Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What the F?

So I was going through my blog list and it is getting pretty long, so I scanned the titles to decide which ones to read… THEN I thought what makes one title so much better than the others?  Does it really indicate which post are better?  So I thought about my titles and normally I just try and title them accurately so if Lola reads this one day she can easily find things… so disclaimer: This title doesn’t accurately describe my post…

It’s more like: “Great weekend, love my hubby, Happy Birthday Popper”

So let’s get to it…

Friday was a great night and Clay and I felt like we had traveled in a magic time machine and gone back a couple of years… no baby!  We went shopping, ate at Fireside Pies (delicious and a cozy, romantic place), little of this, little of that and had a wonderful night!  And we watched Date Night and I kept looking at the video monitor out of habit and felt silly.  Hehe…  It was well enjoyed Clay and Nat time.  :) 

And to top it off Nonna, Aunt Kebby, and Lola had a girls bunkin’ party since Ba was out of town!  Hahaha!  I laugh because it’s enjoyable to let my mom go through what I go through every night!  Everyone had a great time!  Thanks Nonna and Kebby to giving Lola her first big girl slumber party! 

Me dropping Lola off:

At the garage…

(Ignore the spilt drink of her shirt!)


At the door and Lola was saying “Knock, Knock Nonna” (Literally saying this)


Lola were her backpack with all her spend the night goodies.  She loves her Nonna and I was out the door, first getting kisses from Lola!



No pictures of Clay and I on our date- I forgot… big bummer.  We need some new ones too.

Saturday was a great day.  Got Lola first thing that morning and we had a little date of our own- Waffle House!  Hehe.  It was delicious and Lola seemed to enjoy herself too.  I want to go there more often now that it’s NO SMOKING BABY!!!  You know I love that!  I wanted WH all the time when I was pregnant but I am sure you already know where I am going with that, but with the next baby I can eat there all the time!  Hooray!

Then that evening we celebrated Popper’s birthday!  Lola loves riding in their car because Elmo plays on the DVD… and she had a little surprise in her car seat…



Why these looks in the camera Lola?  I think it’s the flash.  She loved her Elmo!  I think we might  have been better off eating fast food in the car!  Haha- I think DVD player may be on our must-have list if we ever get a different car.  It’s a miracle husher-upper.  Sorry Lola- I can only say that because we are just alike.


We tried to choose a nice place that wouldn’t take terribly long, but Lola just did her job fabulously by being a 17 month old… hehe.  She normally has a 20 minute max, won’t last a second longer, but her max that night was about one minute.  Er.  Bye-Bye nice restaurants for awhile- Chick-fil-A will continue to be our friend.  I really need to work on my cooking skills.  :(  But a big happy birthday to Popper!  I tried teaching Lola to say “Happy Birthday” but weren’t quite there.  :)    

And Sunday was a good day too!  Got to play outside in the beautiful weather, hang out with Kebby and Mom, had family time with Clay and Lola, went to antique stores, had sibling night, just was a great day.

So Lola is officially 17 months and just keeps getting more and more lively.

She is in to hats:


Has too many teeth to count now:


Really learning fast:

This is from when I checked her for fever those couple of weeks- one day she started to check me and now it’s turned into a little loving game.

Okay while Nonna has Lola for just a bit gotta finish getting the house in order before Clay gets home!

Hope everyone has a great week!

(Poor Clay was stuck on 635 till almost 1 p.m. today due to the gas spill- I think it might have ruined his whole week.)

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Debbie said...

She gives me chills from my nose to my toes!! Love that Lola Lou!! I love the videos you are posting! You are quite the QT!! Haha Ask Clay what I mean even though I'm sure you know!