Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So some  guy made total of fun (actually rude) of the way I carried on a conversation with Lola the other day in the doctor waiting room, but she seems to love it and we do manage to effectively communicate so he can shove it.  My guess is he doesn’t have children or a woman for that matter…  Er… guess I needed to vent over that little experience… hehe.

Lola is learning so many words and this is just a fraction of them- she still is learning Gram which I know Gram loves that she saved her name for last… sorry Deb- but she is getting close and she makes great attempts at all her words in the video!  She even says little bitty two word sentences like “Sit Nonna!”  

Clay and I love the way she says “no” and the look she gives him is great!  We ask her questions that we think she will respond no to all the time just to hear her say it… but it’s even funny when we aren’t expecting her to say no and she bust out with a definite “NO!”  She kinds of says it more like “know” if that makes any sense :)

Added this one last minute- Lola was waiting for her Daddy to come home and she was being so sweet, I grabbed the camera so I could video it and just our luck he drove up right as she was really looking for him!  So sweet!


I feel I am getting better at taking videos and worse at taking pictures… I like doing videos with my camera or Flip because really videos any longer than this wouldn’t keep anyone’s attention- and who even knows if these keep y’alls attention- but she and I will love them one day (yet we already love them!!)  Lola loves watching videos of herself! 

So hooray for my video-taking self!

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Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Cute videos! She is so sweet and at such a fun age. Almost makes me want to have a 3rd baby....maybe you should stop posting sweet little videos! haha!!!