Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And Pictures!

So Clay actually snapped a picture when he walked home to find this!  Lola wasn’t feeling good so I laid down with her to help her fall asleep better and we both crashed!  Lol- can you believe I sleep like this every night now for 17 months?? No kidding- just like this. 


Lola up against the fridge pootin’ away…


So my kicthen was quickly filling with black smoke and I was trying to figure out what and the heck was on fire while Lola played in her room watching Elmo, Laura is on the phone witnessing the panic start to build and turns out it’s my dishwasher!  Luckily it wasn’t the actual dishwater- but a cup at the bottom of it… shew… close call.


Who do you guys think she looks like in this picture???


Lola laying in her bed!


Lola at Maw-Maw’s refusing to eat and only wanting to play- thank goodness for eating in!


Sisterly love… soaking in Kebby time while she is home!


While Lola soaks in Nonna time!


Lola trying to take her heavy, battery operated Elmo to school!  What happened to babies and soft toys??  That thing weighs as much as she does!  Haha- it’s so funny watching her carry it around!


Friday night sibling night out! (Plus Lola!)


My high-powered little girl is back (minus annoying hives!)


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Anonymous said...

Love the videos and pictures!! So so precious! She is very smart...but I didn't hear Meme' in those words. You will have to do something about that! Love you!!