Friday, September 17, 2010

I think I am going to bed before my grandparents tonight…

Catching my breath…

It seems like it has been one long, drawn out crazy week.  From running back and forth to the doctor, x-rays, needles, worried sick about Lola, to preschool, getting ready for a multi-family garage sale, Lola making a 180 recovery late Wednesday night, Lola eating everything in site, shopping our own garage sale, oh ya- having a garage sale, er… throw in a little working on the side, and missing Clay- it all makes for a long week.

But some huge praises-

1. Lola is begging for everything edible in sight- back to my normal 98th percentile weight girl!  Ya!  I have a feeling she has even gained back part of the weight.  

2. Found out the easy way Lola is allergic to peanuts.  Blood work- well is that the easy way?  Haha…. maybe not.

3. Successful garage sale, it’s over, and my garage is spacious and clean and I vow to never have one again… I think.  Although with mom’s help it sure made it better and more enjoyable.  Thanks Nonna.

5.  I just realized I skipped 4, but I’ll just leave it because the next praise is I am in bed early!  Ya I may be a loser since it’s 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night- but we are all so tired.  Lola is already snoring away… 

We want to get well rested because Aunt Kebby is back in town and drum roll, so is Gran and Papa!  Lola will be so excited to have them over tomorrow and show them all the new stuff she is in to! 

So signing off- good night! :)

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