Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Play date with an old friend- good times!

I ran into an old friend of mine and we amazingly got the chance to do a lot of catching up and let our kiddos play together.  She has the cutest little girl who I fell in love with and really we are one in the same and then there is Judd who is a week apart from Lola and I was thinking about keeping him.  Lola and Judd have very opposite personalities and he was quite the breath of fresh air… well really they all 3 were! 


This picture totally freaked Clay out, so sorry Lola- no brother and/or sister quite yet.  110 - Copy

Super content.  Is that a boy thing??

075 - Copy 077 - Copy 080 - Copy

Told Lola to say “cheese” so she took a picture of herself with the phone while saying “cheese.”  And that is Lisa!

084 - Copy  

Look at the serious faces Jullian and Lola are giving… haha!

090 - Copy

They played so well together, but I don’t know why her new friends didn’t tell her she had a major wedge-y going on!

092 - Copy093 - Copy

Judd is probably wondering where Lola is going now?

096 - Copy

So he finally got out of the pool to find out what she was up to!

102 - Copy

As Lola chilled out in her red tub, Judd decided to chat her up… and by the way he has quite the vocabulary!

105 - Copy 

Awe- new friends!

109 - Copy

Looking back at the picture I am not sure why I didn’t throw some clothes on my kid.  And I think I look really weird with 3 kids- so we will stick with just one for the moment.

Here is to old and new friends.  :)


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~Laura~ said...

um, yeah, hold off on the 3 kids. :)
love the pic of Judd leaning over the bucket with Lola in it, looks like he is in serious convo with her. so cute!