Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Day Trip to See Kebby!! Don’t tell Lola!

Clay and I were able to go and visit Kebby and see her new place!  We were both super excited because we weren’t able to go up when she moved in, so now it was our time to get to see everything and have her show us around!

She was super excited to see family- and we were super excited to see her.  Her apartment was really cute, but she wanted to tweak it some (hmmm…wonder where she gets that from?) so Clay and I knew we would be helping her get it just right!   But first lunch at a little Italian place- eh… it was okay- Kebby is going to keep trying out new places so next time we can go to one of her favs.  :)


She actually has a foyer and it’s very cozy.  We loved it and felt right at home when we walked in!


Here is her dinning area0 we added the cute tablecloth and she already had the vintage yellow salt & pepper shakers.  They were really cute.  Mom painted that YUM for her and it looked great.  021 

Here’s the view when you walk in from the foyer… 



Loved the lamp and the bowl her roommate made and they were super cool. 


Kebby’s apron collection worked well with their style. 027 028 029

Pretty cute- ignore her cans sitting on top of her upper cabinets- unfortunately she learned that from me.  They shot them down with a play gun. 


Keb’s room… it was really nice and clean and I liked the way the put it together.  We didn’t do much here except scoot her bed over so the nightstand could fit by the window wall instead.  Her desk is the round table and her blue chair looks so cute with it.  She already had her college books stacked up on it!


The big K was a Canton find way back when…


I loved the sign she found. 


Keb’s Bathroom!

009  011 012 013  015  

On to the living room- my favorite part!

The mirror was in the dinning room but we moved it over the couch instead!  Love it.  Put the end table on the side it is at now and moved the adorable yellow antique lamp to the side where everyone could admire it (okay- everyone as in Keb and me).  Kebby landed a brand new couch and it was perfect for the space!  The coffee table is Nick’s old toy chest and mom painted it leopard.  I loved it.



Here is her curtain material- it is fabulous!


One of our missions while we were there was to find something to hold this TV.  It needed to have enough depth to it so it made it a bit challenging- BUT Big Lots saved the day with this for $49.  Clay, our hero that day, put it together.  It looked cute- and we went next door to Ross to add the pink and blue pops of color with the blankets. 

047 048 


Check out the awesome vintage rocker.  It is a perfect shade of yellow- not for sure it translates well here- garage sale find $20!

037  039

Cute pillows!


Loved her mix of decor.  Very charming and homey.


After five hours of shopping, moving furniture, and lots of hammering she was in a happy place.   050

We loved seeing her and her place and can’t wait for her to get in town next weekend!  Lola has been crying for her!  Seriously.  It’s funny, but sad too.  So she’ll be glad to see her instead of skyping her.  Haha.  This is a video of her asking for Kebby also known as “Ke-ke.”


We love you Kebby!


Oh and on our way home we passed a hamburger place that had this on the outside wall really big- it made us really wonder how good those hamburgers are! 


There were a lot of funny billboards and things we passed on the way… like “Stop the porn and be reborn! -Jesus”  It was right before an adult video store.  I couldn’t help but laugh especially since they signed Jesus’ name.  All the signs just reminded me of those real country churches in the middle of nowhere.  They always have the funniest sayings- true or not true- they certainly make me chuckle. 

Okay on to another post…

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Ginni said...

I love Kebby's apartment, especially all the touches of yellow, it looks so cute!