Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Shocker...

Still no throw-up! Yeah! Every morning I can't believe... there are close calls throughout the day mainly when I eat which is all to be expected so I feel like a normal pregnant gal!

I am looking forward to the second trimester which is only five weeks away so I can hopefully have my energy back. Everything I read says most women feel the best during their second trimester, although my nurse warned me I may get sick during those months! Oh, I hope she is wrong!

My first appointment still hasn't taken place... about a week and a half to go! I'm excited but also nervous... I guess I better get use to going! At least Clay is able to go! How fun and married of us! Hehehe!

I am watching friends and Rachel has the cutest peace sign maternity shirt on! I feel like I am showing and my mom agrees but my sweet husband says of course not and thinks I'm cuter as his baby momma! Maybe I will be knocked up the rest of my life! :) If it goes like this the rest of the way I am sure to bring five into this world. Nick, Kebby, and I have all agreed to have five each giving Mom and Dad fifteen grandchildren between the three of us! We really like the idea although Mom has her bets that Kebby will be the only one to follow through... word up everyone, I'm one up. One down-four to go!

Okay in about a week I will take my first belly picture! That away it be at the end of my second month! And I will just continue to take them at the end of every month unless I happen to grow a lot in a week or two! Most of my pants and shorts are getting snug now and since I have cramped through the first seven weeks I am finding maternity clothes to be much more comfortable although maybe not a must. I am all about comfort though!

Well the next time I write hopefully there will be a picture!!! Yay!!!

Love Little Momma' Swartz

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life as a pregnant woman...

ZZZzzzz...... ZZZzzzzzzz..... I AM ALWAYS SO SLEEPY!!! BUT when it comes time to bed I seem to have trouble dozing off! My energy level has dropped significantly which makes for a boring day and I have these hot flashes! At night I am getting pretty bad headaches so Clay rubs my head and it really eases the intensity. BUT, BUT I would rather have this any day over throwing up!!! Yeah!! No nausea. That's a praise! A big one!

My doctor appointment is still two and a half weeks away. I'll be in my ninth week! October 3rd will be exciting as I start my second trimester, 13 wks. Can't wait!

Okay since I can't do cute baby stuff yet, or I am at least waiting until I found out if Baby Swartz is a baby boy or baby girl- I focused on Murphy! I made him a super cute dog bed. We are training him (again) to stay off furniture so I made him a better bed than the one he had. He likes to lay on really firm pillows so I bought one and covered it in an old school fabric and put a big orange "M" on it! It's pretty cute and he does love it!

Well I had four days off from work since the Riley girls were out of town but back to work tomorrow! But only two days left of working all day then back to afternoons only. I may take a part-time position with MISD, but we will have to wait and see how it all plays out!

Little Momma Swartz is out!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

F'n Dominaters

Can Kebby and I still play tennis together... even though Dad (and mom) disapproves of our team name "F'n Dominaters?" It's true to who we are on the court. This may be sad- I know she'll hold out for me and not trade me since I am making her an Aunt!

Love ya Aunt Kebby!

Little Momma' Swartz Reporting In...

Yeah! We are in the sixth week! Seven and a half months to go!

Clay and I took a late trip to Mineola yesterday evening to tell his grandparents they would be great-grandparents. They are just the two happiest people (before we told them) so imagine when we told them. It thrilled me to see them so excited. Papa just smiled and smiled. They treated us to a nice dinner at the cutest place down on the strip. I loved all the antique stores there...I could have stayed a week to shop! Maybe I can spend a few days there and shop then relax! It was quite nice.

We called my grandparents that live in Arkansas to tell them and MeMe was so happy. We are making them great-grandparents as well! I had to wait to tell them because my grandfather had an operation, but MeMe said that PaPa was so happy and just smiling away! I am glad I had good news for them. Hopefully they can read the blog so they know about everything going on! :)

Clay has really been excited the last couple of days and been the sweetest little daddy already. He brought me home dinner from Maggiano's because I wasn't feeling all that great and he is trying (poor thing) to get me to eat healthier. I am going to try but it's always been a struggle. I am fixing a roast tonight with vegetables and of course macaroni! Yuuumm....

Well I gotta clean the house and then maybe snuggle up to watch a movie. Aunt Kebby is coming over to help me. I still haven't gotten the house all together since we moved. Completely out of character, but least it will be done right! Although now we will have to switch around some of the bedrooms and mine as well as Clay's office to get the nursery going! Im sure that is months away though! Maybe at the six month I will start! If the baby is early I want everything ready!

