Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ginni Time

So Ginni came over and spend the evening with Lola and me!  We planned to test out our camera features and make camera straps, but Ginni forgot the battery that was charging at home- but it didn’t matter because we spend all night on those stinkin’ camera straps… but I think we both may say the wait was well worth it! And Lola seems to really like Ginni and can even see her name!  It is so cute- “Ninni” 

118 - Copy


131 - Copy

I love ruffles!

137 - Copy


After Ginni sewed on my machine she understood why I was wanting to replace it… it has a lot of malfunctions…


Lola loved it too!


We love our Ginni time- but this week I think we are going to get to hang out without Lola- just think how much more we can accomplish! Haha! Sorry Lo’

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Ginni said...

I am so proud of our camera straps! My mom loved hers too! Now we just need to practice our photography skills!