Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Damn Needles.

Lola’s words, not mine. 

Lola Update:

Went back to the doctor today to get x-rays and draw more blood so some different tests can be run.  Still waiting to hear back from some of the test being ran.  So far the test that have come back are good except her protein was pretty low, but that’s obviously from the lack of food.  It’s so weird because there is no fever and she isn’t sick in a way everyone would notice, but something is definitely going on.  She finally ate more yesterday than she has, but was up for two and half hours just with bad gas and it seemed really bothersome for her.  So today she has eaten next to nothing again.  Hopefully we will get some answers in the next day or two.  The x-rays were checking to make sure she hasn’t swallowed anything she shouldn’t have… and the technician didn’t notice anything jumping off the picture- but said the doctor would want to “interpret” it, so we will see if the x-rays give any answers at all.

It’s so funny being a mom, because if you feel something is wrong with your baby then you are her/his only voice.  So I feel I need to do what I can to see what’s going on and fix it.  She keeps refusing to eat CFA (and 99% of everything else) which you all should know by now that’s not like her!  Today getting more blood drawn and getting x-rays sent her over the top and during the blood being taken she threw up everywhere because she was so beside her self and I was trying my very, very hardest to keep calm… I will say that I do not know how mommas handle it when they have really sick babies and are doing that on a more regular basis.  It about broke my heart today.  Seriously.  Lola was so very upset.  Please pray we get some answers to this mysterious problem and no more needles. 

Hoping to hear from the doctor one more time today, but probably unlikely at this point.

Finally my baby is asleep- and I hope she is dreaming of sweet little baby things…

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Carole said...

Hope you get answers sorry she is having to go through this. Hard for you too I know. Love you both. Give her kisses from me.