Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee Table Advice?

So I am coffee table shopping and am hoping to score a good one at a garage sale, but I am tired of having second hand coffee tables (thanks mom for always giving me yours though!) so I have been looking everywhere for a good coffee table, kid friendly, husband friendly, and affordable!  Anyone have suggestions on where to look?? So far I have found one at JC Penney that I think is in the lead and it’s $169.  Looks like this:

Not the best picture and I wasn’t really digging it until I saw almost an identical one at Pottery Barn and remembered a similar one on

JC Penney Newberry Coffee Table:


Pottery Barn’s coffee table that is $299 almost double the price!  I do like the legs better and I know for a fact the top is made of all wood- I don’t know if the same is true for JC Penney. 

Pottery Barn Chloe Coffee Table:

Chloe Coffee Table, Mahogany stain

And why just because something is PB do we love it?  Is that table really any better??  Probably is.  :(  LOL

Now let me say this as a disclaimer- I need a coffee table that doesn’t have sharp edges because of Lola and future babies- and I love having a bottom shelf or storage on them for our Wii Fit and blankets.   

What do y’all think?? Any suggestions?  I have been hitting up antique malls, thrift stores, garage sales hoping to land one- but nothing.  I am trying to be oh so patient… the bad things is normally Clay doesn’t care, but he and I both are ready for a new coffee table! Haha!  It’s funny what husbands do and don’t care about sometimes! 

Oh and no wicker- that’s what I have now- and Lola has spilled milk I don’t know how many times on it which is impossible to completely clean and has really torn it up.  Kid friendly decorating is possible, just takes a little more patience :)  Hehe.

Some expensive, but oh so pretty coffee tables:

Of course, Pottery Barn.  Love the wire baskets- but those will cost you $80 extra bucks.  :(

Toscana Coffee Table, Tuscan Chestnut stain

Love glass, but not with sticky toddler fingers… or sticky husband fingers.  And I am sure those are sharp edges.  You might be surprised how many times Lola has hit her head on our coffee table and luckily they are very round edges, so no major cuts.  Does every mom think about edges on coffee tables before she buys it?  Is that silly or extreme?  My mind thinks that if I buy a pretty, expensive table with sharp edges it will actually be even more expensive thanks to hospital visits with broken noggins every month. 

Tanner Occasional Coffee Table with Glass Top

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