Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catch Up…


Lola is finally better!  I think… she actually had a weird rash today… and has been pulling on her ear non-stop… so fingers crossed.  She did have Roseola because Thursday night she broke out in a Roseola rash, which didn’t last long.  I don’t know what’s up with the rash today!?

But here are some more snow pictures!  I just love snow pictures! No wonder she got sick! :) Oops.

This is our tree in the front- and this picture doesn’t even do the damage justice!  Thanks to Ford for coming over and taking care of it! (And Robert!)


We all just had woken up to a freezing, powerless house and went outside to see the beautiful snow and the damage it caused!  Quick family picture!  I actually love this picture.  I feel like it could be a classic one day!  We all look like we just rolled out of bed!


So Lola and I headed to mom’s while all the guys took care of the trees!  Normally we would have ALL enjoyed the snow, but half the tree was “resting” on our roof! 

Mom’s house looked so pretty so I took a picture!  I was taking pictures all the way there while driving!  Never seen such…


My mom is a blast!  As soon as we got there, we fixed breakfast then stuck Lola with Kebby and Christin and mom and I went to build the cutest snowlady! Happy Valentine’s Day!  We brought Lola out for the picture!  But she doesn’t get to take credit for our snowman!  And Nonna said “shit” when she lifted snowball #2.  Haha.  Did you hear that Lola?




All bundled up!



Knee deep in snow!


Kebby, Christin, and Lola




After fun in the snow, it was time to come in- full body shot of Lola: She looks like a little winter baby rapping! Haha


We went to check on the boys and Lola crashed! I have found something that makes Lola tired and that is snow!


And later…


Haha!  Well I have more photos of different things I just need to upload, one being Uncle Nick’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Bub!  We love you!  Hope you like what Clay said you would! Haha!

This past weekend, we spent time just catching up now that Lola was back on her A game!  Sunday we got to spend the day with Clay’s Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents and Gram and Popper.  It was a great day and Lola was a trooper despite lack of sleep! She got some cute outfits and got to wish Bailey good luck for her last year trying out for high school cheer!!!  Good luck Bailey!  Enjoyed the time and love seeing Lola surrounded by so much love!

I’ll post more pictures soon! :)

We got to go watch Lost now that Lola is asleep!!! (10:30 p.m. Lola!! – You’ll get pay back one day!)

Hearts go out to Jenny

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Bizailiion and Ross Families for the loss yesterday.  The tears just keep  coming.  I feel like God brought her through so much to loose her in the end.  But I know she is in bliss walking the streets of Heaven right now and smiling down on the love and community that came together for her.

Her Carepages that had the updates on them had over 11,000 people registered and she has almost 10,000 comments and still more coming. 

Please pray for this family during this difficult time and for her little girl.  I can’t stop thinking about her little girl loosing her mommy.  I look at Lola and it makes me sad to think about her not having me, but Jenny’s little girl is surrounded by so much love and just some really incredible people. 

Also, this family took on a huge debt to try and save Jenny- If you go to carepages.com and register and search for Jenny Bizaillion, there will be instructions if you want to donate.  I know every penny will  sincerely help!

Dear God- Please give this family peace, rest, and lots of love.  Amen.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still sick…

Lola has two ear infections and possibly Roseola and an urinary tract infection.  She’s on antibiotics and tylenol/motrin!  She woke up at 5 am with a high fever and went back down an hour or two later, then slept till noon.  She’s getting a little fussy now, so keep praying healing prayers for little Lola. 

On a much more important note:  Please keep praying for Jenny and her family.  She needs prayer warriors! Our hearts go out to her and her wonderful family.  

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick again...

Well Lola woke up sick on Valentine's day and her fever still hasn't broke so we are headed to the doctor. Her fever today was 104! She's been the sweetest little sick baby but definitely not her normal self. We have lived in the rocking chair all day yesterday, up through the night in it, and today! Can't wait to see what the doctor says and get this baby healthy again! Say little healing prayers for Lola. :)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine…


Happy Valentine’s Day!  *click to enlarge

Luann - February 12, 1996

To be honest, I am not a huge Valentine’s Day girl, yet I do enjoy that it makes me slow down and put extra focus on my Valentine, Clay.  Now that I live in mommy mode, it’s nice to have things that help me switch over to wife mode.  For those who are moms of young ones, hopefully I am getting an “Amen” from ya!  And just as a busy bee wife sometimes I am just in me mode.  But don’t let me header fool ya: Clay is my Valentine and I am his… and Lola is proof of that… did I go too far? lol

Things I love about Clay this Valentine’s Day:

  • His ability to go with way less sleep than me!  I knew I would love this someday and the day came when we had a baby!
  • I love that he doesn’t get mad easily, doesn’t stay mad, and doesn’t keep a “file cabinet” as my mother says!
  • I admire his drive to work-out and care about what he eats, although we are both suckers for sweets!  (See a few post below!)
  • I love that after 2.5 years of marriage (training), he always puts the toilet seat down! 
  • I think it’s cool to see how fast he has adjusted to becoming a husband, then father.  He is doing a great job.  I need to tell him this more often.  You are doing a great job Clayton! 081
  • His passion for records  is pretty attractive and I think it’s such a cute hobby of his that I get to benefit from too by always having great music to listen to!   (And for Valentine’s Day- he got some good records from me!)

