to write back and tell them it might not have picked up the habit, but it sure picked up the smell.  Sad. 

Even lamps can pick up the smoke smell.  Ask the one from Goodwill I have in my garage sale stack.  He will tell you it’s true.

Damn Needles.

Lola’s words, not mine. 

Lola Update:

Went back to the doctor today to get x-rays and draw more blood so some different tests can be run.  Still waiting to hear back from some of the test being ran.  So far the test that have come back are good except her protein was pretty low, but that’s obviously from the lack of food.  It’s so weird because there is no fever and she isn’t sick in a way everyone would notice, but something is definitely going on.  She finally ate more yesterday than she has, but was up for two and half hours just with bad gas and it seemed really bothersome for her.  So today she has eaten next to nothing again.  Hopefully we will get some answers in the next day or two.  The x-rays were checking to make sure she hasn’t swallowed anything she shouldn’t have… and the technician didn’t notice anything jumping off the picture- but said the doctor would want to “interpret” it, so we will see if the x-rays give any answers at all.

It’s so funny being a mom, because if you feel something is wrong with your baby then you are her/his only voice.  So I feel I need to do what I can to see what’s going on and fix it.  She keeps refusing to eat CFA (and 99% of everything else) which you all should know by now that’s not like her!  Today getting more blood drawn and getting x-rays sent her over the top and during the blood being taken she threw up everywhere because she was so beside her self and I was trying my very, very hardest to keep calm… I will say that I do not know how mommas handle it when they have really sick babies and are doing that on a more regular basis.  It about broke my heart today.  Seriously.  Lola was so very upset.  Please pray we get some answers to this mysterious problem and no more needles. 

Hoping to hear from the doctor one more time today, but probably unlikely at this point.

Finally my baby is asleep- and I hope she is dreaming of sweet little baby things…

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It seriously looks like I dyed Lola’s hair blonde in this pic!  Weird!  I am looking at it now and it looks so dark. 

Still sick… :(


Monday, September 13, 2010

Poor Poor Lola…

Lola was completely violated today at the doctor.  I felt really bad for her… we had to get her bottom checked out which she didn’t understand why the sweet doctor wanted to examine her bottom… had to get her blood drawn like a big adult (they took so much!) and they couldn’t get her vain (we needed Ginni!), and she had to give a stool sample.  Bless her heart… The doctor was really good and did a good job trying to distract Lola.  When she looked in her ears and mouth which seems to be a bad part for Lola, the doctor pretended to be looking for Elmo and it worked- Lola was totally into it. 

She has Strep on her bottom and running lots of blood work to see if we can figure out what’s going on because she said the Strep isn’t related or causing her problems.   She had lost a couple of pounds which the doctor was concerned about (and why I took her in) and took us off the bland diet and suggested anything she would eat.  She said to do yogurt for the gas/gas pains. 

Hopefully we will get some answers but in the mean time I just hope Lola starts getting her appetite back and things go back to normal. 

Say a little prayer that I  get my hungry baby back and that all is well!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…

If only this were true, Lola would never need to see a doctor.  :)

We are going today after dealing with an array of things and hopefully get some answers.  Lola has lost weight due to a major lack of appetite and hardly is eating or drinking a thing.  This morning was the first morning she wanted breakfast in awhile, so that was good.   :) 

We will see what the doctor has to say.  Dr. Bala is out, so we are going to a different doctor in the group… hmmm….

I’ll post an update and about this weekend!  Super fun weekend- Kebby was in town!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving this article…

So I had a friend that doesn’t have kids or a husband for that matter ask me recently “So what do you do all day when you don’t go in to work?”  (I work part-time sometimes from home, sometimes not and some weeks are less busy than others.)  Because I love her so much, I managed to laugh and really didn’t spend a lot of time explaining what I do all day, because if you don’t have kids then you just don’t get it.  Read this funny column.  I have seen it over and over but they will all have their turn one day to find out first hand!  (Evil laugh)  I will say, my babyless girlfriends are really good to Lola and me.   My mom said you will naturally love people more who really love your kids and it is true.  I am seeing it already.  I appreciate the special attention and patience they  have with Lola and the slower pace of babies and they really help me by playing with her, carrying stuff, and all the other things...  I feel I am getting a bit of a break and some adult time and it’s always a treat.   And Lola really loves them back.  It’s funny who Lola naturally gravitates towards.  Lola you are loved by so many!   

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How can I choose just one?

Picture overload people- serious.  And that’s me saying that so times it by ten.

The Headband Story

So Lola loves to wear my headbands!

Clay gives Lola a headband…


Elmo wears it first…


Now Lola’s turn and of course she does it by herself…


Still trying…





Then she goes straight to her toy box and pulls out the sun that has a mirror in it… pretty she says…


She gives herself a kiss…


We tell her she is so pretty…



Now on to new things…



The “Think About It” Chair…

So Lola’s preschool does time out and I am not for sure how much time out they really do at that age, but I thought it might be a good idea to barely start implementing it here at home.  Although I have never liked the name “time-out chair” so I renamed it the “Think About It” Chair… she can think about why she is having to sit there and then she can think about whatever else she wants to while she sits there…haha…

We used it today for coloring all over my sofa.  Er.  Thankfully we paid the extra money, not much, to have the fabric protected from stains so colors come right out with a damp cloth. 

So I moved this chair I made to against the cabinet wall and made her sit there.  Didn’t think this would go over well, but she LOVED it. She thought it was special and just chatted away to me while she sat there happily.  It was hilarious, so I took pictures.  After a minute or two I had to tell her to get out of it. Then she took the rag and cleaned the crayon herself.  And as you guessed it- she loved that too.  Nonna teaches her to clean and she really loves it… especially the swiffer.  :)

 028 029 022


Bad days seem rare when you live with this sweet face…

035 036 038 039 040


Rainy Weather = Hats

So with all the rain I haven’t been blow drying my hair which leaves this awful wavy mess that I have to hide behind a hat… well Lola was so fixated on my hat and kept saying it over and over then I remembered Gram got her a cute Gap hat and this may just be the thing to get her to wear it!  And it even matched the outfit she had on already!

077  078

Look how long Lola’s hair looks!!!

080 081

She looks like Ba in the first one!

082 083 084 085 


The Ponytail

Ponytail is getting better! Although I think it makes her look like all my Uncle Franks who are Italian and all have ponytails!

044 047 048 059 061 066