Oh and Clay says we will find out the sex of our baby but I think the surprise effect is underrated...seems like a lot of fun- I think of the women 25+ years ago who didn't have the option of knowing and what more fun the delivery was because of it! I sure could decorate a cute neutral nursery. I love browns and creams! Although is it too girly to give a little boy a chandelier in the nursery. I just think its so pure and sweet looking, just like a little baby. I can find a more masculine one if I need to do so! :)

Okay Okay-
Love Little Momma' Swartz

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The fun in telling...

So it went down...

We told the family.

Clay's parents got an invite over last night, which we have dinner plans with them for tonight, so they knew something was up, yet they didn't know exactly what it was... but when they came in Murphy, our little sweet dog, went crazy as normal, because he loves Debbie and Rocky- but Murphy was wearing a little red shirt and they thought it was cute and were trying to figure out what it said. In big capital letters it read "I"M GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER."

They loved it and were very excited and Debbie teared up... it was so much fun. Debbie is trying to think of a cute grandmother name. Any ideas would be fabulous... leave them under comments!

My dad had a late meeting so he wasn't on his way home until 10:30ish so we had him drop by and we used Murphy to tell Dad too. He didn't get it right away so we blurted out that we are pregnant! It was fun. Then Dad stayed over awhile and watched Hardknocks with Clay. Clay was nervous telling everyone so after we told Dad he seemed relieved. He felt like the President having to give a big speech. His words, not mine.

We told Mom first. She opened a gift she thought was a thank you for all the painting she helped me with, but it was a leopard apron we made with Nonna on it which means grandma in Italian. It also had baby cookie cutters and the pregnancy test in it. Right before she opened it she saw Clay's nervous, overwhelmed face and thought he didn't approve of what we were giving her so she got nervous. It took a minute for both of them to relax and enjoy the news. It was priceless. You would have thought it was Clay who was just finding out for the first time too but we found out a few days ago. Then we all discussed baby names because that part didn't stress Clay out! :)

Mom and I left and decided to veto our original plans and go tell Kebby, Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw. We met Kebby in a parking lot to pick her up to eat and I showed her paint swatches of pinks and blues and asked her what color we should paint the last room in the house (the bedroom closest to ours) and she looked up immediately and said "you're pregnant!!!" She knew.

We told my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw in the same way and Paw-Paw kept saying the colors were ugly (which they aren't really the paint colors we will choose, no worries) and Maw-Maw knew immediately.

It was so much fun! Felt like Christmas.

We are making both sets of parents grandparents for the first time and our grandparents great grandparents. Super excited!

I was dying to tell Nick last night but we couldn't get him and he held a press conference that didn't go over well so there was more drama later that night so he called me this morning and I three-wayed (yes! three-wayed!) in Mom so she could hear and we told him he was now "Uncle Nick." He was super excited and already thought the Baby Swartz should be named after him!

If the baby is a girl we have: Lola Swartz
If the baby is a boy we have: Cash Swartz

I love Lola Lou after my grandmother and we have some ideas for middle names with Cash. But for now the name is Baby Swartz until we find out.

A few weeks and we will have our first ultrasound!!

Love y'all!

Little Momma' Swartz

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Magic Happening...

Wowwww- okay during the one year anniversary excitement, Caille said this is when the magic happens and I laughed... little did we both know!

Magic happened all right...

You'll never guess (okay- you might!)...


What cute timing God had! Picture perfect! It was all so funny because I didn't expect it this month and after a few days of waiting, I finally thought "Ohhhhh- I'm late, I'm late... four days...hmmm... maybe, just maybe, I outta take a pregnancy test!" Within seconds the second line told us our future! Little physic thing!

It was so cute, really. Clay bought the test- what a good daddy already- and I thought I would wait until the next morning because morning pee (or as mom prefers "tee-tee") is better but Clay's persuasive self talked me into taking it... So I did it. I did my thing and sat it down on the counter so I could button my pants back up and before I got them on it already showed the line so I starting yelling for Clay because we thought it would take a few minutes and we just went crazy. We were a little weary because it showed up so fast so we went and bought another as a downed a root beer and then I took the one that said pregnant or not pregnant and lo' and behold it said "pregnant." The rest is all a blur but Clay and I were ecstatic and kind of shocked!

We can't wait for everyone to know. We thought from past experience it may be smart to wait to tell everyone, but we have decided we want everyone to share in our joy and if anything comes up that worries us, then we will have more support and prayers. Everything seems to have gotten off on a great start. Our first sonogram is less than a month away. I'll have to post the first picture of Baby Swartz!

We do ask that everyone keep this baby as well as Clay and I in your prayers. We want a healthy nine month pregnancy and an enjoyable time making sure we are on God's path for our family.

Well I will have to turn this into a baby blog! Hopefully my extended family that lives further away can enjoy the updates as well as friends and family who lives nearby!

Signing off-
Little Momma' Swartz