This picture is us 5 years ago!  It seems so crazy that it’s already been 5 years!  Seriously??  I remember this day perfectly- we spend the entire day painting my new apartment!


Love you Clayton! Thanks for being my sweetheart for 5 years now!  I look forward to 50 more Valentine’s Days with you, even though we both agree it isn’t our favorite holiday!  :)

Just thought I would add our engagement story: It was just a few days before Christmas and I so wanted to be engaged before Christmas, but I realized since we were going to look at rings it wasn’t going to happen.  We looked at all these stores and I never found anything I really liked and got really sad.  So he said we could look one more time the next day.  He said to be ready around noon and he would bring over Chinese food so we could eat before hand.  We ate Chinese often! So he came over and I was captivated by a gang special on TV while we ate.  Then when we were done, he threw me my fortune cookie, which I always loved my fortune cookie, in fact- most of the time I ate it before the meal!  Well I threw it back at him and told him he could have it.  Well, he wasn’t happy and the more he tried to get me to eat it, the more irritable he got!  So he finally opened it, read it, and threw it away saying “It was a really good fortune!”  I told him, “If it is so good, read it to me!”  I was at the kitchen at this getting a fortune cookie out of the pantry because I changed my mind.  I must have been in a odd, little mood this day and certainly not expecting anything! So finally to put him in a good mood I went to the trash and read the fortune: “You should say yes.”  Then I looked up and Clay was down on one knee with the prettiest ring I had ever seen!  I looked around as if I was on Candid Camera and was so shocked I was speechless.  I finally said YES and we both got our composure and then laughed about how it all went down.  He was so mad at me, he said he almost didn’t propose and was going to wait!  Lol- I still have my fortune cookie! :) Such a Clay and Natalie story…

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNOW DAY! (Video in post below!)

042 Well, it’s just a shame that schools weren’t called off considering is just doesn’t snow like this often.  So, Lola and I declared are own SNOW DAY and I didn’t work today, Clay only worked part of the day, and Lola and I checked Kebby out of school so she could play in the snow with us!  Yayaya!  It was kind of funny, because I had a meeting scheduled with dad (boss) today and sent him a text saying we were skipping work and building snowmen instead!  Apparently him and Nonna wanted in on the fun, so they popped in around noon in their snow gear! lol!  We all love acting like kids!   Lola wouldn’t crawl in the snow, because her hands were cold and then when we put mittens on her she still was not to in to moving around.  It was pretty funny!  By the time Clay joined in, Lola had the snow thing down a little better!  And Lola and I had to teach Clay how to build a snowman.  Seriously.  He was trying to compact a big ball of snow and it was falling apart!  Haha- I had to teach him the “roll it” technique!  He was quite impressed I knew how to do this and wanted to know when in my life I had learned this!  I told him he really needed a brother or sister! Haha!  Tomorrow morning we want to see how big of a snowman we can make!!  And we want to go sledding!  But we plan on leaving for the lake tomorrow!  Clay is off work! Ya again!

So here are the snow day pictures!  Here’s the first time in the snow: Lola, Kebby, and Me!


She kept trying to bend down and eat it I guess?


Examining the snow!  What a cutie!


Aren’t they the prettiest snow angels?


Speaking of snow angels, are attempt didn’t go so well!


I threw a snow ball at Lola and Kebby took this priceless shot.  She couldn’t figure out what the hell we were doing!  She didn’t know what to think of snow ball fights!


Maybe my favorite picture of us! :)


I thought this picture was funny!  Lola is playing with her  mittens and Kebby is in the background making a snowman!


Trying snow…


Not a big fan…


Love this picture!


Now Ba and Nonna go back out with us! We love snow!


All three of our hats look ridiculous!






Now back inside to warm up!  But we can’t help but stare at the snow still!  It’s amazing!

083 084

“I love snow Momma!”


Yayaya! Daddy is home! Back out we go!

094 095 096  098


Building a snowman!


Not a big fan of the snowman yet!


Thinking about it…


Haha- looks like she is trying to lean out of the picture!

 104    108 109

She is still trying to figure out why we want her standing next to this big blob of snow!

110 111

Let me explain the terrible outfit! The hat is cute, just doesn’t match, but is keeping her ears warm! Her jacket is perfect because it’s water resistant with a warm lining! Her mittens are just shoved over her hands, but aren’t they cute? And her pants are actually overalls with fleece inside and leggings on.  And the crazy, crazy shoe things are from Guatemala!!


Yaya! She likes the snowman now! Shhh…113 114 115

Now back inside we go!  We actually got out in this weather and had dinner at CFA and it was so weird being the only ones in the dinning room!  We quickly came back home and it’s 7 and Lola is sound asleep!  Wouldn’t that be amazing if this was for the night! Ya right.  But the snow wore her out today!  Just wait till the morning Lola!  :)


We LOVE snow!