Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hives Schmives

So Lola has been having terrible, itchy hives, which we believe may be from the medicines she was allergic to or from the strep.  Unfortunately we had to make a trip back to the doctor this morning, who Lola is now terrified of and clung on to me for dear life.  So sad- last week must have just been terrible for her… so I refused to the do more blood work to test for the amoxicillin allergy (which we both seem pretty confident she has) because we are seeing an allergist who can do that when he does other testing.  I promised Lola no needles today and I stuck to my promise. 

We did get a cream for her hives, so when the itchy raised ones come up we have something stronger to put on them, we got a bottle of Zyrtec to help fight off the hives as well as Benadryl Allergy to take at night (praise the Lord for that being prescribed since it makes her oh so sleepy!) and steroids but that is only if the hives can’t be controlled the other way first.  So pray they go away and stay away because that wasn’t a preferred medicine for her to be on!

I guess I should upload some pics and videos since it’s been all boring sick stuff. 

But we didn’t let the doctor visit ruin our day by any means!  Afterwards, we did some artwork for Papa and Gran and put it in the mail, had a great lunch at Chick-fil-A and Lola got to play on the playground, managed a couple of errands, took a long nap, and now she is busy playing and begging for more food all at the same time!  Which by the way she has gained the two pounds she lost over the couple week span right back!  Today the doctor was shocked!  :)     

Okay I gotta’ feed Lola then I’ll post some cute videos and pics.

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